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Trump supporters are not immoral or crazy

Trump supporters are not immoral or crazy

*Trump supporters are not immoral or crazy *Paper does good job balancing viewpoints *Americans shou

Trump supporters are not immoral or crazy

Many of the liberal national columnists, stories from the New York Times and many liberal letter writers to this paper like to go on about how there is something wrong with people who support Donald Trump.

Just today (May 18), a letter by Joel Nelson said of folks who support Trump “most people think of you as mentally, morally and psychologically challenged.” What drivel.

Just who are these “most people?” Why, they are other liberal/Dems of course. Joel and his elitist ilk have it backwards. By supporting the failed policies and lies of the most corrupt government in our nation's history, it would seem they have the mental problem.

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was right when he said not to underestimate the stupidity of these folks. Even after being lied to repeatedly they still blindly follow Obama and Hillary.

The latest lies exposed being how Ben Rhodes hoodwinked the press and public about the Iran deal. He even bragged about it. I’d say anyone supporting these liars has the moral/mental deficiency, not Trump supporters. They have simply had enough of this.

As for Joel, and all the others who put Trump people down then think they have some sort of moral/intellectual superiority for doing so, I’ll tell you this. you don’t.

Name calling a good chunk of this country’s population for their political beliefs doesn’t make you look smart, quite the opposite.

You’re the ones who need to see a psychiatrist and perhaps find the true root cause of your hysterical ravings.

Marc A. Smalkin


Paper does good job balancing viewpoints

I would like to respond to May 19 letter, “Paper needs to stop its hating on Hillary,” by Jane Capello.

In her letter she states that she and her husband are “long-time subscribers” of The Daily Gazette. I wonder if Jane reads her Daily Gazette on a daily basis. My wife and I are “long time subscribers” of The Daily Gazette and we read our Daily Gazette on a daily basis.

On a daily basis I see political cartoons by The Daily Gazette that poke fun of candidates of both political parties. On any given Monday, you may see a Trump cartoon and the next day is a Hillary cartoon. I do not understand how anyone who claims to be a “long time subscriber” could say that they are embarrassed and say The Gazette editorial board is GOP-dominated.

The Gazette has done a wonderful job of being fair to both parties. I do agree with Jane that Hillary has her issues as all political and powerful people do and I share her feelings of embarrassment. I feel embarrassed that someone who is currently under investigation by the FBI is being allowed to run for the presidency of this great country that my father proudly served in World War II and the Korean War.

I feel embarrassed that we have a presidential candidate that looked Gold Star Mothers in the eye and lied. My heart breaks for the families of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Sean Smith.

For those of you who do not know it, they are the four brave American patriots that lost their lives in the Benghazi attack.

Cliff Barrett


Americans should be respectful of all views

I am a long-time enthusiastic supporter of Hillary. I have contributed to her 2016 campaign, canvassed door-to-door for voter registration and made GOTV phone calls for the New York state primary. I also display a Hillary campaign lawn sign in front of my house — which brings me to the point of my letter.

Twice in the last two or three weeks, someone thought it was OK to dismantle my sign and toss it on the sidewalk next door. It is not OK to trespass on my property and destroy something that does not belong to you.

Obviously you do not support Hillary; you have a right to your opinion. I am not at all fond of either Donald or Bernie; I have a right to my opinion. I can understand that you feel strongly about your political views, and, because of that, you should try to understand that I also have very passionate political views.

As Americans, we should appreciate the freedom we have to express our opinions, as well as the fact that we don’t all have to agree with each other. And we should not resort to name-calling or threats or bullying to express our disagreements. Let’s set a good example for future generations.

Beverly Skoll


Fage could help local economy by sharing

Re April 27 article, “Not your average pat on the back Chobani founder gives workers a stake in the yogurt company”: Where have you gone Chobani? Fage, where are you?

Recently the owner of the yogurt maker, Chobani, announced he was giving some of his stock in the company to his employees, valued at about $100,000 for the average employee, and up to $1 million for the longest serving.

What is sad about this is that Chobani started out in the industrial park in Johnstown, but moved to central New York when it expanded its business. Imagine what our area might do with employees suddenly richer by $100,000.

Fage, it’s your turn. Match your competitor. This is a real life answer to income-distribution problems raised in the current political campaign.

James W. Clauson Jr.



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