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Get rid of fuel tank next to Dairy Circus

Get rid of fuel tank next to Dairy Circus

*Get rid of fuel tank next to Dairy Circus *Sanders will not be able to keep promises *Tell the trut

Get rid of fuel tank next to Dairy Circus

With happiness, I observed in your April 21 paper that Scotia’s Dairy Circus is thinking of rebuilding.

Looking at that burned out shell, I thought it might indeed be a prudent safety measure to remove that large propane vending tank standing between the ruins of Dairy Circus and the Sunoco gas station next door — all of this directly across from a school.

Ken Bress


Sanders will not be able to keep promises

Ms. Sara Foss’ April 21 column [“Sanders’ message hit home upstate”] on Mr. Bernie Sanders, while entertaining, missed the main point. She only provides an excuse for those voting for him. Mr. Sanders is a snake oil salesman and not a very good one. Look at who is voting for him: the young and those less informed.

He states he wants free education in all public schools through college. Those of us in the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School district must not be that bright, in that each September we pay thousands of dollars in school tax so our children can receive an education. Other districts must have found a way to pay teachers, utilities and other expenses needed to run a school. We know nothing is free in this life.

He further states he wants to take on Wall Street and the top 1 percent. Where in the Constitution is he given the authority? He can accomplish this only by setting himself up as a dictator and doing away with our Constitution. Only Congress has the authority to raise taxes. Most people will not cut their own throat, especially those in power.

He states he wants a political revolution, which he would get if he tried to set himself up as sole ruler.

Joseph Gibson

Ballston Lake

Tell the truth about what’s really going on

When are you going to start writing truthful editorials?

Wake up the people, especially young people, to the fact that there is no such thing as a “free pass or free lunch” in life. Fifteen dollars per hour, if they get it, their hours get cut, jobs get cut and a lot of small businesses go out of business. Politicians are great at making laws to spend taxpayer money. They don’t care about anything — except votes.

A grown person in his or her 30s, 40s, with four to five kids, should not expect the nation to pay for their choice of lifestyle. Women having kids left and right, different fathers. How long can a nation survive like that?

No discipline, people going around killing police. The black community doesn't want to hear the truth. Blacks are killing blacks and police. Obama could have pulled the nation together. But no, he tore it apart with all of his political correctness.

Look at colleges alone. If I had a kid today, I’d be real leery about what college to go to. You should be telling how good this nation was instead of cowering to the left.

It’s never too late. Tell the truth.

Albert Marvell


What if Union was replaced by housing

Union College President Ainlay presents a strong case regarding the college and the city.

The two ends of Seward Place provide a striking contrast between the city and county vs. Union College. On the corner of Union Street and Seward Place sits Webster House. Older folks know that as the old Schenectady County Public Library.

When the library moved almost 50 years ago, Union took over that building and today it thrives. It wasn’t on the tax rolls in 1965 and it is not today.

On the other end, across Nott Street from St. Anthony’s Church, sits the vacant quarters of the Schenectady County Department of Social Services. And in between sits the Seward Place neighborhood so much improved over the last 20 years.

Who is the better landlord?

But think of it this way.

Imagine you woke up one day to find that Union College had simply vanished overnight, to be replaced by 500 houses filled with good old property taxpayers and their families. One hundred acres of housing that is largely empty during the day while their inhabitants go off to work or school. Yes, that is maybe $3 million more in taxes, but that money comes with more traffic, a higher school census, an increased police load and more streets to maintain and plow.

Yes, three million more tax dollars, but there would be no Union College. Is that really a winning deal?

James Fogarty


City officials should address Nicholaus

Is Ray Gillen the new Schenectady spokesman?

Other than a few comments from Mayor Gary McCarthy, all of the newspaper articles comments about the Nicholaus Building structural problems have come from Ray Gillen, Metroplex chairman. Is he the spokesman for the Schenectady Building Inspector and the Engineering Department?

What is his authority for commenting on the structural problems and especially his comment in the April 21 Gazette article that the damage to the building “had nothing to do with the demolition” of the former Olender Mattress building. “Nowadays when you do construction, you drive piles and do deep foundations. Back then they did not do deep foundations.”

“The building owner has approved and access agreement so that engineers can access the building. Once building plans are reviewed by the city, work can begin on both the Nicholas Building and the Electric City Apartments.”

I would expect that these building and engineering comments would come from the offices of the building inspector and city engineer. Am I missing something here?

Frank Longo


Obama injected self into email situation

I was pleased to see the Catalino political cartoon called “Major Fail” in the April 13 Gazette.

It was a pictorial lampoon of President Obama’s statement on national TV where he said that he will not influence the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton. Just by making this statement, he was, in fact, deliberately attempting to influence it.

In his statement, Obama declared Hillary’s mishandling of top-secret emails careless, but not intentional. He further stated that using her unsecured private server did not endanger national security. By saying this, he was telling the Justice Department what the correct conclusion of their investigation should be: Hillary did nothing wrong. He must believe we are all stupid.

Don Cazer


Traffic needs to slow down near day care

I currently take my son to Schenectady Day Nursery located on LaFayette Street and absolutely love that place. I see many parents and children come in and out of their doors daily. One of the nicest things I have found is that the Schenectady police station is located directly across the street. Just having them there brings a sense of peace that my child is protected.

What concerns me, though, is the traffic on that street. Twice in one week, cars sped past us as we tried to cross the street. Music from car windows is blaring; cars are driving through there with little concern that there are small children who are learning to stop and look for cars. I have yet to see any car stop as we cross the street, or even slow down. Part of me feels like I am in the Frogger game when I drop off or pick up my son.

I am asking kindly to please slow down on this busy street and to pay attention that there are small children with us as we cross the street. An insightful idea that would help would be to have a crosswalk and a speed sign installed so that motorists can know to slow down.

Kelly Phillips


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