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Israel has earned public's criticism

Israel has earned public's criticism

*Israel has earned public's criticism *Too many errors in Gazette

Israel has earned public’s criticism

In her Jan. 29 letter Carol Kover responded to Mary Folsom’s Jan. 22 letter and wrote that Ms. Folsom “seem[s] to enjoy bashing Israel as if it was the worst country in the world.”

Israel is not the worst-behaving nation, but it does have some horrible policies that we Americans have every right to criticize. Although its leaders and many of its defenders deny it, Israel is unusual in that it is an openly racist nation where Jews enjoy vastly greater legal rights than everyone else.

Israel is similar to the United States with its frequent wars, huge armaments industry, weapons sales and repression of indigenous peoples. Israel also flaunts is moral superiority, asserts that it is the “only democracy in the Middle East,” receives billions of dollars in U.S. aid each year and considerable U.S. tax and other dollars flow into Israel’s Jewish-only West Bank settlements (colonies) that are nearly universally regarded as illegal.

Israel has demolished about 28,000 Palestinian residences since 1967, maintains a devastating military siege on 1.8 million (half of whom are children) Gaza Palestinians, and has killed 2,000 Palestinian children since 2000. Israel is contemptuous of international law and world public opinion, and offers the Palestinians no hope for a better future.

In 1967 the Israeli navy and air force attacked a lightly armed U.S. warship — the USS Liberty — in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean for almost two hours in broad day light under clear skies, killing 34 U.S. soldiers and injuring 170. Israeli pilots were stunned their commanding officers ordered them to attack a U.S. ship. Israeli leaders played a huge role in leading the United States into the disastrous Iraq war 13 years ago and frequently pressure the United States into launching war on Iran.

Israeli leaders are right wing fanatics who are enacting many laws to silence Israeli dissidents and peace activists. Israel is a vast laboratory for technologies and techniques of violent repression. Hundreds of U.S. police and sheriffs have been trained in Israel and Israel markets its repression apparatus to many nations; thus Israel plays a large worldwide role in undermining democratic values.

College professors and students in the United States face considerable pressure to not criticize Israeli policies. The New York state Senate passed a bill in January that would, if enacted into law, create a black list of people and organizations who openly support the non-violent Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) campaign launched by Palestinians in 2005.

Those on the list would be excluded from bidding on or receiving state contracts and be ineligible to receive investments from state pensions funds. Similar laws are being enacted in other states.

We have a First Amendment and no one has the right to strip it or carve out exceptions to it.

Tom Ellis


Too many errors in Gazette

When I arrive at work, after I get set for my day, I turn to The Daily Gazette. See how my teams are doing, see what’s new in my area, read people’s opinions on things.

The spelling errors in the headlines alone are atrocious. A typo every now and then would be one thing, but these are occurring on nearly a daily basis. The job of editor is to make certain there are no glaring mistakes in the headlines, of all places.

Let’s look at March 16 and 17 as examples. On the 16th, a story ran with this headline: “Student teacher sought photos of girls in underware.” “Underware”? Seriously? Then, in today’s (the 17th) paper, buried in the business section, on a mini-article about auto brake regulations: “Emergency breaking regs coming for ‘22.” I’m sorry, are we talking about coffee breaks for the auto shop employees?

These may be little slip-ups if you are typing on social media or if your job is a convenience store clerk and you’re writing a memo. When your job is to edit a major newspaper, though, you should have a little more capability with the English language. Proofreading is part of your job.

I really hope in the future, I’ll find far fewer glaring mistakes in your “newzpapr” (yes, that was intentional).

Sean Mearns


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