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Little League needs to rethink priorities

Little League needs to rethink priorities

*Little League needs to rethink priorities *GE execs serve selves at expense of workers *Evolution g

Little League needs to rethink priorities

Little League in the Schenectady area has lost its focus on developing children interested in baseball. Instead, there seems to be a general focus on developing certain kids, hand-chosen sometimes with and sometimes without merit, for a travel team.

These kids are developed at the expense of the other 90 percent of the league players. There is no general practice for Little League teams as a whole.

That is because the select group of children have a practice during the week and, therefore, I expect, there is no time for the general league teams to practice. (This is true for at least one team I have been viewing this spring and I expect others as well.)

As one might come to realize, this clique of players on the travel team is basically made up of coaches' children and their associates' kids.

It has come to my attention that there will be an all-star team developed consisting off two players chosen from each Little League team. Of course, that simply means that the all-star team is also going to be the travel team. It is sad to see that so many kids are being put aside for the needs of certain parents' egos.

Schenectady area Little League, on the surface, is giving opportunities for kids to enjoy baseball. But in reality, it is serving a few, specially selected kids. The truth of the matter is the privileged kids will not learn that in life you are not given things, but must earn them.

Perhaps league officials need to read the little mission statement.

William Nelson


GE execs serve selves at expense of workers

How interesting that a current General Electric CEO can buy a $1.5 million mansion in Saratoga while the same corporate giant takes away the medical coverage from its retired veterans.

It just goes to show that the company isn’t cutting back on spending, it’s just putting money in the hands of a few rather than spread it among the masses.

Recently, Mr. Ray Gillen wrote a letter to the editor singing the praises of the General Electric Co. How does he know?

Was he an employee of GE when Jack Welch was downsizing the company? Was he one of the white-collar employees who had to fill in the hours for those no longer there?

Was he one of the same people who didn’t get overtime pay for the extra workload? The white-collar workers also did not receive raises during the time Jack Welch was doing so much harm to the GE workforce. Yet neither Jack Welch nor the investors lost a nickel.

If the truth be known, how many Metroplex board members were GE stock holders when Metroplex voted to give the company $5 million of taxpayers' dollars and in so doing also enriched themselves? We are living in a greedy world.

Lastly, Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy should have been given a Breathalyzer test. Does anyone own a conscience?

Mary B. McClaine


Evolution gives hope for future of humans

We, as a species are evolving. This species of hominid will solve all the major problems of the world facing us over the next 50 to 100 years. This includes worldwide debt, entitlement programs, poverty, hunger, disease, war and climate change.

Einstein was one of the many next steps in our collective evolution. What he accomplished has been duplicated by some of his peers in physics and outside physics in every other branch of science.

Then you have all those prodigies in music, poetry, art and other branches of the humanities over the past several centuries. Collectively, each has taken the next step forward in evolution. Think of where we were 100 years ago. Now try to guess where we will be in 100 years, particularly if we try to factor in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the next step in evolution beyond us. What will it do with us?

Richard Moody Jr.


Support Aison for Montgomery Co. DA

Howard Aison will make a wonderful district attorney for Montgomery County — again.

He was born, raised and educated in Amsterdam. After college and law school, he courageously served our country in Vietnam and then returned home to Amsterdam.

He married Margaret Halvey, another local resident, and set up his law practice. While he and Margaret raised their children here, they both became heavily involved in our community, donating many hours and dollars to keeping our city and county thriving.

Howard has successfully served as district attorney, county court judge and city court judge. We have all benefited from his experience and wisdom.

This fall, vote for the right person to be our DA — Howard M. Aison.

Diane Casano


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