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Americans deserve better than current crop of presidential hopefuls

Americans deserve better than current crop of presidential hopefuls

*Americans deserve better than current crop of presidential hopefuls

Americans deserve better than current crop of presidential hopefuls

There is an old saying that there is someone for everyone.

Perhaps that would explain why anyone could support any of the current group of presidential contenders from both parties.

After watching both the Democratic and Republican debates, I have yet to hear anyone that I would even remotely consider giving my vote to.

What I find particularly disconcerting is the blind loyalty shown some of the candidates by their supporters. No matter how offensive or false the statement from the candidates, their supporters are perfectly content to ignore them or make excuses for them.

The front-runners from both parties have been given more free passes than our governor at a Mets game.

Dr. Ben Carson has repeated his outrageous claim that the Jewish people were somehow responsible for the Holocaust by their refusal to arm themselves against the Nazis. Aside from being ludicrous, it should be seen as an unforgivable insult to both Israel and the Jewish people, especially to those members of Congress who have so staunchly defended Israel and its prime minister in recent months. So far, all of them have been silent on Carson’s comments.

Donald Trump has been even worse, with his daily dose of insults to both working people and women in general. From his “struggle” to get started in business with only the million dollars that his father gave him from his comment that he would “probably be dating his own daughter” if they weren’t related, Trump is by far the most obnoxious of the pack.

His supporters' only defense of his comments is that he “tells it like it is.” Is this who we really want to represent our nation to the world?

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are just as clueless as Trump and Carson's. Clinton claims to be the champion of the middle class. Yet she openly opposes any attempt to reinstate the Glass-Steagal Act, which protected customers from the banking industry for over 50 years until her husband repealed it in 1999. Many people feel that was the start of the near financial collapse of 2008 and cost millions of Americans their jobs and their life savings.

Her husband also championed and signed the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) treaty, which helped to move millions of blue-collar manufacturing jobs out of our country to Mexico and Asia. If this is defending American workers, I can’t see it. Hillary has been loathe to discuss either one of these topics, and her supporters have been just as eager to ignore them.

Bernie Sanders had a golden opportunity to call her out on this at the debate, but I now believe that he is content to just be her running mate next November.

I am sick and tired of deciding on the lesser of two evils when casting my vote for president, and I am totally sick of giving these jackasses a free pass on lying to the American public. We all deserve much better than what is currently being offered to us.

John Angilletta


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