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Fed up with Albany? Let them know about it

Fed up with Albany? Let them know about it

Pressure lawmakers to enact change. Start by emailing them when you're mad.

The answers to Albany's ethics and corruption problems aren't a secret.

The state needs to reform its campaign financing rules to limit the influence of campaign contributors, specifically by closing the LLC loophole that allows limited liability companies to skirt campaign contribution limits.

It needs to limit the outside income of state lawmakers to discourage them from selling their office to the highest bidder through outside jobs, as former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was convicted of doing. Congress has limits; why doesn't New York?

It needs to enact term limits on leadership posts to prevent individuals from becoming too powerful and to inject fresh ideas into our government.

It needs to prohibit lawmakers convicted of crimes from collecting their lucrative state pensions. Criminals who violate the trust of the citizens shouldn't be able to profit from it in their retirement years.

It needs a new, independent ethics oversight board that can investigate and prosecute lawmakers who abuse their positions. Right now, we have to rely on federal prosecutors

The answers aren't a secret. But getting legislators to actually enact reform has been virtually impossible, since they really have no incentive to do it. People gripe about how corrupt our government is, but rarely do they do anything about it. And as long as no one's getting in their faces, they have no incentive to change.

But if they hear from you, the people, about how angry you are, about how much you demand change, they just might listen.

So here's what you do. Below is a list of all the members of the New York state Legislature and their email addresses. (Our local representatives have a * next to their names.) Keep this list next to your computer. And when you read an article or column or editorial that makes you angry, send them an email telling them so. If you want ethics reform, tell them you expect them to pass ethics reform. Tell them you're fed up with their nonsense and that if you don't get satisfaction, you'll send a message at the next election. Send the email to multiple legislators. The more people they hear from, the more likely they are to listen.

If you don't have a computer, call the Legislature and ask for a specific lawmaker's phone number. The Assembly switchboard is 518-455-4100. The Senate switchboard is 518-455-2800.

And let's not forget our governor, Andrew Cuomo. He doesn't make the laws, but he has a lot of influence and a lot of power. Visit his website to send him an email: www.governor.ny.gov/contact. His phone number is 518-474-8390. Email him or call him and tell him what you'd like him to do.

If you stay silent, then you can expect business as usual from Albany. But if you let them know how fed up you are, they just might do something.

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William Barclay, [email protected]

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Michael Blake, [email protected]

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Karl Brabenec, [email protected]

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Anthony Brindisi, [email protected]

Harry Bronson, [email protected]

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Kevin Cahill, [email protected]

John Ceretto, [email protected]

Barbara Clark, [email protected]

William Colton, [email protected]

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Jane Corwin, [email protected]

Marcos Crespo, [email protected]

Clifford Crouch, [email protected]

Brian Curran, [email protected]

Michael Cusick, [email protected]

Steven Cymbrowitz, [email protected]

Maritza Davila, [email protected]

Michael DenDekker, [email protected]

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