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Facts prove Clinton is just a bold-faced liar

Facts prove Clinton is just a bold-faced liar

*Facts prove Clinton is just a bold-faced liar *Obama, Reid really show their hypocrisy *A vote for

Facts prove Clinton is just a bold-faced liar

This is in response to the Feb. 15 letter from Mark Markovitz, who was upset about a Feb. 6 cartoon regarding Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi scandal.

Face it Mr. Markovitz; Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. The hearings, which you claim were politically motivated, proved beyond any doubt and with her own e-mails is that she is a liar. Why the mainstream media portrays her as a heroine and doesn’t cover this is a travesty.

You can try to distract from the fact she is a liar by mentioning El Chapo, global warming, Ken Starr and his pursuit of her sexual predator husband Bill, etc. But none of that changes the fact she is a cold, calculating, liar.

I hope for the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, who were killed in Benghazi, that we someday find out exactly why she lied to their faces as their bodies were coming off the plane.

Meanwhile, Hillary fanatics will continue to praise her and try to sweep it under the rug. I’m sure you laugh hardily when the cartoons are about Republicans or Trump. Pathetic.

Marc A Smalkin


Obama, Reid really show their hypocrisy

While going through The Gazette, I thought I had mistakenly turned to the comic pages. I had to laugh at the headline, “Obama cites Constitution in nominee fight,” from a president who has spent most of the last seven years acting as though it didn’t exist.

He has acted like an emperor issuing executive orders to advance his progressive agenda and now turns to the Constitution when it may work to his advantage.

I also got a kick out of Sen. Harry Reid’s comment in the media that the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court should be brought up for a vote in the Senate.

This from a Senate leader who sat on just about every bill passed by the Republican-led house for the last six years.

As the saying goes, “You can’t make it up.”

Ron Belli


A vote for Kleug is a vote for values, ethics

Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, has referred to New York state government as a “cauldron of corruption,” criticizing it as nothing less than a “rancid culture” of cronyism, venality and insider politics. He couldn’t have described it any more accurately.

I’m disgusted with the stories of corruption plaguing Albany, as our elected politicians continue to abuse power and enrich themselves and those in their inner circles at the expense of the taxpayers who elected them into office. We as voters must not allow these temporary politicians in whom we have placed our trust to take advantage of their positions. “We the people” demand real representation.

The people of New York state, from the majestic Adirondacks to the Big Apple are proud of our heritage. We strive for excellence, dedicating ourselves to our businesses and employees, acting responsibly and with integrity. We create jobs and contribute to our communities every day. We deserve ethical lawmakers and leaders. We don't need self-serving elitists, enriching themselves at our expense through the cronyism and self-aggrandizement so prevalent with our present-day politicians.

We need new faces with fresh ideas and experience in the private sector. I am writing this to endorse Christian Klueg, an accomplished business owner, supporter of the Constitution and a family man, willing to defend our values in the state Legislature.

Christian is running to represent the state Senate's 49th District in this year’s election and I’m proud to call myself a supporter. He has given me renewed hope for the future of our state.

If we continue to support the status quo and not fight against it, our state is headed toward a dire future.

Richard Lamanna

Burnt Hills

Israel’s neighbors are not acting peacefully

Re Jan. 22 letter, “Stand by opposition to Israeli policies”: It should come as no surprise that Israel detractor Mary Folsom never answered the specific pointed questions that I posed: Why didn’t the Arab neighbors recognize Israel when the world — the United Nations — created the only Jewish state (at the same time as it created a Palestinian state then known as Trans-Jordan and now simply known as Jordan)?

Why doesn’t she, and the other Israel detractors, speak to border lines drawn by the United Nations, including the Valley of Death that the Arabs took in their inappropriate attack on Israel in 1948? And how does she justify the Palestinian protectorate syphoning off aid money to build elaborate cement tunnels into Israel for terrorist activities instead of feeding its poor?

I do not disagree with the concept of a peaceful conclusion. You want economic sanctions to work? Stop U.S. funding of the terrorists, and require the long-overdue recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

The Mary Folsoms simply do not appreciate that Israel’s neighbors are bent on the country's destruction. If they put down their weapons and stop their terrorist attacks, there is peace.

Bruce Trachtenberg


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