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Who messed with a perfectly good road?

Who messed with a perfectly good road?

*Who messed with a perfectly good road? *Trump will put in the right people to serve *Car chase show

Who messed with a perfectly good road?

I live on Cold Springs Road in Stillwater. My question is: Why did someone decide to tar and gravel the perfectly smooth road when there are so many other roads in need of repair?

What I have now is constant dust from the traffic, which is heavy due to the commuters that work at Global Foundries. Can anyone explain this archaic means of road “repair?”

I would like to know whose idea it was in the first place.

John Tomovick


Trump will put in the right people to serve

Hillary Clinton is a typical cookie-cutter politician. Nothing new comes out of her mouth.

My vote will be Trump. I believe he will select men and women who will help guide him with decisions that will make this country great again.

God bless America.

Linda Knightes


Car chase shows evils of one-party rule

This letter is about how a woman, Sarah Dingley, was denied justice due to one-party rule.

Ms. Dingley says on her 9-1-1 call that she’s being followed from the McDonald’s on Upper Union Street by an intoxicated man claiming to be the mayor. So she drives the two miles or so length of Union Street until she reaches police headquarters.

In doing so she passed multiple traffic cameras, whose presence are clearly visible at traffic lights. Mayor Gary McCarthy originally claims the chase began at his house on Lexington Avenue. Slam dunk, right? Let’s review the tape. But no, District Attorney Robert Carney, fellow Democrat, refuses to release the tapes to The Daily Gazette. His reason? Then the public would know where the cameras are. Hilarious. You can see them at each traffic light.

The victim, staying on line with 9-1-1 and saying she wants to press charges, then drives to police headquarters where Lt. Wesley McGhee comes out to the curb with other officers and witnesses Mayor McCarthy behind the wheel of the other vehicle, blocking Ms. Dingley. Not only does Lt. McGhee either refuse her right to press charges or coerce her not to, he doesn’t even administer a DWI test on Mayor McCarthy. Given the woman’s 9-1-1 call, that’s inconceivable.

How did the mayor get home? Did they really let him drive off? Did the police drive him home? Then we find out that Lt. McGhee is one of six candidates that Mayor McCarthy will select the new police chief from. Rather than allow The Gazette to interview Lt. McGhee, the police department trots out Lt. Mark McCracken to the media and he recites, “No crime was committed.” You guessed it, Lt. McCracken is one of the other five cops who applied to be the new police chief in March 2016.

Not only that, New York State Board of Elections records show that Lt. McCracken donated $750 to Mayor McCarthy’s re-election campaign between 2012-2015. Then we have Democrat Leesa Perazzo, chairwoman of the City Council. I’m sure she’d feel this woman’s pain and seek justice, right? She could demand the mayor appear before the City Council and, under oath, describe his actions that night. Then she could call for a vote of the City Council on whether or not the mayor should resign.

Don’t hold your breath. This is what happens when you allow one party, in our case the Democrats, complete control of a city.

Just imagine the justice Ms. Dingley would be receiving if the district attorney, or the City Council president, was a Republican.

Graham Higgins


Clinton lies, will be worse than Obama

Re May 14 letter, “Of candidates, Trump the most dangerous,” by Sue Penny and Linda Chavez’s May 8 column, “Republicans have an obligation to defeat Donald Trump,”: You agree with her.

I am 90 years old and fought in World War II.

Like her husband, Bill, Hillary Clinton also lies, getting our ambassador and Navy Seals killed. Is that what all you liberals want? She could have saved them. She knew what was going on.

I believe that Harry Truman was a great leader of this country and he said things that some people didn’t like. But he took care of this country and the people.

Donald Trump will do the same. He will bring jobs back to this country and also bring our deficit down.

All you liberals keep knocking him. (What have you done for this country?) During the past seven-and-a-half years the current president made a treaty with Iran, giving them millions of dollars and 30 days notice before we can go in and inspect them to find out if they are making atomic bombs. This is the kind of leader you voted for, and Hillary Clinton will be worse.

Wake up and vote for Trump and he will strengthen this country, take care of the veterans and the Social Security for the retired people, and get rid of the illegal immigrants. Don’t you liberals know what it cost us for the illegal immigrants?

I was a young boy and didn’t finish high school when I enlisted to fight for our freedom.

Freedom is not free, you have to fight for it. God bless America.

Vincent Belardo


Legislature holds up constitutional reform

A historic movement is gaining momentum across the United States: The Article V Convention of States Project. This is a constitutional right the states have to meet and amend the Constitution.

A resolution or application for a convention must go through the state Legislature. It takes a majority of 34 state legislatures across the country to make this happen. Eight states have passed it. It is currently in the process of over 30 other state legislatures.

The subject is federal reform. Americans are fed up with Congress. They want accountability. I guess it comes as no surprise then, that New York, which ranks No. 1 in corruption, (No other state has more legislators forced out of office by ethical or criminal issues than New York), has found a way to hold the Article V Resolution J3572 captive in the Senate Rules Committee.

According to Beth Garvey, counsel for the Senate majority, it violates rule VII 9b. “A resolution supporting or condemning, or proposing or urging a change in federal law which is not directly germane to the affairs, business, rights, benefits and obligations of New York state shall be out of order and shall not be reported.”

So a resolution for a balanced federal budget, tax reform, term limits on the Supreme Court and reining in the overreach of the government by clarifying the Commerce Clause, giving back to the states the rights the Founders intended, isn’t good for New York?

Attempts to meet with Beth Garvey or Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan has met with no success. All our lobbying efforts have been futile.

This was our first effort in a grassroots movement. I suppose we were naive in thinking our state leaders would embrace this opportunity to make a difference.

We are still hoping that New York will be at the table when an Article V Convention of States is finally called.

Diane Holzapfel

Larry Holzapfel


The writers are, respectively, district captain and legislative liaison of Convention of States.

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