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Donations show Dems lack integrity

As of July 2018, Planned Parenthood donated $303,000 to House Democrats, $85,000 to Senate Democrats, and another $393,498 spread out to all Democrats through its PAC, Planned Parenthood Action Fund for 2018. The Democrats funnel money to Planned Parenthood and in return, they get some back.  I wonder how the rest of us can get in on this system run by the “honorable” Democrats. 

Now you know what Democrats mean when they speak of the necessary moral integrity to be trusted with public office.

Fred Barney



Save oceans; stop using plastic bags

I’m writing this letter to everyone who doesn’t want to give up their plastic bags at Shop- Rite. The June issue of National Geographic has a major article on plastic: “We made it, We depend on it, We’re drowning in it.”

 As quoted in the article, “we have 9.2 billion tons of the plastic to deal with, 6.3 billion tons never make it to the recycling bin.” No one knows how much plastic winds up in the ocean. 

Ocean plastic is estimated to kill millions of marine animals.

Then there are micro-plastics, bits smaller than one-fifth of an inch across, that wind up in the ocean. If you walk along Hawaii’s Big Island, there is a crunching  sound.

Scientists fear that if there is not a reversal of plastic winding up in the ocean, the oceans can turn into a “thin soup of plastic.” The head of the United Nations Environment Program spoke of an “ocean Armageddon.”

Stopping the use of plastic bags when shopping will be a drop in the bucket. But if everyone starts thinking that we all have a stake in our planet, one plastic bag at a time, it will help.

Judy Jacobs



Left is turning the nation into a circus

It seems that Barnum & Bailey’s greatest show on Earth has been replaced by “Chucky Schumer’s traveling circus” worst show on Earth. Its ringleader, “not so Fine –stein,” has captured the nation’s attention with a recent shameful performance in Washington, D.C.   

Dancing elephants have been replaced by overweight old men acting as jackasses. The trapeze performers now wear suits and ties and hang by their heels in the rarefied air that only they breathe. It’s a show of how far left they can swing before they destroy themselves.

This circus will never sell to a fair-minded, honest public. The reality of this travesty is it will weaken and damage all that has  made America great and damage our democratic way of life.  

However, we have withstood a lot worse than that, as well as those who have written baseless hate letters to this paper — their opinions based on no evidence, credibility or facts. Shame on all of them. Judge Kavanaugh  is a proven, honorable, decent, fair-minded judge, college professor and family man who enjoys drinking beer. What manner of human would seek to destroy such a person?

Go damage another nation with your hysterical rants; not the one I chose to defend serving in our military. One has to wonder if these were the same despicable snowflakes who spit on the returning Vietnam vets. 

Will Rogers was right when he said: “Politicians are of the second oldest profession; often times confused with the first.”

Jack Osterlitz



Praises for paper on pay raises, poverty

I would like to compliment the editor of The Gazette for two great stories. One is the poverty level in Hamilton Hill and Mont Pleasant; the other is the editorial on Oct. 6 about the lucrative pay raises for city officials. 

The points were well taken. Speaking as a city taxpayer, why do people earning in excess of  $100,000 need such big pay raises? The raise was more that two times the median income of Hamilton Hill residents. 

Come on, mayor, be fair. Think of what these pensions will be like in couple of years The city will be broke. 

Herbert Thorne


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