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Schenectady should learn from S-G action

Schenectady should learn from S-G action

*Schenectady should learn from S-G action *Pleasantly surprised by care at Glendale *Post missed ben

Schenectady should learn from S-G action

Re Jan. 30 editorial, “Credit board with adding informational sessions on land purchase”: A wonderful editorial today — Schenectady could take some lessons from this article, in as much as they did many too many projects without giving the residents full information and sometimes having a vote the same day as the first presentation.

It is gratifying to see that some government officials do the correct thing and make sure the residents get all the information, as the Scotia-Glenville school district did in holding additional public information sessions on its proposed land purchase. There were too many important subjects on which Schenectady’s administration did not fully inform the residents.

An excerpt: “Finally, don’t be afraid to admit when you’ve made a mistake, and don’t miss an opportunity to make it right.”

Jessie Malecki


Pleasantly surprised by care at Glendale

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the staff of the Glendale Nursing Home.

My father recently completed an almost-one month stay for rehabilitation. Everyone we encountered was professional, kind and dedicated. They made a very difficult and scary time for my family the best it could be. I will admit that I was unsure of what to expect when my family learned that he would be placed there. I had a preconceived notions of what a county run facility would be like.

I was pleased to be wrong and embarrassed by my assumptions. Schenectady County and the administration of Glendale Nursing Home is doing something right.

Not only is it a beautiful building, but the care and the staff are exemplary.

Julie Harris


Post missed benefits of Sanders’ policies

I tend to read the newspaper in the bathroom, which I think to be the appropriate location for reading the Washington Post-sourced opinion piece, “Sanders is running a campaign of untruths.”

My humble take on the subtext of the piece is that it is written to support the ideas of the mainstream Democratic Party, and by extension, the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, though her name does not appear.

The three main ideas seem to be: Sen. Bernie Sanders’ attacks on Wall Street are politically motivated and are there to give voters “bad guys” who can be blamed; Sen. Sanders’ health care plan, based on European models, is going to be expensive and send medical providers to the breadlines, only reducing access to health care for American families while asking them to pay more for it through taxes; and finally that Sen. Sanders’ will bring the United States to financial ruin for ideas that have no political chance of becoming a reality.

First, let me say that I pay quite a bit of money, as does my not-for-profit employer, for health benefits with plenty of restrictions and complexities. I would gladly spend that money as a tax for open access to a single-payer system. I would gladly pay the same amount of money to receive Medicaid benefits as they stand now.

Defending the practices of Wall Street? Really? The Washington Post should have left this issue alone. These people screwed the pooch and then got bailed out by American families instead of the money going to bail out American families directly. Call it what it is; the Democratic party gets lots of money from Wall Street, just like the Republican Party does.

Lastly, I think it important to fight the idea that “real politik” should be a principle for voting. I do not believe that the political ends justify the political means. I believe the process is an end in and of itself. I find the policies espoused by the ultra right wing to be abhorrent, but I admire their ability to fight for those beliefs.

I believe in the importance of negotiation, but I also believe that there are values that are worth the battle. Those values, from my perspective, include the belief that any person who works a full-time job, regardless of the job, should be able to support themselves without the need of food-stamps.

I believe that everyone willing to do the work to pass the course work should be able to attend college without going into debt. This is an investment in the future of every community in our nation. I believe that access to health care should have nothing to do with income.

He may not be “real politik,” but Sen. Sanders is the only candidate speaking to my values and the values I truly believe will benefit the greatest number of Americans. Quite honestly, as I read the piece again, even the Washington Post comes across as half-hearted in its criticisms of Sen. Sanders.

James Cimino Jr.


Americans need their guns for protection

Re Jan. 6 letter, “Anti-DWI effort is a model for gun safety”: Patricia Tuz gives numbers on deaths by drunk drivers and suicides, but she does not mention that most of the shootings were done by terrorists. As far as suicides go, anyone who wants to take their own life will find a way — drugs, hang themselves, cut their wrists and so on.

The first thing she does is blame it on the guns. I did not see her blame deaths on the alcohol or the cars. No, it's always the guns, as if guns have a mind of their own. She talks of the Safe Act. Now I’m sure the mentally ill and criminals will not put more than the allotted bullets in their guns, just like they obey the gun-free zones. In most people’s minds, the gun-free zones are more of an attraction.

Why is it people who know nothing about guns are always the first to speak out against them, and our state and federal governments always want to take the rights away from people who have done nothing wrong? As far as background checks go, I have nothing against that, except you all know if you give the government a inch, they will take a mile.

One thing I do agree with Ms. Tuz on is if someone is stupid enough to leave a gun lying around where children can get at them, they should not have a gun. I am 72 years old and have had guns since I was 14 years old. I have never shot anyone or even pointed a gun at another person, and I pray I never have to. But I will protect myself and family, and people like her want to take away my right to protect myself.

Because of the Second Amendment, America has the largest army in the world — the American armed people. For you who don’t know, the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution to stop tyranny. In my opinion, the politicians want to take that away so they can cram anything they want down our throats.

Ms. Tuz is the coordinator for New Yorkers against Gun Violence. Maybe I will start a group: GOASP — Gun Owners Against Stupid People.

Anthony Monte


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