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Country doesn't need what Trump pitches

Country doesn't need what Trump pitches

*Country doesn't need what Trump pitches *Act quickly to prevent insurance rate hikes *Trump the nar

Country doesn’t need what Trump pitches

Bob Lindinger’s "May 30 letter [“Ten good reasons to support The Donald”] regarding voting for Trump should be titled “Ten bad reasons.” Space constraints limit my reply.

1) More conservative justices on the Supreme Cuort. Why? So we can have more “Citizens United” decisions? More dark money and anonymous millions to buy elections? Making sure Roe v. Wade is nullified so women are relegated to back-alley abortions? Women will die. Absolutely not.

2) Support drilling/fracking and pipelines. Why? So contaminated fracking fluid can be returned to the ground and poison water supplies, causing multiple earthquakes. Fracking releases methane into the air. Millions of gallons of water are necessary. Water is a precious finite source.

3) Lower the corporate tax rate. Why? The U.S. federal tax rate is 35 percent. But it doesn’t reflect the write-offs (tax expenditures) that reduce the “effective rate” on corporate profits— what corporations actually pay in taxes a share of their profits. The effective rate for large corporations could be as low as 7.5 percent.

7) Our military. Yep, another lie. The United States spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined.

8) Repeal ObamaCare. And replace it with what? The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but it’s based on a plan proposed by the conservative Heritage Foundation back in the 1980s. There is no Republican replacement plan. How selfish, how backward. Millions would lose their health insurance. People will die. Why would you advocate that? For shame.

9) Remove restrictive regulations on the Environmental Protection Agency, carbon dioxide and coal. Why? Do you really want dirty air, dirty water? This will kill people. Stop pretending climate change is a hoax. It’s happening.

Mr. Lindinger ends by saying it’s “a no-brainer” for him to vote for Trump. That’s what it takes: no brains.

Cynthia Swanson


Act quickly to prevent insurance rate hikes

I am writing in concern for the people of Schenectady and the Capital Region.

For the 2017 year, the average proposed rate increase for health insurance plans in New York is 17.3 percent.

CDPHP has a proposed rate increase of 11.2 percent, Fidelis has a proposed increase of 8.1 percent, and Empire Health has a proposed rate increase of 24 percent. These are just a few popular health insurance plans in New York state that have proposed rate increases that are unattainable for many in New York state.

We as consumers can do something about these rate increases. In June 2010, the New York State Legislature passed a law that put into effect the ability for consumers to comment on these proposed rate increases. These comments are due 30 days after the proposals are introduced, which would make these comments due around Friday, June 17, for most companies.

Consumers can comment through the Department of Financial Services (DFS) online or by mail. This process known as rate regulation is successful, and for this year, DFS will save policy holders over $400 million because of rate regulation.

I urge consumers under these health insurance plans to write to DFS about why these increases cannot happen. Together we can prevent unattainable health insurance rate increases.

Kayla Smalls


The writer is an intern for Citizen Action of New York.

Trump the narcissist won’t be good leader

According to the Mayo Clinic web page, a person with a narcissistic personality disorder “may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. They often monopolize conversations and may belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior. They may feel a sense of entitlement ... may have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation. To feel better, they may react with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior.”

Narcissists are all around us. And, of course, there are degrees of narcissism. But even extreme narcissists can be entertaining and even charismatic. You just don’t want to live with an extreme narcissist or have him or her as your boss. They don’t second-guess themselves. When in doubt, they attack. This gives them the appearance of strength and being self-assured. When they do get power over others, they lack empathy and can be ruthless and abusive.

Political office has a natural appeal to narcissists because they can be center stage and wield power. History is replete with the dangers of power in the hands of narcissists. Think Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Louis XIV, etc.

Hilary Clinton is far from being the perfect candidate. But she clearly cares about others and this, I believe, has been her primary reason for being in politics. She is not a narcissist. She has a long history of dedication to improving the lives of all Americans, with an emphasis on minorities, the poor and people with low incomes. We know Hilary Clinton’s strengths and weaknesses.

Donald Trump is an extreme narcissist with no political record or experience. His claim to be a competent leader is based on his ability to expand his father’s considerable real estate business and thereby give himself giant billboards to “trumpet” his own name. The last president the Republicans elected won on the idea that he was a guy you’d like to have a beer with.

We know how that went. And even he, as ill-prepared as he was, had more political experience than Trump.

Is Trump likely to get carried away with his power if elected president? I don’t know. But I can’t think of an extreme narcissist who has been a good leader. Donald Trump is like a glitzy Atlantic City slot machine that advertises a big payoff. Do you feel lucky?

Peter Watrous


Expect more secrecy if Hillary is elected

At about the same time as the birth of my daughter, I seem to remember a U.S. president who was impeached for the erasure of 13 minutes of audio tape, and the fact that both political parties at the time cooperated in his impeachment.

In recent years, I have noticed that the standards have changed. An investigation into the illegal distribution by the FBI and BATFE of over 2,500 firearms (one of which was used to murder a U.S. border patrol agent) was stopped by executive privilege. I do believe that requires the president’s prior firsthand knowledge of actions being taken.

I guess that all the citizens need to know about this was that for the first time in our history, a U.S. attorney general was held in contempt of Congress.

A U.S. secretary of state used a server in the basement of her home against government regulations, (no one knew of or approved this server; see OIG report) then permanently destroyed a very large portion of the information located on said server with no consequence. No previous secretary of state used their own server, as the Democrats would have you believe. The use of the IRS as a political tool was used to suppress the voice of the people. No, it was not a rogue group of agents in Ohio. It was under the direction of Lois Lerner, who also refused to testify to Congress about her involvement. Documents at the IRS that were under subpoena were destroyed. I wonder if the IRS would accept the same excuse from a defendant in a tax fraud case?

If Hillary Clinton is our next president, I would expect more of the same for four years, and her supporters will proudly proclaim. “Oh how far we have progressed.”

Michael Sheedy


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