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Cuomo is to blame for teacher shortages

Cuomo is to blame for teacher shortages

*Cuomo is to blame for teacher shortages *Take care of horses, admire wildflowers *Sanders movement

Cuomo is to blame for teacher shortages

Earlier this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled yet another of his self-aggrandizing new programs that will provide scholarships for college graduates to pursue master's degrees in education to help rectify the teacher shortage that has arisen in New York state.

In other words, Cuomo is again using taxpayer dollars to solve a problem that he created. Literally from the moment he took office, Cuomo launched an all-out attack on the state's schools and the teachers who work in them. He cut state aid by $1.2 billion in his first budget while pushing through a tax cap, which resulted in school districts across the state being forced to cut thousands of teaching positions while eliminating countless instructional and extracurricular positions.

He demonized teachers, blaming them for students not attaining the preordained scores on standardized tests, as part of his two wrong-headed teacher evaluation systems. He proclaimed that schools that did not live up to his expectations be given the "death penalty" including the firing of all teachers and administrators assigned to these schools.

At the same time, he extended the time teachers needed to serve in order to earn tenure, while threatening to withhold state aid (read tax dollars) from school districts that did not pass muster. His actions caused teachers to retire in record numbers over the past five years. At the same time, student applications to teacher-preparation programs plummeted. Voila. Teacher shortage.

Now, Cuomo tries to ride in on a white horse to save the schools with an anemic teacher education scholarship program funded by state taxpayers in order to douse the very flames he has been fanning for years. It is time for Cuomo to admit that he knows nothing about education and to exit the discussion before he kicks over a lantern and starts yet another four-alarmer.

John Metallo


The writer is a retired teacher and administrator.

Take care of horses, admire wildflowers

The best thing about the second race for the Triple Crown is no horse went down. They should not be worked hard until they are 4 or 5 years old. Exaggerator had both his ears up. What a horse.

Most of them race with their ears back and then they are whipped. It does not take much of a man to whip a horse. There isn't ever a reason for that except ignorance.

Have you taken time to look at the wild flowers this spring? Violets, milkweeds are coming up for our butterflies. Loon golden road and mullens. What a show.

I would like to live long enough to see a lot of this awful lawn mowing made small like when I was a kid, to see horses treated right, not raced at 2 and 3 years old and no whips.

Eunice Kilmer


We're entitled to our candidates of choice

I read the letters to the editor every day and become discouraged when reading nasty names and innuendos regarding whom you choose to vote for in November.

I will not be voting for Mr. Trump for the following reasons: Mr. Trump has never, in his life, had to live from paycheck to paycheck, work for minimum wage or come from a one-parent home. He never had to worry about his children going to inferior schools or how he would pay for their college educations. He will never have to choose between food or medications. He will never have to worry about not having health care for his family. In other words, he does not understand middle-class problems.

He was and is fortunate enough to be among the wealthy of our country. He most likely does not want to present his tax returns because he was and is privy to the loopholes the wealthy have, and he most likely has paid very little or no taxes at all. My worry is that he will not correct the lopsided tax favoritism.

I will be voting for Hillary Clinton. I do believe she does understand the worries we have in our everyday lives. You say she cannot be trusted. Lies and committed crimes were mentioned in a previous letter. Millions of dollars of our money has been spent to find evidence to back up these accusations, and as yet nothing has been proven.

Everyone has the right to vote for their favorite candidate and should not be criticized for their choice.

Patricia Fialkowski


Sanders movement grows despite media

I don't know what planet Cokie Roberts of NPR News is living on, but it's certainly one bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Her biased views have aroused in me the automatic kill switch. However, not before I heard her say that white women would decide the election and that we're voting for Hillary.

I am not the only one turning off the establishment corporate media as more friends seek Bernie Sanders news via the Internet. Watch "Cenk Uygur's Weekend with Bernie Sanders in California." Cenk, a host on The Young Turks, said it was like spending time with a rock star, like Elvis. Everywhere he goes, the excitement and love for our Vermont neighbor grows and the media remains silent.

The more shenanigans, voter purging, fraud, spinning facts (i.e., no actual video footage of violence at the Nevada convention), the more firmly resolved the "Bernie or Bust" movement grows. Already there are four protest marches approved in Philly during the Democratic National Convention.

Cokie can speak 'til she's blue in the face and pretend that she's shaping public opinion. But more attention paid to the "anointed" Clinton only exposes a corrupted media.

The number people that came out to the airport to greet Bernie's return from Puerto Rico speaks volumes. We are drawn to the light, to the truth, to the LoveFest. Why settle for vinegar when there is honey?

Deborah Krol


NRA will regret its Trump endorsement

While I never felt the need to join the National Rifle Association (NRA), I always had respect for the organization. No more.

The NRA's endorsement of Donald Trump, a man I loathe, is a terrible mistake, which I believe the NRA will eventually regret.

Ernie Tetrault


Police handled school incident professionally

I want to comment on the incident that took place at the Scotia-Glenville Central School District recently.

Many of us have probably seen the video of "Loving Street Preacher" that took place recently, which consisted of a women preaching outside the school, disrupted the end-of-day school session and frightened many children.

As we all cherish freedom of speech, our children's safety is always the number one priority. I want to applaud and thank the Scotia and Glenville police departments for their immediate responsiveness and most importantly, their professionalism.

Officer Peckham, who can be seen in the video, displayed this professionalism and is a true representative to the character of not just the Scotia and Glenville police, but the town of Glenville and village of Scotia. The officers were responsive, respectful and professional, but most important, put our children's safety first.

Thank you for all the hard work you do and for doing it right.

Patrick Ragucci


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