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Don’t ignore kids’ use of the n-word

The “n-word” — a word so reviled this newspaper can’t print it. A word so insulting the Schenectady school board can’t include it in its minutes. It’s so bad that only students can use it, but only if they are black?

The primary goal of a public school should be to educate children to navigate successfully in the world beyond that school. I doubt allowing young black boys and girls to use the word is going to be helpful in this regard. Most likely, it is detrimental. 

The school board is jeopardizing the future of young people already at risk in the name of political correctness. Real empowerment comes from real jobs, real income, real futures. 

What are you empowering them to do, stay in the ‘hood?

James Van Dijk



Media insensitive to victims’ families

The senseless tragedy in Schoharie has to be a devastating, heart-breaking and sickening experience for the families of the victims. Even those of us unfamiliar with the families involved feel the loss. 

But now, these people who are already trying to cope as best they can with this immeasurable loss are forced to suffer the inconsiderate, uncaring, callous actions of the local media. The TV stations, the local papers — oh yes, The Daily Gazette right along with them — are encroaching upon the privacy of these people.

How does the local media explain the reason for shoving a camera and a microphone in the face of a women who has just lost half of her family?

How do they justify sneaking around out in front of a funeral home to catch a picture of a family’s private group hug? How do they justify shoving a camera into the face of a woman who has just lost her husband in the tragedy and making that women defend her husband to the world? 

It’s a damn shame that our local media has so little consideration for other human beings that they can be this cruel and heartless just to get the most sensational picture or story. If these media people haven’t the common courtesy, compassion and intelligence to understand what’s right and what’s wrong in situations such as this, then maybe it’s time to pass legislation that would impose strict guidelines and substantial punishments for those who continue these unconscionable actions.

Ken Benson



Road’s condition must be addressed

Future Route 30 crashes could be avoided by making Route 30 north from the intersection of Routes 30 and 30A one-way going uphill. Traffic going south could take a right at the intersection of Routes 7 and 30 and exit at I-88.

 Any limo that does not pass inspection should be impounded and not allowed on the road until it is repaired and passes inspection. Our state officials need to address this issue ASAP.

Robert Conrad



Cobb not owned by big-money donors

Do you have a pre-existing health condition? Elise Stefanik wants to take your health care away, because that’s how the insurance companies and lawyers who have contributed over $680,000 toward her campaign told her to vote.

An analysis by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics of Federal Election Commission reveals that since going to Congress, Elise Stefanik has taken more than $2 million from corporate political action committees (PACs), which are special interests trying to influence votes in Congress.

Here’s her breakdown through the last quarter, ending June 30, 2018: $249,290 from the “insurance” sector’ $431,248 from “lawyers and lobbyists;” and during this session of Congress, which voted to repeal protections, Stefanik received $39,500 from “pharmaceuticals/health products.” Tedra Cobb has refused to accept corporate PAC money. Tedra Cobb will protect your health insurance, as well as your Social Security and Medicare.

Gary Locatelli


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