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Anchor perpetuates oversensitivity culture

Anchor perpetuates oversensitivity culture

*Anchor perpetuates oversensitivity culture *Schenectady is better with Mayor McCarthy *Upset with c

Anchor perpetuates oversensitivity culture

In my personal opinion, the word “offended” is starting to lose its meaning, much like the words “racist” or “sexist” have already lost theirs. The words are thrown about with such regularity that people are becoming desensitized to them.

For example, every time somebody dares to bring up the record of Obama or Clinton, they throw about the labels without any evidence to back up the charge.

But this is neither here nor there. For those of you who actually watch MSNBC, and that is a very few of you, one of their hosts, Melissa Harris-Perry, was offended by the phrase “hard worker” because it could be perceived as a reference to slavery. She said that she had a picture in her office of an African-American picking cotton to remind her of that dark time.

Indeed, it was a dark time. I’m not contesting that and I don’t think anybody in their right mind would contest it either. But being a hard worker means working two or three jobs to provide for your family and still finding time to be there for them.

Being a hard worker means putting on your big boy or big girl pants and doing what needs to be done. Melissa can be offended all she wants, but that isn’t going to stop me from calling my brother a hard worker. He works two jobs and still finds time to be there for his wife, daughter and son. Or my grandmother, who worked hard on her farm in Guilderland for over 60 years. Or my mom, who worked full time and had to raise three teenage boys by herself. That is hard work.

What Melissa Harris-Perry knows about hard work is what she can see in a photograph. Maybe she should get out of her tower and work hard like so many in this country do every day.

Duane Watkins


Schenectady is better with Mayor McCarthy

Sen. Hugh Farley was quoted in the Oct. 31 Gazette saying, “It’s terrible the way the city has fallen down.” I think he’s spending too much time in Niskayuna. That lack of insight sort of explained his backing of the academic who has no experience in running a municipality over our proven mayor. Just politics I guess.

For the record, the city was falling down before we elected Mayor Gary McCarthy the first time. Think back. What did Erie Boulevard, Lower Union Street and downtown look like? Did anyone even go there?

Now the city has become a major entertainment hub, attracting people from all over the Capital District while our property taxes have remained relatively flat. New businesses are popping up everywhere. Our city is not the joke it was just a few years back.

Our streets are greatly improved thanks to the mayor’s backing of a new, less expensive paving process that was scoffed at by many. His backing of our police commissioner was brilliant. The bad apples are gone, some to jail. No one’s stealing confiscated drug money anymore. We have a police department we can all be proud of.

It may have taken longer than some folks thought it should, but it happened thanks to Mayor McCarthy and his vision for our city. In my opinion, not returning him to the mayor’s office would have been a huge mistake.

Ron Belli


Upset with coverage of Mohon girls soccer

I am writing this letter to question why there was no coverage by The Gazette at the Mohonasen girls varsity soccer semifinal sectional game on Oct. 28.

Mohonasen was the underdog, playing against Scotia, 17-0, ranked No. 4 in the state, which is a great accomplishment.

Mohonasen had an amazing season, playing with multiple injuries to star players, even though their record didn’t show their true accomplishments — 7-11-1. We played in the Suburban Council against some of the best teams in the state. We played the season with little or no subs. Unfortunately, we do not have a JV team to pull other players from.

It was very upsetting to me that The Gazette did not feel we warranted coverage. Mohonasen made school history in beating an excellent 17-0 Scotia team, 2-1. Since the existence of the girls soccer program, we have never won a semifinal game to advance to the sectional championship game.

Your reporting, or, should I say, lack of reporting, of this game was extremely disappointing. The next day, when looking for the write-up in The Gazette, to our surprise, we found a very small blurb. No headlines, no interview with coach Urbano. This game was a huge upset. I am sure most thought Scotia would walk all over us.

I am not sure if you were tired or just plain lazy. You missed a great game and a perfect opportunity to write about a soccer program making history. You seem to write your articles about the same teams week after week. There are other teams who do an incredible job and deserve the respect they earned.

The Mohonasen girls soccer team earned your respect and deserved better. Learn from your mistakes and don’t ever count any team out. Extremely disappointed.

Chris Alesio


Honor vets as they continue to serve us

Every day, you see people serving our community —from law enforcement, fire and EMS, mail carriers, crossing guards and trash pickup — not to mention all those people in the civil offices and private businesses.

But what you fail to notice is that many of these public servants are veterans. And many of these self-sacrificing individuals have returned after serving our country to preserve America’s freedom, to again put their lives back on the line as law enforcement, fire and EMS civil servants.

These women and men are true heroes, risking their lives to preserve the peace and protect the innocent. They live among us without notice of what they have already done for our freedom, not asking for any pat on the back or thank you for their service. Silently, these veterans go about their jobs each day, not knowing once again if they will see their families at the end of the day. And sad enough is the fact that some people turn a blind eye when they see a vet trying to stay alive while being homeless on the streets.

They are neglected and alone after many years of selfless service to our country. Heroes should never be treated in this fashion. Veterans Day comes once a year, but for a vet, Veterans Day is every day of the year.

There is not a person in this city or any other city that hasn’t been touched in one way or another by a veteran doing their job. We all need to remember that and help whenever and wherever we can.

I wish to thank all veterans for their continued service and protection, both in the service of our country and out as civil servants in our communities. Let’s make this Veterans Day last throughout the year and years to come, because without our veterans, we would not have our country or our freedom.

This Veterans Day, please light a green light in their honor and keep it burning in their remembrance.

To all veterans, I thank you and wish you well.

Ray Feurstein


Grateful to Lions Eye Bank for its efforts

On Oct. 4, the Lions Eye Bank of Albany honored 34 families of those who have given the gift of sight with a donor memorial service.

We were welcomed by Dr. Robert Eden, Alyssa Demagistris, a cornea recipient, and Bronna Romanoff, Ph.D. Their words brought us so much pride for the great gift of sight our loved ones gave.

Vicki Crosier, a donor mom, gave the closing remarks that made us laugh and cry. She made a lasting impression on all of us, which we still talk about today. Her words about our loved ones still being with us are so true. We were treated to a delicious luncheon.

I can’t thank the Lions Eye Bank at Albany enough for honoring our loved ones with this special service. I was so impressed with everyone at the Lions Eye Bank, from the first call hours after my husband’s passing to all the follow-up letters about my husband’s donation. I hope everyone will consider making this special donation of eyes. Our family has all made this pledge to help others by donating. I hope more people will make this decision also.

Again, thank you, Lions Eye Bank at Albany, for all you have done to help us through this difficult time.

Dale Coupas


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