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Liberals like Cohen ruining this country

Liberals like Cohen ruining this country

*Liberals like Cohen ruining this country *Gazette needs more pro-Clinton cartoons *New passing scor

Liberals like Cohen ruining this country

Re May 17 Richard Cohen column, “GOP Chairman Priebus sells out party by selling Trump”: I realize that Richard Cohen is a nationally syndicated columnist for many liberal newspapers, as well as for The Gazette. It’s no secret that he and others like him are deep in the tank for Hillary.

If Mr. Cohen wasn’t writing about Priebus negatively, he would be writing about some other GOP spokesman or insider negatively. That’s his game — continue to protect the “establishment” on both sides because it’s the insiders in Washington that reward him. In case Cohen doesn’t realize, upstate New York, western New York, eastern New York and Long Island all love Donald Trump.

The only people who don’t have a majority for Trump live in New York City, where they read the Daily News and the New York Times, both of which are Hillary supporters.

But Cohen proves himself as being a self-absorbed liberal who believes that the GOP chairman has no pride is telling the GOP “in” people to support Trump. He also brazenly exclaims that Priebus “almost certainly (has) no future.” Why? Because Priebus doesn’t kiss the establishment’s butt? Here’s a news bulletin for Mr. Cohen — Hillary will lose this election by a landslide and Trump will become the president.

Hillary is the most flawed candidate ever to run for the office. Everything she does is for her own political gain, from scandals in the 1970s, protecting her pig of a husband, the phony foundation she runs, not to mention all of her lies along the way that she either claims are misunderstood or the audience is lying (like the parents of dead soldiers in Benghazi). She will be totally exposed by Mr. Trump.

The American people are not stupid, certainly not the people of New York state (except for the New York City liberals).

Or the people of Illinois, (except for the people in Chicago who have a mayor (backed by Obama) who hid the video of a shooting of an innocent black man for a year so he can get re-elected). Or the people of California (except for the people of San Francisco who also have homeless people all over the streets and illegal immigrants wandering the town unopposed). Hillary would be indicted already if Obama was not the president. He protects her in repayment of her hiding head in the sand when his re-election was on the line. That’s Washington in a nutshell — everyone gets protected.

So that is exactly why Trump is resonating with the working American. He is the only way out of the mess that Obama has created. I wish I had Reince Priebus’ future.

Hint to The Gazette — replace the Opinion editorial space with a picture of the American flag every day and then maybe people will read your paper seriously.

Tony Russo

Clifton Park

Gazette needs more pro-Clinton cartoons

Thank you, Jane Capello. Your May 19 letter, “Paper needs to stop its hating on Hillary,” perfectly expresses our opinion also.

There are two candidates running for president and the cartoons should reflect this. We find the ones by Catalino particularly offensive.

The cartoons shouldn’t be so partisan and nasty.

Ann Svenson

Gust Svenson

Greenfield Center

New passing scores unreasonable, unfair

Under existing regulations established by the New York State Board of Regents the passing scores for Regents exams in ELA (English Language Arts) and math will increase from 65 percent to 75 and 80 percent respectively in order to graduate from high school.

The Regents explain that the changes, that become effective in 2022, will ensure that students who pass with these higher scores can be expected to succeed in college and career. At present there is no justifiable, objective or researched basis for establishing these higher passing scores.

Higher passing scores will be accompanied by the challenge of increased rigor in test content designed to assess tougher learning standards. The rigor of tests should always be aligned with the difficulty of what is taught. In our obligation to meet these higher standards, efforts must begin this coming school year to be prepared by 2018 when the class of 2022 (current sixth-graders) enter ninth grade. Schools are making adjustments and doing all that they can with the available resources to raise the performance of their students, but there are some real concerns.

Whatever graduation rate a particular high school may currently have, it will be affected adversely when the higher passing score go into effect in 2022. This statement is not a subjective belief; rather it is based on current data collected by the New York State Department of Education and acceptable standard practices of projecting future results based on data from current performance.

Looking at scores on Regents exams in relation to student performance on grade 3-8 standardized tests and then applying the new passing scores for ELA and math, we may anticipate that half of all students will fail under the new requirements.

In terms we can all appreciate, what will this mean? Shenendehowa, objectively considered a high performing high school, graduates approximately 93 percent of the students. Under the new requirements, it is projected that Shenendehowa’s graduation rate will drop to 51 percent. Would this school suddenly have become an academic disaster zone with failing teachers and under-performing students? Absolutely not. Keep in mind that the vast majority of Shen graduates go on to success in college and careers with the present passing standards.

Schools and students, particularly those within poor districts already challenged, will have extreme difficulty in meeting these unreasoned and unreasonable new standards. Schools with graduation rates currently at near 50 percent could see single digit graduation rates. Higher standards alone do not mean higher achievement.

These standards are without justification and should be abandoned for the longstanding 65 percent passing standard, until the state can prove that a significant change like this will produce a significant improvement in the life of a child.

Gary DiLallo

Clifton Park

The writer is a member of the Shenendehowa CSD and Capital Region BOCES Boards of Education.

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