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To dissuade lawsuits, ticket texting walkers

To dissuade lawsuits, ticket texting walkers

*To dissuade lawsuits, ticket texting walkers *City must do more to improve its housing *Lots to be

To dissuade lawsuits, ticket texting walkers

In regards to The Gazette's online poll question about a proposed texting-and-walking law: I don't care if you trip, fall or whatever while you're texting. I do care if you try to sue someone because of your stupidity.

It's just like jaywalking -- which I don't even know if anyone ever really gets a ticket for that. I am in favor of ticketing people who text and walk on public streets and sidewalks.

Coni Tracki


City must do more to improve its housing

My husband lived at 1332 8th Ave. in Mount Pleasant in a home his immigrant parents owned. With the exception of his almost four years in the Army, he lived there for 27 years.

When we got married, we moved in downstairs and lived there for five years until we could afford to build a home. It was an ethnic area and people owned their own homes and kept them very nice.

I am heartbroken now the few times I go past 1332. I see that the home next door has no roof -- almost -- and is all boarded up. The house at 1332 looks OK. But why can't somebody tear down such a terrible sight as the house next door.

I think Schenectady is doing that, but this house should have been an emergency priority.

It's now looking very poor around there, as I guess the people cannot afford to buy a home. Can't something be done to help people buy a home, even if they are low income? At this rate, it can only get worse. There were no shootings when we lived there. I feel sorry for the children who have to live in these conditions.

Maybe if you take a picture of the home next to 1332, it will spur the city to do something.

Metroplex gets taxpayer money for businesses, and downtown sure looks better. They should now help the poor areas with their expertise.

Mary Jane Valachovic


Lots to be learned in locked-out child case

As a retired teacher, I would like to weigh in on John Barr's April 3 letter ["School, teacher had responsibility for child"].

What a shame he missed the whole point of Sue Penny's March 25 letter ["Church mishandled locked-out child case"] regarding the teacher suspension over a 9-year-old being left outside for 10 minutes.

Of course, that was not a good situation for the child to be in, but Ms. Penny's point was that here was an opportunity for all parties concerned to put their heads together to come up with ideas to prevent this from happening again. All parties concerned, including the child, needed to take responsibility and work together to learn from this incident, and make something positive come out of it.

Suspending a teacher, without pay, was over the top and not a positive outcome.

Jan Hebert


Trump doesn’t stand for American values

Anyone who understands and believes in American values should be deeply troubled by Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric. American values are well encapsulated in two familiar quotes: 1) from the Pledge of Allegiance: " .... with liberty and justice for all;" and 2) from the Statue of Liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Contrary to American values of compassion, equality, and integrity, Mr. Trump has espoused belligerence, misogyny and racism.

Even more troubling than his behavior and statements is the fact that he has so many supporters. These supporters must either believe in his invective or consider it to be of little importance.

Both perspectives are dangerous to the well being of our country.

When his supporters see that a presidential candidate can employ hateful speech with impunity, these individuals believe that they now have license to do so as well.

When Mr. Trump says that if he is leading in delegates going into the GOP convention but does not emerge as the nominee, "I think you'd have riots," he is encouraging violence.

Are we going to become a nation of anger and hostility or will we remember what really makes America great -- our values? I would hope that all citizens of good faith will reject the candidacy of Donald Trump and his disregard for American values.

Don Steiner


Changes to city golf course very positive

I had the pleasure of playing golf at Schenectady Muni on Saturday (April 2) for the first time this year.

All I can say is that the course is nothing short of spectacular with the improvements over the past two years. The views and the course itself are great now with the cutting of so many dead trees and underbrush.

I have to give Matt Daley, head golf professional at the course, credit for having the vision and getting things done with the city. He has brought a lot to the table and is extremely well liked by everyone. Finally, a big thank you, also, to Matt's staff and the grounds crew for their work.

William Marincic


Election letters

The deadline for letters related to the April 19 presidential primaries is 5 p.m. today.

Election letters should be 200 words or less. Longer letters will be published online only.

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