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Media let Obama get away with many lies

Media let Obama get away with many lies

I blame that on our state-run education system.

Finally someone has written a letter to the editor exposing President Obama for what he really is. I am referring to Dale M. Brown’s March 4 letter, “Love and truth will move country ahead.”

President Obama was a master at egotistical pronouncements. And why wouldn’t he be? No one in the mainstream press ever challenged him. Of course, that was probably because of his threats against them. Talk about suppressing the press. And the lies that man told. They would make the devil himself blush, if that is possible.

One thing Mr. Brown got wrong was that the first step toward communism is to suppress the truth.

Let me add one more item. It concerns all of the letters being written in support of the women’s march and other such demonstrations. These writers and many others mistakenly tout that as democracy. It is not democracy and we don’t live in a democracy. The United States of America is a democratic republic. That means we vote for fellow citizens to represent us in government.

If it was a democracy, then every law, spending bill and whatever else the government wanted to do would be voted on by each and every one of us every time. The founders of this nation purposely did not create a democracy because they studied past history and saw what eventually happens to true democracies — they become authoritarian.

This what happens when we have a populace that does not know its history. I blame that on our state-run education system.



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