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Letters to the Editor

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Open primaries are a difficult idea to sell

Jerry Boehm’s Sept. 15 letter struck a chord with me. In my naïve youth, I also registered to vote as  “independent.” I, too, went to vote in when the primaries came up. I was refused the vote. Travesty.

After all these years, the travesty of this political injustice still exists. The ingrained political genius of our politicians use this practice to disenfranchise a large percentage of the voters’ basic rights. Some states have open primaries. This means a citizen can vote in a primary no matter how they are registered. 

Try this in New York. Trying to change this in New York is like spitting into the wind.

Leonard Muller 

Greenfield Center 


Team up against Dems, Republicans

Conservatives, libertarians and left-wing climate people are in the same book, different chapters. Democrats are the coming revolution. Bolsheviks and Mensheviks live again. A libertarian/conservative views the welfare state as a system to create more harm than it corrects. Hitler loved his dog, was a vegetarian and was an evil man. The welfare state (plantation) promotes overpopulation, rampant crime and dependency. The welfare state promotes “plantation discipline,” which feeds violence. The welfare state is an overseer. America has gone from King Cotton (plantations) to Martin Luther King Jr. to a rebranded plantation system run by the Democrats.

Conservatives espouse a pure form of the republic, when they aren’t donning their RINO suits. Less free stuff gives you more freedom. Conservatives need to stand with new allies and stop being Stepin’ Fetchits for RINO Republicans. Republicans are landfill. Libertarians get it right, but the time when we can live as they wish is no more.

The tree huggers share values with conservatives and libertarians. Tree huggers (trail bunnies) want fewer people and more trees. Conservatives want less government. Libertarians want fewer of everyone else.

It’s time conservative, libertarians and trail bunnies make common cause against common enemies, Democrats and Republicans. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Round up the usual suspects.

Edmond Day



City district needs its full share of state aid

I teach children in the Schenectady City School District. Schenectady students and the district are owed $44 million in public school foundation aid. If Schenectady city schools got the funding it’s owed, we could support hiring more staff and funding more programs to deal with the complexities of life in Schenectady.

Public schools shouldn’t have to scrape together resources and teachers shouldn’t have to pay for their own supplies (which are now no longer tax deductible thanks to the new federal tax law) to provide high-quality education for students. They deserve so much more.

Schenectady isn’t the only district that’s owed funding. A quality education has been proven to have a positive impact on all aspects of a person’s life. That’s why fully funding public schools is important. Now community members can actually do something about this issue. We need the unpaid foundation aid Schenectady is owed, and we need to fix the process (how the foundation aid formula is calculated).

Sen. Jim Tedisco has done nothing to try to fix this issue, but I know Michelle Ostrelich will because she believes in helping public schools and the children of Schenectady.

Christopher J. Ognibene



Use actual facts to improve humanity

My wife showed me a social media post put up by a prominent woman, from a Southern city, that was a picture of dozens of Muslims praying on a street with the caption, “This is “Sweet Home” Birmingham, Alabama...Nervous yet?” Of course, this wasn’t actually from Alabama, but from Albania.

More importantly, however, why should people be afraid of other people at prayer? When I put the phrase into a search engine, stories about fear of crime violence and racial violence were the most prominently featured.

I’m perpetually fascinated by the human propensity to find reasons to alienate and fear other groups of people, who then get defensive and fear other groups of people. All of that fear leads to violence, which in turn inspires more fear and violence. We’ve been doing this to one another since the beginning of humanity. I guess we have had some difficulty evolving beyond bullying and stupidity. However, back to that social media post.

Someone purposefully used a photograph with a misrepresented caption to manipulate the prejudices and fears of others, including the prominent woman from a Southern city, who reposted the picture.

So I guess my question is why accuracy isn’t enough to make the point. People can’t be fear-mongering bullies utilizing the most accurate information possible? Actually, it probably makes it much more difficult.

Our republic is fragile, too fragile to be governed by suspicion, misdirection and manipulation.

Our history, like the history of humanity, is rife with this behavior.

Is it not time that we use the best information possible to evolve into the promise of humanity, of our nation?

James Cimino


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