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Fond memories of Garofalo sausages

Re Sept. 26 article, “Schenectady’s Garofalo sausage shop going out of business”: It’s so very sad a family business is closing after 112 years of operation. 

Growing up on North Center Street with Perreca’s, Vita Rich, Civitellos, Garofalos and Pine Grove Dairy was great. Everything was within walking distance. Downtown was booming and on Thursday nights all the stores downtown remained open until 9 p.m. 

As a kid, Aunt Mary Garofalo would always make us kids a “little something” when we were playing in the backyard. When my cousin, Dave, and I got old enough to drive, we would deliver cases of pasta to all the local restaurants along with the greatest sausage ever made.

I will deeply miss “the store,” as we called it, but the memories will forever be close to my heart.

Michael P. Croce Sr.

Ballston Spa


Tedisco, Tonko don’t care about veterans

Two phonies: Jim Tedisco and Paul Tonko. With election time near, they’re looking for the veterans’ vote, meeting Vietnam veterans at Niskayuna High School. What a laugh.

Neither on cares for veterans. Years ago, I asked Mr. Tedisco to put something in Buster’s Law that would protect people against the damage cats do. They come in my garden and mess it up, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m a 100 percent disabled veteran from World War II. No help from Tedisco.

Paul Tonko. I’ve been trying to meet with him since March. He never met with me. I need some help getting medication from the VA hospital. No meeting. But he meets with  illegal Dreamers and says what good Americans they are. But I guess I’m not a good American, according to his standard. I only gave up my health and almost my life in World War II.

On July 23, 2018, I went to his office with a 100 percent Vietnam Purple Heart, Silver Star veteran, and still no meeting with him.

Two phonies.

Vincent Belardo



Anti-Trump column lacking any realism

Re Sept. 30 column, “At UN a ‘realism’ that is anything but”: Anne Applebaum’s name-calling is strident, even for a columnist. In her railing against the president of the United States, The Washington Post columnist throws around like glitter “narcissism,” “pomposity,” “naïve,” “incoherent,” and “absurd” – epithets that are amplified in the emulative echo chamber of the “mainstream” (misnomer) media.

The writer complains about the president’s boasts, yet she fails to enumerate even one of his accomplishments. Nor does she acknowledge the validity of the issues he raised, such as energy security, the tyrannical Iranian regime and unfair trade practices.

In her tirade against Trump’s promotion of “national sovereignty” as opposed to “globalism,” Applebaum bemoans Trump’s lack of definition. Does a professor from the London School of Economics expect to be spoon-fed? The chief executive’s illustrative speech was sufficient for even the most challenged freshman.

Applebaum depicts Trump as incapable of writing his own speeches. She thus attacks those whom she disdainfully characterizes as his “his entourage, advisers, speechwriters.” As measured by the indefatigable president’s rallies and the phenomenal response his extemporaneous oracles generate, the professor’s sarcasm seems particularly mean-spirited.

Denigration without a modicum of realism is unbecoming in an academic, especially one who holds a Pulitzer Prize. Kanye West is right. We need “dialogue, not diatribe.”

Jeffery Torres



Clergy abuse calls for change at the top

The Catholic Church’s house is “on fire,” but the Vatican hierarchy seem unconcerned. Recent horrifying reports of sexual abuse and cover-up are similar to those reported earlier from Boston, chronicled in the movie “Spotlight.”  

If our own house was burning and we called 911, would we get this outrageous response?: “Yes, this is indeed an emergency.  We can respond in five or six months, OK? We’ll send some of our friends, even though they may have allowed the fire to spread.  And have you considered whether you are responsible for the fire, and how busy we are here?” 

Now consider the Vatican’s response to the Pennsylvania grand jury report, released in mid-August. Weeks later, Pope Francis called an “emergency” meeting for late February 2019.

Invited to this “emergency” meeting are certain bishops; despite public calls for all bishops to resign for their complicity in this scandal.  No members of the Catholic laity or abuse victims, are invited.

The pope also called on Catholics to look to themselves before criticizing him. Others in the Vatican hierarchy have suggested that the pope has other more important priorities to attend to.  Outrageous.  

We’re the descendants of immigrants steeped in Catholicism, a faith passed on to us by many good people. We’re profoundly angry and saddened over what has been done to children by some clergymen and by the tepid response of the Vatican hierarchy.  It’s time to change the way the church is governed, starting at the top. 

Maryellen Moore

Michael Moore



Past actions would disqualify big names

 Kavanaugh: We’re bombarded with his past actions. As long as it’s that important, let’s take the time to correct history.

The committee was concerned about things he has supposedly done over 30 years ago. Since the #MeToo movement is so prevalent, I say we take time to correct past actions by people we look upon favorably. 

I’d like the FBI to research Bill Clinton, JFK and Martin Luther King. There are many rumors of past indiscretions on their part, but that seems to be enough to discredit them. While we’re at it I’d like to consider how people cheered when Confederate statues were torn down. Let’s go to the source. March up to Mount Rushmore and take down the busts of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They were slave owners and yet they’re OK. How many good deeds are necessary to own a slave? There is apparently some ratio. 

Pete Pidgeon



Approval process a sham on America 

Kudos to  Republican Sen. Jeff Flake and Democratic Sen. Chris Coon for their efforts to delay  proceedings  of the Senate Committee hearing the Kavanaugh nomination for an FBI investigation. Perhaps this may be the last semblance of civility and bipartisan “statesmanship” since the late Sen. John McCain.

In contrast, we have the finger-pointing rant of Sen. Lindsey Graham, breathtaking for its bias and total lack of objectivity (He should have done much better, given his experience with military sexual abuse.) On Sept. 28, he was deservedly rebuked for his remarks by Sen. Cory Booker.

If  the object of the committee hearing was to ascertain the truth, this partisan acrimony illustrates one of the basic shortcomings of this proceeding, which include: 1) a lack of rigor or order in the proceedings 2 )lack of regard for the rules of evidence gathering and evaluation — those who allege are held to a different standard than the nominee. However, all of this is but window dressing for the main event.

Regardless of the hearing testimony, the FBI investigation, or whatever the facts are, this committee is a Kangaroo Court with one mission: ram-rod the approval vote for Kavanaugh through at all costs. This deceitful pretense of any other option belongs 100 percent to Trump and his Republican Congress. It’s another insult and betrayal of constitutional democracy, the rule of law and pursuit of the truth. The well-being of every American woman is now up for “grab,” and Supreme Court objectivity is a lost cause. Everyone get out and vote in November to save your nation.

George W. Putman


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