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Why no jail time for restaurant thieves?

Why no jail time for restaurant thieves?

*Why no jail time for restaurant thieves? *Don't rush to deny citizens due process *Trump can make o

Why no jail time for restaurant thieves?

Re June 18 article, “Saratoga Springs restaurant duo facing civil suit”: This is regarding the “wrap up” of the 2014 case of the LaPosta, Kruger case that embezzled a minimum of $175,000 their business partner at the Maestro’s restaurant in the Van Dam restaurant in Saratoga Springs.

This is an outrage that these two people received probation after paying the $175,000 to their business partner for stealing. Really, probation, and then to add insult to injury, they open a new restaurant. This is a joke, right?

If these two people were poor white or black individuals, they would be in jail for the next 10 years. Justice failed miserably.

Linda Cortese


Don’t rush to deny citizens due process

The idea of denying guns to “suspected” terrorists has tremendous potential for streamlining our law enforcement and court systems.

“Suspect” someone of being a terrorist? No guns for you. “Suspect” someone of being a child molester? Nope, sorry, you can’t live in this neighborhood. Too close to the school. “Suspect” someone of drinking and driving? Hey, fella, just hand over that driver’s license. We can’t have you behind the wheel.

The whole concept of “due process — long enshrined in our Constitution but bemoaned because of the time, effort and cost of dispensing fair and equal justice — can simply be replaced by a system of “suspect declaration.” No jury of your peers. No presentation of facts. No examination of evidence. Just declare someone a suspect and take away their rights. Simple and quick. Kind of like the Soviet Union had with Joe Stalin.

Let’s see now, where will we put the Gulags? How about up there with that right-wing, gun nut Sarah Palin. Serve her right.

George Nigriny


Trump can make our country great again

Making American great again? National defense and infrastructure are crumbling as we approach bankruptcy. Obsessive bureaucracy is destroying America.

The next president faces formidable and growing headwinds. Presently, statistics warn of a long overdue U.S. economic downturn. The World Bank estimates the annual global burden of global warming remediation will be up to $5 trillion, and may cause a simultaneous global downtown.

Can Donald Trump make America great again? Industry and good paying jobs must be restored.

Burdening taxes and expanding bureaucracy have decimated and/or emigrated American industry, idling their American employees, a work force now either dormant or struggling in low-paying jobs.

No small task, turning all that around. The U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is presently teetering just shy of slipping negative.

“Great again” requires GDP expansion at rates above 4 percent. Continuing socialist/progressive anti-capitalism policies will only exacerbate our situation.

The alternate, Trump, can improve his chances of success by selecting experienced mentors while still establishing priorities and strategies, including much-needed tutoring on projecting politically correct and polished.

Early on, he is selecting an impressive White House cabinet with the credentials required to provide the astute guidance required to restart America’s economic engine. Give Trump kudos for the wisdom and foresight of his early cabinet formation. Remaining selections should be expedited. School can then begin in earnest.

The fully functional White House cabinet’s sage pre-election consultation will school, and thus present, an informed and less contentious candidate Trump. Expect a viable campaign platform, leading to party unity and perhaps a successful election.

Americans love winning teams. I suggest voters evaluate a potential Trump presidency heavily on overall team quality, not merely on the team captain.

It’s essential we field the strongest White House executive team possible to compete against the Washington insiders, who seldom lose. They appear worried. That’s encouraging.

Wallace J. Hughes


Grateful for children’s experiences at Elmer

Thank you for the June 12 article [“Elmer Avenue School has unique architectural, cultural history”] written by Bill Buell on the history of Elmer Avenue School. Both of my children attended the school, and I am sorry that future generations won’t have the benefit of going there.

However, it was always so much more than the physical plant behind Elmer Avenue that made it so special. The teachers were extraordinary, the parents always pulled together when needed, and even when there were students whose parents might not have been able to afford to go on a field trip, somehow, some way, those funds always appeared.

Words don’t exist to express the appreciation I have for the foundation that my children (now almost 36 and 38) received at Elmer Avenue School. One of them is a teacher with two master’s degrees, and the other is an attorney. They may not be as famous as the people included in the article, but they have the teachers (including Mrs. Tryon, by the way) and so many others to thank for pointing them in the right direction.

The Schenectady School District always had — and continues to have — amazingly dedicated teachers. I am grateful for their efforts on behalf of my children and so many more who came after them.

Wanda A. Fischer


Support gun control or risk losing election

I am once more sickened by the latest gun violence in Orlando, Fla. Our Republican leaders must stop finding excuses to stop strong/sensible/efficient gun control legislation to keep weapons of mass murders like assault automatic rifles, out of the hands of the deranged, fanatics and violent people. The time has come for them to do everything in their power to prevent further bloodshed.

Why is America the most violent nation in the world? Almost 33,000 people get killed every year because of gun violence, including gun violence at the hands of deranged/fanatics/violent people who own automatic assault weapons.

These guns should be only in the hands of our armed forces, not civilians — especially the mentally unstable and terrorists. We need to prevent irresponsible and sick people from having access to these lethal weapons, which they can easily get from stores and/or the internet. We need to prevent them from causing mass killings, like the one in Orlando and in many other places in America.

Republicans must do it now. They can’t let the gun lobby dictate their way any longer because the only thing it cares about is selling more guns, making more money and nothing else. The gun manufacturers, the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby do not care about the lives of innocent people who have been horribly murdered.

I realize that responsible gun owners shouldn’t be penalized because they aren’t the problem. But you must act soon to save innocent Americans from those who abuse guns.

You can rest assured that I will watch your response/reaction to this sad reality in our country, and will take that into consideration at the next election. If you do not support gun control, I will not vote for you, and I hope the whole nation will not support you, either. Legislators who do not support gun control legislation are cowards — they choose profits over lives.

Ottavio Lo Piccolo


Thanks for support of police fundraiser

I would like to thank all those who donated, worked or turned out for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Association barbecue and pig roast on June 5. Despite the weather, we had approximately 400 people and 50 volunteers.

I also wish to thank the elected and appointed officials, candidates for office and members of the Board of Supervisors who showed up to support our efforts.

On the Sheriff’s Association Facebook page, we will have a complete list of vendors for the event and donors who supported both the K-9 program and Marine Patrol program. There are too many generous donors to mention in this letter but my thanks to all of you for your donations.

We were able to raise over $6,500 for the K-9 program and over $1,000 for the Marine Patrol program in addition to previous donations.

Richard C. Giardino


The writer is the county sheriff.

Photos portrayed inaccurate stereotype

I am not gay, but I was truly offended by your coverage of Schenectady’s Pride Festival.

It is a very miniscule portion of the gay population that chooses to be drag queens. Yet you chose to run two pictures on your June 19 front page. It is coverage like that which helps fuel the hatred.

Next time, please represent a more fair picture of the gay community.

Ellen Story


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