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Learn how to safely use a roundabout

Learn how to safely use a roundabout

*Learn how to safely use a roundabout *Do-nothing Clinton will be bad president *Princetown is final

Learn how to safely use a roundabout

Here’s a suggestion to anyone using the traffic circle (roundabout) at GE Research and Development in Niskayuna: Ignore the inner lane.

The inner lane is there for people exiting GE, just to clear some congestion. But anyone entering the circle from any other road can enter the outer lane and go around all day if they want. There’s no reason to be in the inner lane at all.

Some of the roads enter with two lanes. But my suggestion is to just ignore the left lane altogether. One quick look at an aerial photo of the roundabout in maps or earth, whatever, will show that the outside, right-hand lane goes all the way around past all streets.

So, one does not have to change to the left-hand lane to go around. Just stay on the right.

Every day it seems, I am approaching the circle from River Road, driving toward Balltown Road, and there are cars entering the circle from Van Antwerp Road or coming around from the other side of River Road. It’s uphill on my side, so I have to approach the circle to see. Almost without exception, those cars have changed into the inner lane to come around toward me, then cut me off and exit to the right to GE.

You already have the right of way. Why do you need to be in the inner lane at all if you are going to exit to GE anyway?

Some people have even beeped at me, as if I am in the wrong to enter the right lane when they are in the inner lane, which is normally for people going around. You are in the left-hand lane. It looks as though you are going to keep going around. Then, you speed up and cut in front of me to enter GE, often without your signal on. It’s not rocket science.

There is a right lane that goes all the way around the circle, so don’t even use the innermost, left lane at all. Enter into the outermost, right-hand lane and stay there until your street or exit comes. Stop cutting people off unnecessarily.

Dave Hart


Do-nothing Clinton will be bad president

In response to Ms. Jane Capello’s May 19 letter [“Paper needs to stop its hating on Hillary”] regarding Mrs. Clinton. She mentions Mrs. Clinton was our senator.

The fact is New York had a liberal senator that was ill and retiring when Mrs. Clinton ran for office (Daniel P. Moynihan). If a liberal senator from Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, Maryland, Massachusetts or any other liberal toilet was retiring, Mrs. Clinton would have been their senator, not ours. She had absolutely no affinity for New York whatsoever. She took advantage of the fact that liberals care nothing about character, integrity or truthfulness when they vote. They just vote Democrat.

I am sure if you are reading this, you think I am the same way with Republicans. Wrong. I never voted for Joe Bruno. I was in fact disappointed he did not get sent to jail for the rest of his life. But alas, that is for another day.

Before she was our senator, Mrs. Clinton had been in New York as a small child when her family stopped in the Elmira, New York, area to use a public restroom on their way through our state.

When our great senator was running for office, she promised to bring 200,000 new jobs to upstate New York. That, like the rest of her history, was just another lie. Mrs. Clinton is not fit to be president.

Voting for someone because of their gender is as foolish as voting for someone because of their race. We have seen what a disaster that can be.

Dave Edwards


Putman, not Tedisco, would be real change

I couldn’t disagree more with the May 18 letter by Roger Malebranche concerning his support of Jim Tedisco for New York state Senate.

Tedisco has served in the Assembly since 1983 and at one time would have been a reasonable choice. New York state government has been exposed as corrupt over the last several years. Both in the Senate and the Assembly, members of both parties have been found guilty of a multiplicity of crimes. Tedisco hasn’t been accused or named in any of these probes, but he has been complicit nonetheless.

He was in a leadership position in the Assembly for four years from 2005 to 2009. During that time, he had plenty of opportunities to try to fight corruption; he chose not to. Recently he has become an animal rights activist, which is laudable, but not at the expense of human rights. He voted against marriage equality over and over, even when the vast majority of New York state constituents supported it.

He voted against GENDA legislation that would provide basic rights to transgender people. The 14th Amendment provides equal protection under the law for all citizens, not just ones you like or that worship the same beliefs that you do.

The saying goes, “Out the old, in with the new.” Electing Jim Tedisco would be “out with the old, in with the slightly less old.” Vote for change in November, not the same old tired photo-ops and sound bites.

Chad Putman is a young energetic candidate who will put citizens first. He will respect diversity and create a climate of dignity for all citizens. The choice is clear: more of the same old corruption, or real change.

Christopher Ognibene


Princetown is finally getting back on track

Re April 28 article, “State audit finds Princetown Town Court kept sloppy records”: In regards to the article on the Princetown audit, it is clear that Justice Norm Miller is still trying to slander the former Judge Michelle Van Woert.

What he fails to always mention is that Michelle Van Woert was on the bench in Princetown for over 20 years and never had discrepancies. Princetown was the second highest in revenue, Rotterdam being the first. Most years we ranked third and in 2008 and 2009 and 2010, we ranked second.

During her many years as judge, millions of dollars were generated in fines and fees, and therefore, a large portion each year was generated in the general fund and working capital for the town. Sadly this is not the case and has not been since she was railroaded out of that position. There have been four people since 2012 trying to do the job she did so masterfully for 20-plus years.

The former supervisor, Mike Joyce, and his friends were able to get Mr. William Reynolds voted in as a replacement for Mrs. Van Woert. However, Mr. Reynolds held that position for three months until charges were brought against him for discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood. Thankfully he resigned.

Rotterdam judges Kenneth Litz and Kevin Mercoglan were kind enough to stand in the absence of the position. Then came Norm Miller who made several unsuccessful attempts to run for the supervisor position. During Norm Miller’s time on the bench, Prince-town is now the lowest court in generating revenue from fines and fees. Norm Miller continues to instigate dissension amongst the town as his back door approach is his second nature.

Unfortunately, those that feel the repercussions of all of this are the town residents, and they will continue to feel it until he is off the bench. Make no mistake about any of this. Norm Miller has had and will continue to have his issues maintaining the court operations due to lack of funds and menial funds that are put into the general fund in Princetown.

Remember, people, this all started with Mike Joyce and Norm Miller. Since the town is operating under a new supervisor and a new board member, Tom LaBelle, we are finally getting back to doing what is right for everyone in the town, not just a handful of people like Mr. Joyce did.

Lisa Karandy


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