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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Lesson: Keep better tabs on your teens

Regarding the Kavanaugh debacle. My thoughts: 

1) High schoolers (17-18 years of age).

2) Party time in a private home.

3) Kids drunk or getting drunk.

My question. Where were the parents?

I’m not asking just about the host, but: “Do you know what your teenagers are doing tonight?”

Elizabeth Weber



Mechanicville has a treasure in Brown

I’m a resident in the Mechanicville area — a super senior with a love of horse racing and common sense.

We have in our small town a giant in horse training and racing, I say the best in his field, Chad Brown. Chad set a record this year that may never be broken or seen again with most wins at Saratoga.

Chad is a native of our city and a graduate of our schools. He continues to stay in his hometown, enjoying family and friends.

Last year, I sent a letter to our community fathers asking them to plan an honor weekend for Chad and family, the like that Mechanicville will never see again. Result — no reply. I’m so proud of Chad’s feats and records and so upset over small minds in our town who don’t realize what we have. I’m proud and honored to have the likes of a Chad Brown in my area and community.

Jim Stevens



GOP shows what it means by “values”

Lately I’ve seen ads saying Antonio Delgado, running for Congress from the 19th district, “doesn’t represent our values” because of songs he wrote when he was younger. I see they’re from the NRCC, a group that says they “support conservative values” and Republican legislators.

I don’t know much about Mr. Delgado and haven’t heard his songs.

But I do recall that the leader of the Republican Party left his first two wives and their kids for other women. And he agreed with a radio DJ on the air that his own daughter was a real piece of something (although he didn’t use the word “something”).

And he admitted he paid an adult-film actress who said she was intimate with him not to talk anymore (although they used other words than “was intimate”).

And he was taped saying you can do whatever you want with women, grab them by the privates (again, another word than “privates”).

So I guess if Mr. Delgado doesn’t represent those values, he’s probably a decent person.

John Murphy



Won’t forget lack of Trump’s compassion

 “It was an incredible unsung success, we did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico,” echoed President Trump the day after the death toll of 2,975 was released. 

Tell that to my family and neighbors who went months without power and water.

Tell that to my cousin, a doctor, who saw patients intermittently due to lack of power for months in his office.

Tell that to my first responder brother who worked hundreds of unpaid hours assisting islanders long after the winds and rains ceased. 

Trump’s lack of a moral compass and shame came as no surprise. How could these numbers not touch his heart and soul? Instead, he accused Democrats and the media of inflating numbers. There’s nothing partisan about lives lost. 

How unfortunate our leader couldn’t echo words of comfort to those citizens. Is it because they can’t vote for elected officials that lives don’t matter?  

Many islanders have now moved to the mainland, since a wall can’t be built across the ocean. Many have settled in the crucial swing state of Florida.

Soon they will go to the polls, remembering the paper towels thrown at them and the lack of interest displayed by Trump when he didn’t even fly over the island to survey damage.

I can hear voters shouting, “No olvidaremos. —  We will not forget.”

Maria Mercedes Karr



Stefanik is a proven leader for New York

As 10th grade students at Saratoga Springs High School, and hopefully future residents of New York state, we’re concerned with the direction New York is headed. We recently read an article in USA Today that ranked New York state third in the nation as “people leaving the state.” 

This mass exodus of people leaving New York in search of job opportunities and lower taxes elsewhere is bothersome to say the least. Increasing our taxes, as supported by one current candidate for Congress, will only make this problem worse. We need to vote Elise Stefanik for Congress because she has never, and will never, vote for a tax increase. Rep. Stefanik will continue to fight for upstate New York’s small businesses and farms, as well as our military. This is why everyone needs to get out and vote for Rep. Stefanik on Nov. 6. It’s not too late to turn New York around and change it to a state where people are “moving in.” Elise Stefanik is a proven leader and is clearly the candidate who will fight for New York and make this happen.

Meg Messitt


Jason Schwartz

Saratoga Springs


Shame on Dems for their sleazy tactics

The Democratic Party should be ashamed of itself for persuading Christine Blasey Ford to falsely accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in order to hold up his confirmation vote. 

Ford’s allegations have been known by Democrats before the hearings began and nothing was brought forward until a week before the Senate Judiciary Committee was set to vote. The Democrats’ game plan is to delay the vote long enough until the midterm elections so hopefully they can control the Senate and deny Kavanaugh a seat on the Supreme Court. 

Furthermore, they’re calling for an FBI investigation into the matter. First of all, where are the FBI investigations for Bill Clinton’s accusers like Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey? Are they going to receive the same treatment Ford wants to receive? Doubtful. 

Secondly, how are we to trust anything the FBI does nowadays? It’s been two years since the alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 election and still nothing has been charged against Trump. And nothing will be charged against Trump because the investigation is a hoax that has been put on by Democrats to remove Trump from being president. 

Shame on the Democrats for their sleazy tactics and kudos towards Senate Republicans for not caving in.

Mark Brockbank


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