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Krauthammer got a lot wrong about IRS scandal

Krauthammer got a lot wrong about IRS scandal

*Krauthammer got a lot wrong about IRS scandal

Krauthammer got a lot wrong about IRS scandal

I am writing in response to Charles Krauthammer’s Nov. 5 article, “GOP: Focus on election, not investigations,” because he got many things wrong with half-truths. The IRS tax exemption scandal is one of them.

To give some background, the IRS was called to a hearing by the GOP House due to the many audits the IRS conducted on 501(c)3 non-profit groups. It’s true that Republican groups were predominately investigated but the reason is there were more of them than Democratic groups. The purpose of the IRS investigations was to determine that the groups were true tax exempt entities formed for the public good, for no profit and were not formed to advance a political agenda.

The second falsehood in Mr. Krauthammer’s article is regarding the Planned Parenthood videotaped discussions regarding the “buying and selling” of fetal body parts. An aborted fetus is donated to Planned Parenthood with the consent of the woman and is not sold to research groups as the only cost is reimbursement for shipping.

(As an aside, Carley Fiorina’s statement during the Republican debate that she viewed a Planned Parenthood videotape of a fetus alive and kicking has been proved nonexistent. It was an astonishingly cheap tactic to paint Planned Parenthood in a ghoulish way. For her to put forth a scene like that, was only to pander to one’s basest instincts.)

And lastly concerning the Benghazi hearings. If you listened to the whole incredibly long and tedious 11 hours (a record for a hearing — even longer than the 9/11 hearing though nearly 3,000 died in the attack, and many first responders and survivors are suffering and dying from ill effects. And to date the Republican Congress has let expire the health bill to pay for treatment), you would learn the whole story about Secretary Clinton’s email to her daughter the night of the incident.

Because at that very hectic time, word came out that a terrorist group claimed responsibility but later the group retracted their claim. Then while authorities including the CIA and Department of Defense were trying to sort out what happened, it was determined with the information at hand that it was a demonstration gone bad caused by an offensive video and that was the statement provided to then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

This was very plausible as there had been numerous demonstrations throughout the mid-East in protest of the video.

Later in the week when on the ground Intel and other information became available, it was determined that it was instead a planned attack by an al-Quaida-like group.

But the question is why the CIA was not also called to testify since they were responsible for intelligence and two of their men were killed. And why was the Defense Department not called to testify, since they helped create and signed off on Susan Rice’s statement, as well as the CIA. They were not called because the ultimate goal of the hearing was not to get to the truth so as to improve policy so such a tragedy could be avoided in the future, but to get Hillary so exhausted and frustrated she would misspeak and provide a sound bite to use in the Republican campaign for the presidency.

Getting to the truth and recommendations had already been accomplished by seven prior hearings which resulted in positive steps the State Department has implemented.

McCarthy’s statement that her poll numbers were down due to the hearing also helped to reveal the true purpose of the hearing.

So I can understand Mr. Krauthammer’s frustration because what the hearings did illuminate was how very unflappable, intelligent, truthful, caring, and presidential Secretary Clinton is.

Mr. Krauthammer has written some good articles which contributed to his winning the Pulitzer Prize; this was not one of them, and actually diminishes the award.

Sandra J. Natale

Saratoga Springs

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