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Governor: Listen to citizens on refugees

Governor: Listen to citizens on refugees

*Governor: Listen to citizens on refugees *Grateful to Glenville crew for leaf pickup *Refugee crisi

Governor: Listen to citizens on refugees

I want to address Gov. Cuomo, knowing that the email I sent to him will only be read by a staff member, and chances are, will never be read by him, I’ve decided to take to the newspaper to hopefully get his attention: Dear Gov. Cuomo: In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, I find it difficult to unglue myself from the news. The tragedy was a massive one, and one that got the attention Americans and of countries all over the world.

I pay attention to all media outlets. And while I lean toward conservative, I find that there is an overall consensus in which most Americans, both Democrat and Republican, are on the same page regarding the Syrian refugees coming to America — do not let them come in.

According to reports, more than 30 states are refusing to allow refugees in. Sadly, New York is not one of them, even though, according to polls, the vast majority of New Yorkers are against it.

In case you have forgotten, you were elected into office by the people and for the people (though I did not vote for you and with valid reason). You, sir, are a rogue governor who does not listen to your constituents whatsoever. What surprises me the most is that you seem to ignore that New York was the target of one of the biggest terrorist attacks in the world on Sept. 11, 2001. Why on Earth would you want to compromise the safety of New Yorkers, the people you represent?

Whose side are you on?

I am not a heartless person. Quite the contrary, actually. The images of injured, dead, crying children tug at my heart strings. I have a compassionate heart, and if it was in my ability to adopt a Syrian baby/child (the innocents), I would. Sadly, it is not. It is highly unfortunate that wolves in sheep’s clothing can act as a Trojan horse among the refugees, therefore, compromising the safety of New Yorkers and Americans in general.

Have you forgotten that ISIS hates us? Its mission is to destroy America. Even the director of the FBI stated that the refugees cannot be properly vetted and stated, “I can’t sit here and offer anybody an absolute assurance that there’s no risk associated with this.”

Let me ask you: Do you lock your doors at night, governor? If so, why do you? I know why I lock mine. It’s to keep the bad guys out. It’s because while I love people, I love my family more. Not all people can be trusted.

In addition to the terror threat, let’s bring attention to the hundreds of thousands homeless in the country, with approximately 49,000 of them comprised of veterans. How do we take care of refugees when we can’t take care of our own?

You don’t speak for New Yorkers. You speak for yourself and your agenda. When will you start to listen to the people of the state you represent?

Angela Capullo


Grateful to Glenville crew for leaf pickup

It seems that we are living in a time where kindness and courtesy have taken a back seat to a “Me-First” mentality.

Recently, we witnessed the extraordinary job the town of Glenville’s fall leaves pick-up team did cleaning our street of the huge piles of leaves along the road’s edge.

We wanted to take a second and give the crew a huge thank you for a job well done.

Alice Walrath

Margo Walrath


Refugee crisis calls for extreme measures

The problem with proposals to bar Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the United States is that they don’t fully address the threats to American security.

There are already Syrians living in the United States. Some are students or guest workers, and others have been granted asylum. There are even U.S. citizens of Syrian descent. We need to strip them of American citizenship and deport them all. Their children and grandchildren should not be exempt.

A look at history suggests other steps that would make us safer. ISIS appeals to American Muslims in its propaganda, and we need to be able to identify those Muslims. Wasn’t there a time when a certain country in Europe required Jews to wear the Star of David on their clothing? Let’s make Muslims wear the Star and Crescent. Let’s close the mosques so that they cannot be used to recruit terrorists. Let’s also remember that internment camps are a viable option. After all, there was not a single act of espionage or sabotage by Japanese Americans during World War II.

The internment of all Muslims might be required today. Those who raise the issue that these actions might be unconstitutional should remember that the Constitution can be amended. Restricting religious liberties to Christians and Jews makes sense.

Fully embrace fully embrace prejudice, xenophobia and religious intolerance to make America safe.

Bill McPherson

Ballston Spa

Secure U.S. border to protect citizens

I’m writing in regards to the unrest that’s occurring in Europe with the Syrian refugees that have been welcomed there. I fear that this open borders policy with the refugees is leading to civil unrest in the European countries and now has effected France by taking the lives of 129 citizens.

Now the United States is poised to take in tens of thousands of these refugees and the risks associated with them. This concerns me as a citizen and military veteran of the United States.

I served our nation as a senior airman in the New York Air National Guard (NYARG) from 2003 to 2009. I don’t regret my service to this great nation. I contributed my time and energy in making myself a better person and making my unit excel in the service of our country.

The service wasn’t only for the security of my air base, but for the security of the community and the state for which I vowed to serve. I now serve as a firefighter/EMT in the upstate area of New York. I have a huge sense of pride for the community I serve — keeping true to the mission of protecting life and property.

Since I’ve taken a pledge to protect life and property, you, the politician, have also taken an oath to secure life, liberty and property of our state. Unfortunately, the state of affairs doesn’t reflect this oath being carried out by the present administration.

We have open borders and are giving rights and privileges to random people coming to our country without a proper background check and assimilation into our society. We have poverty among our own people, especially our veterans, who need as much assistance, if not more, than the refugees coming into our country.

This open borders policy shouldn’t be tolerated and the state politicians need to question the federal government on how they’re vetting the refugees and prevent the refugees from settling in our local communities.

Now is the time to stand up for our rights as citizens and the rights of the state against this federal government. It’s unacceptable to just arbitrarily accept tens of thousands of refugees for whom we have not performed background checks.

We have the 10th Amendment for a reason, which states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We need to secure our borders first before attacking the enemy abroad. Saying no to Syrian refugees is the first step in securing our borders and protecting the American people. Please petition to demand the state refuse any refugees and secure our borders.

Timothy J. Gaffney Jr.


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