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Many fearful of dogs, especially pit bulls

Many fearful of dogs, especially pit bulls

Pit bulls don't help their reputation

It’s no surprise that a pit bull attacked its owner and her 8-year old child. The only thing that’s even worse about it is it’s a repeat offense by the owner. The little boy hopefully will make a full recovery, but I assure you will never look at dogs the same way again.

However, no matter what argument you make about the dog never acting in this manner before, it’s bred for aggression, and when that instinct kicks in, and no one ever knows when, look out. It’s a matter of time before we see this more often. For those owners who believe training can remedy instinct, I suggest you seriously re-examine your thought process.

Do pit bull owners know their dog better than the instinct of its breeding? After reading the Aug. 27 Gazette editorial, it raises a lot of interesting issues. Pit bulls are not “cuddly little bunnies” They are aggressive animals. End of story.

Recently, I was helping a woman in her 80s find a solution to a problem she was having at home. I work in an establishment that allows people to bring in their dogs, and, yes, pit bulls included. She brought up to me that she didn’t think it was right for shoppers to bring their dogs, especially after what happened to that little boy in Amsterdam.

Out of nowhere, a shopper came up the aisle where we were and her dog ran up to the woman I was helping. Well, she wasn’t amused at all and started reminding the dog owner about the incident in Amsterdam, “I don’t like dogs and keep it away from me.”

The dog owner suddenly went into some half-baked excuse, saying the dog was just trying to be friendly and meant no harm. All this did was make my customer more infuriated. “I have rights, too,” she said. “I have the right not to be bothered by a dog when I’m shopping.”

The dog owner kept going on and on about how friendly the dog was. She had no empathy about the woman fearing dogs or having the right to shop dog-free. She finally got the hint and moved on. So, where do we go from here? Do we live in a “love me, love my dog” society where dog owners have more rights than non-dog owners? Can you imagine if it was a pit bull that came up to her?

Bob Belive



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