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Show leadership or risk losing business

Show leadership or risk losing business

*Show leadership or risk losing business *Cartoon perpetuated lies about Clinton *Don't fall for the

Show leadership or risk losing business

I have noticed a recent trend, and I am troubled.

Our quality of life in Saratoga Springs is among the best available. Part of that is based on the decision made by the Board of Trustees of Saratoga Hospital to make our hospital a high-quality hospital, with a staff of excellent physicians and specialists, so our citizens can access necessary health care right here instead of traveling great distances.

The cultural resources available are greater than you might expect in a small city. These help to attract and retain many highly qualified people who work not only in our hospital, but in area businesses, others through use of technology at a distance from their actual employment.

Citizens run for office with the expectation by the electorate that they will use their judgment in decision-making. We put our trust in their intelligence and integrity to enable them to make decisions based on the good of the greater community, not the whims of small vocal groups. What has happened to that kind of decision-making?

Council members are expected to show leadership when they consider issues. Sometimes the right choice is not what some people want. The council must show the courage to move forward with the decision that benefits the greater community.

Recent events surrounding approvals for construction of an office building for physicians near the hospital is a case in point. The way it played out will be a detriment to the reputation of our community as other entities consider putting down roots here, and it may have a negative effect on our future.

If we are hard to deal with, those businesses can go elsewhere where they will be welcome.

A.C. Riley

Saratoga Springs

The writer is a former mayor of Saratoga Springs.

Cartoon perpetuated lies about Clinton

The “Hillary Clinton is Blunder Woman” cartoon on the Feb. 6 Opinion page was highly offensive because it perpetuates slander against the probable Democratic candidate for president.

The cartoonist displayed willful ignorance in that the Benghazi hearings were discredited for being politically motivated to undermine Mrs. Clinton. One Republican on the committee even boasted on Fox News that the hearings adversely affected Clinton’s numbers.

The real Benghazi scandal is that the Republican House used government money and resources for countless investigations to advance their political agenda in the most despicable way. Hasn’t the country had enough politically motivated hearings and lies to demonize the Clintons?

What is next for the Republican House? Hearings that Clinton secretly met with El Chapo to encourage drug traffickers and rapists to cross into the United States? Clinton conspired with scientists to spread the global warming lie? Will they bring Ken Starr back to spend $70 million to vilify another Clinton?

Daily Gazette readers deserve better than smear cartoons that attack a very intelligent and talented candidate. Democracy is diminished when lies are repeatedly used to turn them into “facts,” as the Feb. 6 cartoon does.

There are consequences to repeated lies to demonize people or institutions. Consider the demise of the democratic Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1930s and what that led to.

Mark Markovitz


Don’t fall for the lies being told by Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s lies are not “top secret” to most Americans.

I, like most people, am so tired of Hillary’s cold, calculating, strategically imposed lies. She, the woman who will never admit she is a socialist (at least Bernie Sanders does), places distractions and drags everyone and everything else to take the blame for which she is really accountable for.

What difference does it make, per Hillary Rodham Clinton, referring back to the four dead Americans that died in Benghazi? I’ll tell you what difference it makes, people. It just wasn’t four Americans. It was four Americans that were defending our country. They have names. Their families were lied to by Hillary Clinton.

Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods had begged for help, and eventually it was denied.

More than likely, under Obama’s Department of Justice, Hillary will probably not get indicted. Democrats will protect her once again. She does not realize that being acquitted is not synonymous with being innocent.

I guess it’s OK for her to utilize her offensive emissions when she states: “Republicans are using her infamous email issues to beat her up." But then again, it’s also OK to take $675,000 from Wall Street to recite a few speeches when she knew she was going to run for president.

No big deal to undermine our National Security either, folks. No problem that TD Bank gave $1.8 million to the Clinton Foundation. I also take it that it was OK when the congenital liar tells her own daughter that Benghazi was due to a terrorist attack and tells the remainder of the world it was a video.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had it backwards when she stated that there is basically a “special place in hell” for women who don’t vote for Hillary. I do feel that one day Hillary Clinton will be indicted, and a good number on the front of her jail cell door would be the number “4.”

Then she would be in that special place where Madeleine Albright was talking about. Clink.

Inga Solomos

Ballston Lake

Reverse mortgages have many benefits

Reverse mortgages are a versatile financial tool that seniors can use to maximize their retirement income. The wire story, “Know basics before securing reverse mortgage,” reprinted by The Daily Gazette on Feb. 1 mischaracterizes a reverse mortgage loan as one of last resort, which it is not.

Financial experts such as Wade Pfau and Jamie Hopkins from the American College of Financial Services have both shown that by using a reverse mortgage line of credit (that actually grows over time), individuals can protect their investment portfolios from volatility in the market.

Instead of selling shares during a down market to create liquidity, for example, a borrower can tap their line of credit on an as-needed basis. Unlike a typical home equity line of credit that requires a monthly payment, a reverse mortgage line of credit does not need to be repaid until the borrower leaves the home or passes away.

The article also neglects to explain new policies that went into effect last year to protect reverse mortgage borrowers and their spouses. A new financial assessment ensures that borrowers are able to pay their property taxes and homeowners insurance for the life of the loan. And new rules for non-borrowing spouses make it clear they have the right to remain in the home for as long as they wish, provided they remain current on taxes and insurance.

Reverse mortgages are safer than they’ve ever been and are a flexible financial tool seniors can use to make their retirement funds last longer.

Joe Campanella

Clifton Park

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