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Clinton has been a failure her whole life

Clinton has been a failure her whole life

*Clinton has been a failure her whole life *Letter on Muslims a display of ignorance *Tom Brown was

Clinton has been a failure her whole life

Regarding Mrs. Clinton most qualified to be president, racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles does not make one qualified to be president. The liberal “M.O.” that good intentions supersede results is not enough to call her most qualified.

In Mrs. Clinton’s entire political life, she has been a failure. Start with putting up with her pervert husband for all these years just to ride his coattails.

She won a seat in the Senate from a liberal state where Democrats vote for anyone with a “D” next to their name regardless of character or integrity.

She lost her party’s nomination in 2008 to a freshman senator who is the least qualified person in any room he enters, for anything.

As secretary of state, she led the U.S. foreign policy in the destruction of Libya and the reset with Russia, and the whole Middle East is on fire.

She set up a private server to keep her illegal activities from the public's view. She claims she did not want us to see her emails about yoga. Yeah, right.

Mrs. Clinton has been a failure her whole adult life. If she hadn’t ridden her husband’s name, she would be a crooked lawyer taking advantage of uneducated people in crooked land deals.

I don’t want Donald Trump to be president. I really, really don’t want Mrs. Clinton to be president. The country cannot handle another four years of the corruption and incompetence we’ve had the past eight years.

Dave Edwards


Letter on Muslims a display of ignorance

I am writing in response to the June 20 letter [“Make sure Muslims understand U.S. law”] by Diane Barney.

Apparently she feels that all immigrants from the Middle East are Muslim. Further she describes these “Muslims” as totally ignorant of their new homeland, forcing their religion on others, attacking woman on the streets, beating their families, etc.

Harmful mistakes in geography and religion are presented here as well as the maligning of all members of the Muslim faith. Muslims are adherents to Islam one of the three Abrahmic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), all are believers in Adam, Moses, Abraham and Jesus. Surprised to read Jesus? He is believed by Islamics to be a Prophet of God. Muslims believe in Allah, Arabic name for God, and Muhammad is believed in as the most recent prophet.

Islam faith has many beautiful holidays and traditions. These include and stress charity to those that need.

When I read of such a faith mistakenly maligned, when there is such inhumanity to others, I think of the prayer on the Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus, I think of the parents of children from other countries and the apprehension they feel for their little ones' welfare as they head out the door for school in our beautiful country.

My grandson is in our military in the Middle East. I know his sacrifices are for these beautiful little ones, as well as for those who cannot grant peace and humanity to those who escaped horrors we will never comprehend. Be well-read, experienced and informed before putting your name to mistakenly condemning a faith with an ancient history that more often than not parallels the larger faiths of the United States and the world.

Anyone that is a follower of the three monotheistic religions mentioned above has much in common with their Muslim neighbor. Let's learn about our similarities and not commit the harsh mistakes of the past.

Margaret Nixon


Tom Brown was an inspiration at SUNY

I’d like to add another local aspect of Tom Brown’s varied career not mentioned in your June 8 article [“A man and his music: Remembering Tom Brown”].

In the beginning of the 1970s, when SUNY Albany was first moving from its downtown campus to the new uptown campus, the college started its first jazz/big band program (The Albany State Lab Band). I was fortunate enough to become a part of the program, playing alto saxophone. The director/conductor was Tom Brown, whom none of us knew anything about.

Over the two years I was there, we practiced weekly and put on periodic concerts and other appearances that were highly successful — the highlight of which was as the opening group of the university’s Jazz Festival featuring the Count Basie Orchestra.

The incident that most sticks in my mind was during one of our weekly practice sessions when the percussion section’s vibes player was having trouble with an improvising section of a selection we were practicing.

After several tries, Tom decided to walk over and “show him how it should be done.” When he did his improvisation, our jaws all hit the floor and we suddenly realized what a pro our instructor was. Total inspiration.

To this day, I still consider playing in that band one of the best things I was ever a part of in my life. Tom, the world will miss you.

Terry Cole


Schenectady will miss Strichman as planner

Re June 10 article, “Schenectady’s chief city planner heads to Troy”: I am so sorry to hear of the resignation of Steven Strichman, who oversaw planning, development and zoning, besides serving as executive director of the Capitol Region Land Bank in the city of Schenectady.

Not only did Mr. Strichman have numerous innovative ideas for bettering the many neighborhoods in the city of Schenectady, he truly showed an interest in bringing positive changes for areas of neglect in the city.

Also, Mr. Strichman could always be reached regarding citizens' concerns and questions. He was always cordial and would always return calls. If he didn’t have an answer to a question, he would find out the answer or direct the person to whom they could get an answer.

Schenectady’s loss is Troy’s gain in hiring Mr. Strichman.

I wish Mr. Strichman all the best in his new venture. His presence will be missed.

Flora L. Ramonowski


Other drivers need to take AAA course

I was stopped in the right turn lane for a red light at the corner of Wendell Avenue and Nott Street by Ellis Hospital after completing the AAA Safe Driving Course.

A car then zooms up in the left lane and turns right in front of me on Nott Street. I proceed down Rosa Road and slow for a red light at corner of Gerling Street and begin to accelerate when the light turns green. The car on Wyoming Avenue barrels through the intersection on the red light.

I have become an avatar in an AAA training video.

Arden R. Rauch


Dictionary provides insight into election

While looking through a dictionary, I came upon the word “trumpery” — which means trash, paltry, rubbish, fraud, small, mockery. Scary isn’t it?

Allan Yerdon



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