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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 21

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 21

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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 21
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Remind politicians that they work for us

Before we cast our votes, we need to ponder a couple of points of interest.

For the people in the limo crash and their family’s and friends, love and prayers for all. This brings up my first point: What about our school buses? 

We put our children on them for school, sports, trips, etc., on a daily basis and there are no seat belts in them. Your children are test dummies. There are up to 53 kids on any bus. We need to do something right now. 

Second, as we sit and watch the government rip our heath care and Social Security apart, we should be asking, “Who pays for their medical care? We can’t afford to buy our own. We have to buy theirs for them. Social Security is money that’s mine to begin with, and they should never touch it. These people should either get the same as us or take back all their medical coverage, stipends, and all benefits. Just pay them a minimal salary — with term limits. Get control of our money back by demanding accountability.

We the people deserve better roads, neighborhoods, protection, police, school bus safety and on and on.

I’m done. Don’t take excuses. Don’t let the double talk trip you up. They’re just people like you. Look them in the eye and ask these questions. Make them submit to you. 

We pay their salaries and benefits. If they don’t like it, they can quit and be gone. We need to remind them this is our money that pays for the running of our county. 

David Keenan


We all belong to one race: The human race

In a cave that’s pitch-black, no one can see who the other people are. We know there are other people in the cave, but we can’t tell who they are.

We can talk to them and hear what they’re saying, but that’s all. Perhaps we can tell if they’re male or female, provided they are adults and have developed adult voices. However, we can’t tell the color of their hair or the color of their eyes. It’s impossible to tell the color of their skin.

In the pitch blackness, no distinguishing features can be ascertained. How tall are they? How much do they weigh? Are they old or relatively young?

The only thing that is 100 percent certain is that they’re human. We all react to danger. We all get hungry and thirsty. We all worry. We all wonder about the future.

Now visualize a cave with just two people in it. They’re the last two humans alive on Earth.

One is a 150th-generation male from the remotest area around the Arctic Circle. He is aged 18. The other is a 150th-generation female from the deepest darkest forests of Equatorial Africa aged 18. Note: 150 generations would be about 3,750 years.

Would the human race survive? Of course, it would. After all, every one of the 7 billion people alive on this planet are, in reality, just one race. The human race.

Isn’t it time to stop separating us into this race or that race based on the color of a person’s skin?

Edward F Wagner 

Clifton Park

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