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Turn reactor into nuclear lighthouse

Since we’re stuck with the only existing functioning nuclear reactor lying alongside the modern, upscale Mohawk Harbor, why not take advantage of this ugly eyesore and convert it into the only atomic/nuclear-powered lighthouse in the world?

I know it doesn’t power anything. It’s just RPI’s user-friendly training aid for budding nuclear engineers. But let’s just be sensible here and convert it into a lighthouse of sorts. Put a facade over it and make it an appealing part of the landscape. Any type of lighthouse would do, whatever the existing regulations are and whatever local ordinances would allow. 

Just think of the free publicity this would generate: The only nuclear-powered lighthouse in America, and for that matter the world. It would become an instant tourist attraction, a destination, a hit for all the local businesses.

We know it wouldn’t really use the nuclear output from the reactor, but who cares? It would be a great PR generator for the entire Schenectady area. I can see it now: “Schenectady continues to light the world with the new Colossus at Schenectady, the world’s first nuclear lighthouse.”

An artist’s 1880 impression of “Colossus of Rhodes”: It could be a Mohawk Indian, another Statue of Liberty, Thomas Edison with a light bulb in his hand, or just a run-of- the-mill lighthouse.

Daniel Bradt



Cuomo, minions like tearing down Trump

Recent news has provided more mirth and merriment. First, an asinine proclamation by King Cuomo stating the sacrifices of those who suffered and died for us doesn’t matter — no greatness there. Then a shouting match with a socialist, both singing, “I can get rid of Trump better than you can.”

King Cuomo wowed his loyal subjects by dumping some trash in the ocean and proclaiming it a marine sanctuary. With the help of his corrupt secret society, New York is dead last in individual freedoms and second-highest taxed kingdom. “Vote for me I’ll give you more free stuff.” His fellow lefties have followed with an “I hate Trump, the country be damned” letter-writing campaign.

Donald Trump is an easy person to hate/despise. He’s done and said a lot of stupid things. The reality is he was elected to do a job, not to be an incompetent likable empty suit in the mold of Obama. Donald Trump poses a threat to the Washington establishment, i.e., the Mueller witch hunt and uncovering the corruption in the FBI.

That doesn’t excuse the opinion hate writers, unless they, too, have something to hide.Those who would sabotage a duly-elected president, based on selfish hate — after seeing their neighbors now employed, prospering and providing better lives for their families, expose themselves as to who they really are.  Anonymous hit pieces are the food of fools.

Merle Haggard sang: “When you’re tearin’ down my country, you’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.” Amen.

Jack Osterlitz



Editorial an unfair attack on church

Re Sept. 9 editorial, “Let’s hope the church is sincere this time in fighting abuse”): It’s clear the editorial board at The Gazette hasn’t paid attention to any of the six letters, statements and columns Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger has written on this subject in just the last two months and the actions he has taken throughout his tenure as Bishop of Albany — or, for that matter, to your own news stories just last week, which reported the unprecedented actions he took.

Bishop Scharfenberger invited District Attorney David Soares to review all of our records, which your paper reported on Sept. 6. The Diocese said in a statement later on Sept. 6 (sent to three members of The Gazette staff) that we “welcome the investigation by the Attorney General and look forward to working with her.” And yet your editorial was written as if none of that had been said, or worse yet, as if we had said just the opposite. You created a story line that doesn’t exist to suit your editorial needs, it seems. That serves no one, least of all the public, which depends on the press for the facts and the truth.

For many years, the Diocese of Albany has had a memorandum of understanding with all of the 14 district attorneys in our geographical region.

Every single allegation we receive is sent to the DA; every victim who files a claim is heard. In 2015, Bishop Scharfenberger was one of only a handful of bishops in the country who released and posted the names of all known clergy sex abusers, living and deceased (www.rcda.org/offenders).

Not to be lost in all of this are the anti-Catholic swipes sprinkled throughout your editorial, which make it clear that this editorial was not meant to get to the heart of an issue but to take a stab at the heart of an entire faith. Rest assured, your Catholic readers recognized that and likely felt attacked.

Mary DeTurris Poust


The writer is director of communications for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany.


Income inequality demands reforms

 Despite the low unemployment level, a shocking 40 percent of American workers don’t receive enough income to support their basic needs. Donald Trump’s tax cuts gave corporations and their highly paid executives fat bonuses that will raise the national debt from $20 trillion to $20.5 trillion, to be paid by the suffering neglected 40 percent.

The income of the average worker has been stagnant for many ears, unlike the increase of the already wealthy. It’s very different for many top executives who receive huge salaries and bonuses and benefits.

A local example of this inequality is illustrated by the TrustCo CEO, Robert McCormick. He got a generous raise  — $1,931,613 to $2,182,121, while his average employee earns $29,699, not enough to support a family of two.

To create a fairer and just economy, corporations must pay decent living wages and contribute a higher level of corporate and income taxes. It borders on immoral when the bottom 90 percent of the country owes 23 percent of the nation’s wealth, while 1 percent owns 39 percent. The top 10 percent own 84 percent of all stocks in 2016.

Without a strong campaign finance law that supports experienced, uncorrupted candidates for political office, our American democracy is at a great risk. 

The expanding rate of unequal income must be stopped by this type of action.

Mary Jane Valachovic



Dems’ behavior at hearing lacked class

The recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh for elevation to the Supreme Court was one of the most disgraceful and classless demonstrations of extreme partisan politics that I have ever seen in our country. 

I’m saddened and disheartened to see a formerly robust and necessary congressional debating process reduced to histrionics whose goal was not to discuss the merits of the nominee, but to forcefully shut down opposing viewpoints.

These hearings are a vital opportunity for our elected representatives and the electorate to hear out and challenge the judicial philosophy and approach to the law of the nominees. Instead, what we saw was disgraceful.

I have lost faith in my three representatives, Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Paul Tonko. 

With my ballot, I intend to fire each of them unless they can come up with a way to restore the element of class, dignity and integrity to an otherwise vulgar operation.

Ken Moore



Delgado ads missing crucial background

Another politician left out a few little things. I’ve been seeing all the glowing commercials for Antonio Delgado saturating the TV.  They make you think he will soon be canonized for sainthood.

Now his opposition has put up a very interesting commercial about him and it says a few much different things. A rapper — no, make that a rapper with a very nasty mouth, among other things, that includes use of the N-word.

Without a doubt, Mr. Delgado will generate a lot of interest by some of the lock-step city folks. The many people who are a bit more rural aren’t going to be too impressed with what he forgot to brag about.

David G. DeMarco


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