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Bombing of Japan was necessary to save lives

Bombing of Japan was necessary to save lives

*Bombing of Japan was necessary to save lives

Bombing of Japan was necessary to save lives

President Obama reminded the world of the importance of avoiding nuclear war on his visit to Hiroshima recently and properly, in my opinion, did not apologize for President Truman’s decision to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

I am aware of the controversial viewpoints surrounding that decision so I will state at the outset that I believe President Truman made the right decision.

Faced with a Hobson’s choice between the planned invasion of the Japanese homeland and authorizing the atomic bombing, President Truman chose the latter option which as it turned out ended World War II. The killing and destruction stopped and Japan eventually became a democratic state and one of our most valued allies today.

Approximately 140,000 Japanese died in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. As ghastly as those numbers are, more than 100,000 Japanese died in the massive B29 non-atomic bombing of Tokyo on March 10, 1945. In contrast, an invasion of the Japanese homeland would have caused millions of Japanese and American deaths.

As a reminder, pre-war Japan was an aggressive, totalitarian state whose objective was to dominate East Asia and subjugate its people. It had allied itself with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy in 1940 and had committed war crimes for many years, as repugnant in kind to civilized people as those of the Nazis (for example: the rape of Nanking, the Bataan death march of captured American soldiers, etc.)

After the Japanese sneak attack on our Naval base at Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the long, bloody Pacific war, American enmity toward Japan was very high. Japan had initiated an unnecessary war which they could not win and carried it on long after the turning point at the Battle of Midway had been reached in 1942. Their sneak attack at Pearl Harbor was similar in treachery to that on the Russian fleet at Port Arthur in 1904.

Finally, I believe that if the United States had become involved in the invasion, the Soviet Union would have moved militarily to occupy the Korean peninsula. Had they been successful, there would be no South Korea today and Japan would face military threats.

With Memorial Day passed and the anniversary of the 1944 D-Day invasion of Europe passing, we can be grateful that our honored dead did not die in vain. Brilliant post-war diplomacy made allies of our World War II enemies. And while we have not beaten our swords into plowshares (Isaiah 2:4), we know that nuclear war must be avoided.

Howard Littman


Republicans who bash Trump show true colors

The current Republican leadership is nothing less than Democrats-Light or perhaps closet Progressives. The party’s leadership will not back Trump. Is it because Trump cannot be controlled like previous presidential nominees? After eight years of a wheedled presidency and a terribly flawed Democratic candidate, the nation is ready for a physical and spiritual cleansing of the leadership on both sides of the political aisle.

The majority of the people believe that government stopped representing them. Trump is reaching out to the hard-working disfranchised middle class to correct this problem.

Here is an incomplete list of their grievances: tired of political correctness; tired of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities; tired of a failing education system; tired of a failed economy; tired of the executive branch not enforcing laws that they don’t like; tired of some people being more equal than others; tired of omniscient biocentric environmentalist destroying the livelihood of farmers and coal miners under the guise of protecting the ecosystem; tired of the redistribution of wealth; and tired of the military fighting ISIS with restrictive rules of engagement.

Benghazi, classified server, and Clinton Foundation issues continue to be a drag on Hillary’s run for the highest office in the land. Relatives of the Benghazi victims are hitting the airwaves attacking Secretary Clinton’s role in the attack’s aftermath.

Additionally, media articles revealed that Hillary’s server was hacked. If Pentagon and other government bureaucracies, which are superbly secured, were hacked, there is a high probability that Hillary’s server was also hacked, leaving her vulnerable to blackmail by individuals, and even more sinister foreign governments

The Clinton Foundation is another issue fraught with corrupt practices. Foreign governments and individuals that contributed millions of dollars to the foundation appear to have been rewarded with political favors while Hillary was secretary of state. But the omniscient Republican leadership unleashes virulent attacks on Trump, instead of focusing on a gift-wrapped opportunity to minimize Hillary’s chances of winning the highest office in the land.

The suddenly virtuous Republican leadership does not forfeit an opportunity to attack Trump. There is the Trump University issue and the Mexican heritage judge; the slowdown of immigrants from Islam countries; and the favorite Progressive issue — gun control.

Are these attacks against Trump by his own party out of a genuine guardianship of conservative ideals, or is it something else?

But Trump is not only swimming upstream against his party’s leadership. He is also being attacked by the supposedly unbiased Fox News Network. I have tremendous respect for Charles Krauthammer, but he is wrong regarding his incessant attacks against Trump. His demeanor when addressing Trump is that of an angry child that lost the neighborhood ball game and took his ball and bat home in a huff.

The National Review writers and its editorial board is another set of pouting pundits, since their favorite candidate did not cut the mustard. The Heritage Foundation is also in the mix with its banal backing of conservative values. If you don’t trust what these folks are selling, then of course, you are in the wrong, since they know what’s best for you. Then again, they too, may be closet Progressives.

“The more corrupt the commonwealth the more numerous the laws.” More laws mean less freedoms. More laws mean more government oversight. More laws mean picking sides and fomenting discord. More laws are the Progressives' commandments. The quotation is from Roman historian Sallust (86-35 BC), who knew a bit more than our smartest politician and pundits.

Rafael Polo


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