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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Nov. 8

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Nov. 8

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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Nov. 8
Volunteers serve up Polish food at last year's St. Adalbert's "Dozynki."

Grateful for support of heritage festival

We, the representatives of the Church of St. Adalbert, would like to thank the mayor, City Council and the city of Schenectady for recognizing our Polish heritage and our Polish Harvest Festival (Dozynki) which was a huge success.

We also want to thank the people of the Capital Region who attended, as we are already planning next year’s event to make it bigger and better.



Republicans are out to ruin the country

There are an estimated 357 million guns in the U.S. vs. 317 million people. Want to explain mass shootings? Start there.

The break-even point was in 2009; the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency. Think there’s a connection? Ask the NRA, the gun lobby that panics the gun lovers into buying even more guns.

Want to explain the rise of anti-Semitism? Ask the alt-right and their dark internet that spreads vile lies about Jews as old as the Middle Ages. Where does voter suppression come from? The rich want to protect their riches.

Watch the folks at Trump’s rallies with their MAGA caps and their “Lock her up” chants who do not realize Trump treats them like suckers to be bilked out of their wealth, which is their vote.

Because the political establishment has abandoned these people, Trump is the result.

He’s the result of the failure of social justice, of ignoring those who have lost hope.

Trump gives them someone to blame: African-Americans, Latinos, immigrants, liberals, the elites --- everyone but the real culprits: the 1 percent.

The rich run this country for their own profit and perpetuation. It’s not an accident Republicans passed millions of dollars of tax “relief” for people who are already rolling in money: that’s the GOP’s job.

Now Mitch McConnell talks of cutting Social Security and medical care to reduce the huge deficit Republicans created with their “tax reform.” Who will suffer for that? You and me. Time to get off the crazy train.



Publishing hateful letter was a mistake

I’m writing in protest to your publication of Claude Rizzicone Jr.’s letter (Nov. 1) that seems to have described the terrible and cowardly killing of 11 people in Pittsburgh as a justified vigilante action brought on by the Democrats and George Soros.

Freedom of speech can not justify the advocacy of mass murder.

Moreover, the killer clearly stated his anti-Semitic motives. Any sane person understands that the writer’s efforts to shift the blame for the rise in anti-Semitism and racism to the Democrats is ignoring the problem we all face in our country.

I’m not canceling my subscription, but you should never have published such a hateful letter. There is no room for the excuse or advocacy of mass murder as a vigilante action. Nor can a nation of laws tolerate the excuse or support of vigilantes.

You owe your sane and law-abiding readers an apology for publishing such a hateful letter. And the writer of the letter needs our prayers, no matter what our faiths are.




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