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Public officials must act on St. Clare's
In regards to the Saint Clare's pension crisis, these people are not alone in their predicament. This is quickly becoming the norm, as big business simply changes their name and continues to operate at the expense of past and current employees, including taxpayers. This allows them to shrug off any contractual obligations, including pensions and health benefits. Where are our esteemed elected officials? Actually, it's our government that is allowing this activity and effectively turning their proverbial backs on the people who built this country. Where is the outrage, the demonstrations, the money?
William Kemmer

Don't be taken in by Gillibrand, Delgado
The media's fascination with newly elected congressman Antonio Delgado and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is almost embarrassing.
Delgado plays the victim when he talks about "being able to get through the political attacks" in getting elected, lest we forget his almost relentless barrage of negative ads. His desire to focus on health care, infrastructure and education is commendable, yet long on rhetoric and short on specifics.
Delgado touted his independence from big money. He would have us believe that his campaign was funded as a mom-and-pop operation. But as of Sept. 30, Delgado had raised $6,589,000.
Before jumping on his bandwagon, let's take a wait-and-see position. Sen. Gillibrand, another media darling, in her only debate with her challenger said, "I will serve my six-year term."  
When interviewed by Stephen Colbert only three weeks later, Gilibrand stated she must "give it a long, hard thought of consideration” in weighing her potential presidential run.
Most don't know that Gillibrand, a self-appointed champion of liberal causes, opposed New York state's plans to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, voted in favor of legislation that would withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities, and received a 100 percent rating from the NRA while serving in Congress. Her epiphany came when appointed to the Senate in 2009.
Gillibrand’s legislative record over four years in the House and almost eight years as senator is paper-thin.
Judge Delgado on substance, not rhetoric. Gillibrand is a dishonest opportunist. I hope Delgado's vote on the speaker of the House provides some perspective.
Donald Flynt
Ballston Lake

Trump needs lesson in civics, governing
The president of the United States tells us he is "a stable genius." But in manners and knowledge of how our government works, he seems clueless.
We teach children to criticize a behavior or action, not the essence of a person.
Making such distinctions helps to develop intellect, offers specifics that can be corrected, and encourages civil relationships.
Recently Trump called a reporter “a terrible person.” He attacked another reporter with, "That is a stupid question." But instead of offering evidence, he added “You ask a lot of stupid questions" implying that the reporter herself is stupid.
He has chided European nations for not doing enough to pay their fair share of their own defense. But when the leader of France floated the idea that European democracies should have a military of their own, President Trump immediately pronounced the idea “very insulting.”
Further, Trump is fixated on the need for an attorney general who will not only act as his personal protector, but will also use the Department of Justice to do so with governmental resources as needed to keep him out of trouble, regardless of his words and actions.
Trump needs help. Government isn't his world experience. Perhaps a short, simple picture book on "How to Be President and How the Government Works” would give the world's "most stable genius" a better chance to act as if his self-assessment is indeed his true essence, despite words and actions to the contrary.
Betty Pieper

Praise for staff at Schenectady course
Everyone involved at Schenectady Municipal Golf Course did an exceptional job this year. Matt and his staff did a terrific job running the pro shop. Mike and staff kept the course in unbelievable shape, and it gets a lot of play. June and Dave and staff put out fantastic food for great price. A job well done by all involved. Schenectady Muny is something Schenectady should be proud of. It would be ashame to lose anyone of these groups.
Michael McGann

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