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Fake report of racist attacks very harmful

Fake report of racist attacks very harmful

*Fake report of racist attacks very harmful *Parking on High Rock lot is preferred option *Playing s

Fake report of racist attacks very harmful

Anyone who believes there is no racism in this country is very naive at the least, and as long as humans are humans, it won’t change. However, people can usually work together, regardless of how they feel about each other. Mostly, people are good.

When I heard the women from Albany’s accusations, I was hurt and offended for them. Then the other shoe dropped. Are these women unaware of how Martin Luther King, Jr. could keep a mass of people calm and non-violent when rocks were being thrown and attack dogs and fire hoses were aimed at humans as if we had no feelings or were not fellow Americans?

Every African-American family has a story of injustice they endured because of their race and has family members who have worked so hard in achieving their American dream. What makes this OK for these women to do? Just in my family, as the oldest of five children in an African-American family, I remember my mother taking years to attain her teaching degree while running a household and caring for the five of us. She cleaned houses for a while to earn extra money toward that goal.

She used to study after we went to bed, and I would come in the kitchen many mornings and find her asleep at the table from studying all night.

My father had a fourth-grade education. He worked as a bell hop at the Hotel VanCurler and later became a police officer for the city of Schenectady. He was proud to lead voter registration drives and be an activist in the community.

We were raised to work hard, have integrity and no matter what adversity came our way to not use it as an excuse to slack off. I hope they feel shame and learn from their disgraceful charade. They hurt a lot of people who were wrongly accused. Someone who has been harassed now might be afraid to come forward because of their antics.

I hope they make a choice to never bring dishonor again to themselves, their race, their country and their creator.

Claudia Fennicks


Parking on High Rock lot is preferred option

The Saratoga Springs City Council should move forward and approve the lease with the Saratoga City Center to build a parking structure on the High Rock lot behind City Hall.

Requests For Proposals for alternate mixed-use development on this lot have been received and evaluated by the Technical Review Committee appointed by the City Council. Their report, materials, as well as a video of their presentation, can be viewed on the city website at www.saratoga-springs.org.

After a five-month review of the proposals, the committee expressed a number of concerns:

1) The committee unanimously found that neither plan provided for the parking needs of the new development they were proposing. This potentially could lead to even more congestion in an already-stressed area of downtown.

2) The committee cited concerns that neither proposal contained enough specifics of how each project will be financed and how future revenue would support the cost of the project.

3) The committee expressed concerns about the applicants’ ability to address potential problems they may encounter building on the lot, which has significant bedrock and a high water table.

In light of the committee’s findings, the Saratoga Springs City Council would be foolish to pursue either of these proposals further. The City Center and downtown Saratoga need additional convenient parking. Addressing those needs now will not preclude developing the remaining two-thirds of the property to meet other needs of the city in the future.

Jane Weihe

Saratoga Springs

Playing sports can be helpful in adulthood

If there is one thing that I have learned in my first year at Union College, it is that this school needs its sports. Not just because athletics can offer great exercise or escape from a demanding workload, but also because they teach young adults a lifelong lesson: the acceptance of failure.

Growing up, losing was the hardest thing. There was a time when I, like many of my peers, feared the thought of being defeated. However playing a sport has truly exemplified the cliché saying that is, “It’s not about getting knocked down, but whether or not you can get back up.”

We are all going to fail multiple times in our lives. It is inevitable. The only way to become better is to accept defeat and learn from it.

It is my opinion that there is no better place to experience this than the playing field. I would encourage all adolescents to partake in any kind of sport because it is a necessary experience for the path to adulthood.

Jordan Whaley


Plenty of ways for kids to learn outside school

In response to the Feb. 21 letter to the editor: “Educational system not serving students,” the educational system has one goal: to prepare students for a prosperous future. The educational system is, in fact, doing just that. We have plenty of opportunities to explore our interests. We don’t need a day off to consider them.

As a student and an adolescent, I have about four hours after school and sports to educate myself on the things that interest me. On top of that, I also have more than 150 days a year completely free from school. The problem is teenagers don’t take advantage of this time. I’m even a culprit of this. Just like many other students, I focus on things like hanging out with friends, shopping, playing sports and overusing social media.

Before I know it, the weekend is over and I didn’t make any time to learn about something new like where hip-hop originated or how black holes are formed.

With all of this being said, if I were principal of my school for a day, nothing would change — my reasoning being you have almost half of the year completely dissociated from school and the choice of courses you can take is extremely multitudinous. In life, you’re going to run into many situations where you are going to have to do something a certain way. There’s no avoiding that.

All in all, as students, we have plenty of opportunities to explore our interests. It is your choice whether or not you want to use those opportunities to your advantage.

Jacob Petrie


Scary that Sanders, Clinton receive votes

B.S. or Bernie Sanders: Socialism started with Social Security. When will it end? Too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing. Anyone with half a brain knows nothing is free. He seems to have a lot of people “hood winked.” The truth hurts, ignorance is bliss. It’s unbelievable the mess our beautiful country is in. “Hillary Rotten” is a liar and she gets votes. What is going on? It’s a scary time.

Eunice Kilmer


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