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Comparison to Nazi acts is inappropriate

Comparison to Nazi acts is inappropriate

*Comparison to Nazi acts is inappropriate *Provide balance to Mideast conflict *Leaders must change

Comparison to Nazi acts is inappropriate

Re Oct. 12 letter, “Use of body parts no different than Nazis”: While Mr. Wendell Neugebauer has every right to comment on the recent stories of the Planned Parenthood videos, his comparison of this to the Nazi doctors’ gruesome medical experiments on Jewish concentration camp inmates is totally inappropriate and disrespectful of their victims.

These experiments were a part of the “Final Solution” by the Nazi government, to eliminate all Jews from their sphere of influence, and they almost succeeded. My grandparents and other relatives were deported to Auschwitz and killed there, in 1942, so I am personally affected, unlike Mr. Neugebauer, and I find his comparison insensitive.

So what if he lived 10 miles from Dachau as a young child? This does not give him any insight or moral authority on this subject.

All this because he disagrees with Planned Parenthood? I think he carries his comparison a bit too far.

Erwin Fried


Provide balance to Mideast conflict

The Daily Gazette’s coverage of events in the Middle East recently was very unsettling to me. Seven Israelis were killed in random terrorist stabbings and many more injured over the past several days. None of this made front-page headlines.

Saturday [Oct. 17], after three Palestinians were killed trying to stab even more Israelis in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, The Gazette featured a photo and a headline story, “4 die in day of rage.”

It is uneven coverage like this that helps foment anti-Semitism in the United States. Whether this was intentional or not, The Gazette should try to feature a more balanced look at the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Aviva Hallenstein


Leaders must change enthusiasm for war

I have done a little research on defense spending and I was shocked to learn that 54 percent of our tax revenue is spent on defense, which is the biggest in the world (see the charts published by www.nationalpriorities.org).

In addition, I just read an article titled: “The Tragic Decline of the American Military” in the 2015 Jan/Feb issue of The Atlantic magazine (p. 73). I encourage you to read it. I found out that the United States spends $144 million on one single F-35, but we can’t even replace the M-16 rifle, which isn’t as good as it should be — one that has caused many of my fellow vets to die. This fact is well stated in another article, also in The Atlantic, which is titled: “Gun Trouble” by Robert H. Scales (p.80), a former U.S. Army general.

The first article also states that the United States has made war-making too easy — the U.S. government is always too eager to go to war. I also learned that not many of our politicians in Congress have any family members or any children who have been in any of our recent wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why?

I also asked myself these questions during my research; Who goes to war? Who pays for war? Who benefits from it? It’s evident it is the poor and the middle class who pay for it with our taxes and our blood. The rich, the influential and the powerful defense corporations/contractors, in addition to many leaders (or rather defense puppets) in Congress, always have an excuse to start wars.

Many of these U.S. war hawks always say that we need to shrink the size of our government in order to save money and bring down the deficit. These are lies, because these same people always increase defense spending. Hypocrites, deceivers and cowards. That’s what they are.

Dear senators, I hope you will not fall in this predicament, which is ruining America and our military. This situation needs to stop, because this is a path that wastes taxpayer dollars, human lives and national resources on war, which only brings suffering, death and destruction.

Our nation needs to change course to one that is based on cooperation and diplomacy, and which tries to build consensus among nations of the world for peace and prosperity.

Ottavio Lo Piccolo


What’s with all the spitting in sports?

While watching professional sports, it is hard not to notice an awful lot of spitting going on. It’s kind of a filthy habit and doesn’t set a very good example for the younger generation who may idolize some of the athletes.

Baseball players are always spitting in the dugout and on the field, hockey players on the ice and football players on the sidelines, on the field and at each other. You would almost think that it must be some kind of physiological or professional requirement for men engaged in athletic competition to spit.

But then, you don’t see basketball players spitting. Can you imagine what a mess that would be?

Ralph Lewis


End petty, negative politics in Princetown

I just received the latest campaign notice from the Princetown Citizens for Open Government. In it, they accuse Bob Myers and Louis Esposito of being disloyal to the Republican Party. Maybe these two candidates for office put the welfare of the people of Princetown ahead of party politics.

Let’s keep in mind that both Mr. Myers and Mr. Esposito are on the Republican line of the November ballot because they were chosen by the voters during the primary, even though they were not endorsed by the Republican machine.

We need to put an end to the childish, tattletale tactics used by some of the candidates for office. I will be voting for Robert Myers, Louis Esposito and Nickolas Maura Jr. on Nov. 3. I would like to see an end to criticism and negativity in politics.

Robert Duchesne


We need to take care of our country first

Referring to taking in refugees from Middle Eastern countries, Africa and Mexico: We can’t take care of our own American people here.

That includes the unemployed, the homeless and the elderly. We have a tougher time each year teaching our children, especially from low-income families. We can’t fix our crumbly roads and bridges. The violence needs to be attended to. There is so much more that America can’t support. And we have huge deficits of billions and billions of dollars.

The refugee crisis is an ideal opportunity to sneak in Islamic extremists and ISIS. By the time we catch on, it will be too late for us in our country to eradicate terror, which certainly will happen.

All of a sudden, it’s noted there is $5 billion to support the homecoming of these refugees. What is wrong with this picture? We need to take care of us first. Sorry if you don’t like this idea. We can’t take care of everybody in the world. Other countries are always looking for us to supply them. We, as Americans, have always worked. Our parents and grandparents and those before us struggled to make this country what it is today. These refugees need to be back in their own countries doing the same. We are not their parents.

Each country needs to step up and take care of its own people, build its own dream country and leave us alone. Why our government, our president and our politicians are not working to stop all this is beyond me. We, as Americans, need to make our country safe and secure from all above.

Back in 1970, our family tried so hard to bring our sister-in-law and her husband to live here with us from another country. They were very productive workers. But the immigration department would not let them move here.

I hope that Donald Trump, regardless of his words, has the spine to make it to the top. He will get things back to where they should be and make our country strong again — centering on the American people. He runs a right ship and gets the work done. He sounds like a new Truman, and refugees and immigrants will be turned back to their own countries. God bless America. Let's hope we can keep it good for the future generations.

Ruth Benacquista


Grateful for election coverage and forums

I write to thank The Gazette for sponsoring the recent city of Schenectady mayoral debate and for the coverage of the candidate forums held for the upcoming elections in Schenectady County.

In addition, I would commend reporters Haley Viccaro, Kate Bunster and Zachary Matson for their thorough coverage of the Schenectady, Niskayuna and Rotterdam forums, and reporter Ned Campbell for his lead-up article to the Glenville forum.

These forums provided an important opportunity for voters to gain information on the candidates’ positions at the most local level. Your coverage provides that to an even wider audience. I also wish to acknowledge the involvement of the Schenectady branch of the Association of University Women with the League of Women Voters of Schenectady County in sponsoring these candidate forums.

Members of both organizations have worked together to plan and conduct the forums, and it would be remiss not to acknowledge this partnership which, by the way, has been ongoing for many years.

Kay Ackerman


The writer is Voter Services chair for the League of Women Voters of Schenectady County.

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