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We'll all pay the price for people leaving U.S.
What is your exit strategy? If you don't have one, you might want to get one quickly.
There is a silent epidemic in America and it's getting worse.
We are hemorrhaging citizens at an alarming rates.
Those coming here legally or otherwise are being outnumbered by citizens leaving.
It might surprise you to find out more citizens have left this country in the last 15 years than the population of Georgia.
Recent graduates are hot to dump America. So are retirees and veterans.
Those leaving are educated, somewhat moneyed and mostly disgusted with the direction of this county.
It's easy for you to dismiss until you have to share in the cost of their actions. More student loans will go unpaid. Paid-for homes are being mortgaged and quickly abandoned, their taxes go unpaid and the property left dormant. Your property loses value and your taxes increase while the good of their incomes, and pensions you contribute to, benefit other nations.
You can curse them or join them. A year or two from now may leave you stuck here.
Look into your options before nationalism takes off.
Rev. Nikolas Kasier

Trump's tax returns need to be released
Like most Americans, I don't want to see President Trump's tax returns. I don't like looking at anyone's tax returns. There's too much good literature to waste my time reading such boring gobbledy-gook.
But I do want the Democrats soon to be in the House majority to see and analyze the president's tax returns and those of the Trump business organization, so that the American people can learn whether President Trump's vaunted middle-class tax cut enriched him.
My sense of the Trump tax cuts is that we are stealing from our children (by increasing the deficit) and handing over the money over to the 1 percent.
I'd like to use President Trump's tax return and, for that matter, Ivanka Trump's and Jarad Kushner's, to see whether it is true. And we have the right to know if the policies the Trump administration is implementing are enriching those in the administration.
President Trump says his tax returns are too complex for the public to understand. I agree with that. But there are a number of forensic accountants who are just as smart as his tax accountants, and I think the Democratic House majority should hire a bunch of them for this job.
Ken Larsen

No justice in N.Y. with Democrats in control
Surprise! Former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will not be charged in an abuse investigation, so says Madeline Singas the Democratic DA.
Madeline Singas was appointed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, one of the three men in a room who for years passed legislation that favored themselves and the Democratic Party. Cuomo is the one ringleader who still remains uncharged yet. Singas was tasked to investigate all the allegations of sexual assault by Schneiderman. She found no wrong doing due to some legal technicality. The ink was hardly dry on the voting ballots in New York after the midterm elections when this story hit the news.
With the liberal Democrats in total control of our legislative process in New York, we shouldn’t expect many political abusers or criminal charges to be investigated and convicted in our liberal democratic New York state courts. Go back and think about the Moreland commission. The Moreland Commission grew out of a series of scandals that beset the state Legislature. Cuomo disbanded the commission after approving modest ethics reform in March 2014.
Many thought is that the commission was getting too close to looking at Cuomo himself. The citizens of New York are in for a wild ride in the coming years. And of course, we have no one to blame except ourselves. After all, they were elected by the people, right?
Rick Splawnik

High praise for Sch'dy golf course
This was my first year as a pass holder at Schenectady Municipal Golf Course. I would just like to commend and thank Matt Daley and the course staff for an outstanding job. The professional atmosphere and the great service was outstanding. I can't wait for next season. Also, the same goes out to Dave Tedesco and the restaurant staff. Schenectady Muni is the complete package because of their food and service.
Sal Capitummino

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