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We need to stand up to drug-dealing thug

We need to stand up to drug-dealing thug

*We need to stand up to drug-dealing thug *Drivers in Niskayuna need to slow down *Israel is not to

We need to stand up to drug-dealing thugs

Why is it that law-abiding citizens are forced to live and deal with the chaos and mayhem caused by drug-dealing thugs who add nothing to a community except suffering?

Isn’t it time we end these lengthy investigations and deal with the facts at hand? Why do we tolerate sharing our neighborhoods and exposing our children to a criminal element bent solely on destroying lives while enriching their own through any illegal means possible. Think of the drain on resources such as police, fire, property values, hospitals and jails.

Clearly we’ve lost our focus as to how important this issue is on a community due to the tolerant nature of those who play within the rules. But that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost on our children, on our future and the vibrancy of our city.

Someone, please help.

David Bouck


Drivers in Niskayuna need to slow down

After having spent most of my adult life in Niskayuna, you’d think I’d realize by now just how important the people living here are. For they sure seem in a hurry.

To see how they speed down Rosehill Boulevard, you’d expect they were rushing for some big meeting or perhaps just their lattes at Starbucks. In the morning, you have moms or dads bringing their future scholars to the high school. In the afternoon, those scholars come right back, just as fast.

And then there was the time I was out raking leaves in my front yard. An elderly gentleman was walking along against the flow of traffic, as he should. But he stumbled on some rough pavement and fell into the traffic lane. I rushed to help him, but had to stop short. An important woman driving down Rosehill could not possibly slow down or stop for a person lying in the street, and so she swerved around him.

I did get to him, helped him to his feet, and on he went. About a year later, he came by again and stopped to thank me again for helping him. And while I was writing this letter, a speeding driver — honking the horn — forced a bicyclist up onto our lawn.

So be careful out there. Because Niskayuna drivers are swayed by neither snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from getting their lattes with all possible speed. (With apologies to the United States Postal Service).

James Fogarty


Israel is not to blame for no peace treaty

BDS definition: Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (directed against the State of Israel). Most people don’t understand the purpose of BDS.

The BDS opposes Israel because there is no peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians, and they believe that Israel is the cause. This is not the case. The first requirement of the Palestinians for peace is the right of return of all Palestinians and their dependents to the land they lived in before 1948. The United Nations recognized the new state of Israel in 1948. The Palestinians and neighboring Arab countries did not recognize Israel, and these Arab countries attacked Israel in order to destroy it.

These Arab countries lost the war that they started, and Israel remained a country, as the United Nations voted to support. All attempts to find peace failed since then because of the right-of-return requirement, which would create a majority of Palestinians in the land of Israel.

This would destroy Israel and leave the Jews without a country.

Asa Kaplan

Ballston Lake

GOP must challenge liberals on gun issue

Open Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell: The Democrats pull a 15-hour filibuster stunt and Republicans are ready to roll over on gun control. Take to the Senate floor and shout that the root cause of Newtown, San Bernardino and Orlando was not guns.

Put the focus where it belongs — on mental illness and the ideology of people we are letting into our country.

Challenge Democrats to explain how, specifically, further gun regulation would have prevented any of these tragedies. They can’t. “No fly, no buy,” for example, will not stop a motivated terrorist from obtaining a gun. Expand the slogan to “no fly, no buy, get it from another guy.”

As for gun violence in general, force Democrats to justify a prison release initiative for “non-violent offenders” that does not look at illegal gun possession as a disqualifying factor. Put them on the defensive.

Control the language. The weapons used were not assault rifles; they were semi-automatics, one shot per trigger pull, just like most hunting rifles.

Slam Democrats for a cavalier attitude toward whom we are letting into this country. In this age of rampant terrorism, security through ineffective vetting and unsecured borders is not an option.

Take the offensive. If you haven’t figured out the Donald Trump phenomenon by now, try this. A flawed candidate was successful because his pugnacious attitude was a refreshing change from a passive Republican-controlled Congress that won’t fight.

William Dillman


Racism was behind the Confederate cause

This is a response to David Nosek’s June 17 letter [“Flying Confederate flag is free speech”] defending the right of a motorcyclist in the Saratoga Memorial Day parade to display a Confederate battle flag.

Had Mr. Nosek stopped at the invocation of the First Amendment, you wouldn’t be reading this. But he went on to say that “the flag is mistakenly seen as a symbol of today’s racism ... due to successful attempts by civil rights groups and the liberal media to change what it stands for.”

I’m not sure what Mr. Nosek thinks the flag actually stands for, if not racism, but he says that many Southerners see it as “an emblem of their heritage.” He also says “we should welcome our Southern visitors [by displaying the Confederate flag], rather than appearing as ignorant as they appear to misguided opponents of the rebel flag,” as if the flag makes all Southerners feel warm and fuzzy.

Perhaps I’m among the ignorant and misguided, but I think all can agree that the flag was the banner under which the Confederate States fought the United States after secession. For anyone who doubts that the Confederate States were fighting to defend slavery and racism, I’d suggest a simple Google search of “secession declarations.” You will find that a number of Southern states explained, all too plainly, why they were seceding. These are not interpretations by historians, but rather the words of the Southerners’ representatives themselves.

My personal favorite is Texas, whose conventioneers declared that “the African race ... were rightly held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and ... that the servitude of the African race ... is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the Almighty Creator, as recognized by all Christian nations.”

I’m not making this stuff up; and it doesn’t matter if you’re a supporter of Trump, Clinton, or neither. Read it for yourself and decide what the Confederate battle flag was all about.

Jerry Jasinski


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