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Want to have fun? Get out of Rotterdam

Want to have fun? Get out of Rotterdam

*Want to have fun? Get out of Rotterdam *Grateful for honors to our area’s heroes *An alternative ‘h

Want to have fun? Get out of Rotterdam

For those of you who remember, a while back I submitted a letter to the editor about what we don’t have in Rotterdam.

Well, nothing has changed. It’s almost embarrassing to say these things for people outside of Rotterdam can read it. I stated that, for any activities, fun, amusement, music, any thing at all, leave Rotterdam.

Just the other day, in the paper, listed tons of doings throughout the whole area, including music, festivals, concerts, visual arts and theater. Places not even heard of. And would you believe, not one piece of anything coming out of our beloved town. The other day, I went to check out the boat launch on 5S. Would you believe there wasn’t a spot or table not being used? Next was a check at Collins Lake. Same thing. People all over the whole park. Want to try Central Park? Go ahead. No room.

Want to try Rotterdam’s Memorial Park? Go ahead. You can sit on the kiddy swings or play hoops, maybe play some ball on the fields. Want some music? I say again, come to the back of our senior building. But make sure you bring a chair or you'll have to sit on paved parking lot.

Now I read in the June 3 paper where they want to cut trees at Carman Park to make way for parking. I put in 14 years at that park with kids, and now you want to take it away? Forget it. Just keep building those apartments. So now you might say, “Ok, wise guy,” do something about it.

Truth of matter is, I can’t. I’m not a organizer. I wouldn’t know where to begin. But I am a follower and donor. But anyway for now, I will continue to pay my taxes and go elsewhere for entertainment.

Ron Capullo


Grateful for honors to our area’s heroes

I am so happy to see all the positive changes in downtown Schenectady. Yesterday [June 1], I had the honor of attending The Hometown Heroes Banner Program inside the beautiful Schenectady Armory.

It was such a special and emotional ceremony to honor our military. Our family is very grateful to be a part of the unveiling of the banners. Many of them were from old photos that were not in such great condition and they were all done so well. I wish I could recognize everyone that was involved in bringing this program to Schenectady and the generosity of all the businesses that made this possible.

I would especially like to thank The Daily Gazette and SEFCU for their very generous sponsorship of the banners for our dad and cousin.

If you have a chance to stroll around downtown and see all the nice things happening, look up and see all the heroes that truly walked among us.

Marlene Whitehead


An alternative ‘ham’ to Amsterdam’s ram

After seeing Mr. Daniel Fitzsimmons’ June 2 article [“Herd of rams never materialized in Amsterdam”] in your publication concerning Amsterdam’s rams, I came up with a little gently mocking limerick.

Mesocricetus Auratus Samueli Amsterdamianus (a.k.a. “Hamster Sam From Amsterdam”)

Amsterdam’s borrowed Lynch’s rugged ram

Maybe that’s better than a little lamb

But why not a tough beagle

Or a fierce proud bald eagle

Or better a hamster they could call Sam?

Whadda yaz think?

Tom Pikul


Area Indy 500 winner deserved a mention

Not one word in the paper about Schenectady’s own Lee Wallard winning the Indy 500 Memorial Day race in 1951.

Lee raced many times at the Altamont Fairgrounds racetrack, at that time in a race car called the “Fran Lee Special” — also out of Schenectady.

After Lee and his wife, Ester, moved to the Altamont area, we became good friends. Lee was a gentleman and well liked by many.

Also, congratulations to Alexander Rossi on winning the 100th Indy 500 in the NAPA-sponsored car.

Ed Bradt


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