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Let Trump’s tax-cut recipients pay for wall
In the interest of compromise, I have an idea. President Trump continues to push for building a wall between the United States and Mexico. I believe the wall is unnecessary and a complete waste of taxpayer money. I believe in compromise. My idea is simple. Agree to build the wall. Then finance the complete cost — currently estimated at $70 billion to build and $150 million a year to maintain — by rescinding the recent tax law changes that benefit the top 1 percent wage earners.
Trump gets his wall. And his most ardent supports get to pay for it.
Jon Lemelin

St. Clare’s pension loss is devastating
I’m a former St. Clare’s Hospital employee. I sent a letter to the bishop on Oct. 29 after hearing that my pension was terminated. I never received the courtesy of a reply.
When the “church fund” clause allowed our pension to be used for others means, no disclosure was made to the affected employees. We all continued to work for St. Clare’s instead of seeking employment elsewhere to secure our futures. This lack of transparency and massive deception is appalling coming from an organization held in high moral esteem. We were deceived again, being led to believe the pensions were secured at the time of the merger with Ellis Hospital, and would be granted as earned.  
I retired in May after working 40 years full-time at St. Clare’s and Ellis as an RN and nurse educator.
I’m not qualified to receive any benefits after January, despite my long tenure, even though a good monthly benefit was promised and I had started collecting.
I’m stunned and upset, and I hope someone will take accountability for their actions that led to such huge unethical treatment of so many employees over so many years.
My pension was 44 percent of my monthly income and I now need to rethink my entire future. This is causing great difficulty for many individuals.
Thanks for the excellent story regarding our loss of pensions. This awareness has allowed many people to express their support by signing our petition.  
Angela Stewart

Writer needs to learn benefits of coyotes
I was sad to see The Gazette carry another article from Ed Noonan (Nov. 28) in which he kills another coyote for the sport of it or because he doesn’t understand the role of coyote and other top predators in the “balance of nature” — that is to feed on old, weak, or diseased animals. Someone from the state Department of Environmental Conservation should educate him.
James A. Smith
Ballston Spa

Media colluding with Dems on all levels
Once again, the media tried to influence a national election on behalf of the Democrats, predicting a “Blue Wave.”
When the polls showed that wouldn’t happen, the media focused on the Democrats winning back the House. Unfortunately the media was successful, but it was more like a blue ripple.
When Robert Mueller finally admits there was no Russian collusion, he can redeem himself.
Mueller should announce an investigation into the collusion between the media and the Democratic Party. On a national level, how did Kirsten Gillibrand get re-elected? She originally ran as the candidate who would work with Republicans and slept with guns under her bed. Now she’s a hard-left liberal who flip-flops on everything and hasn’t had an original idea that would help her constituents since she was elected.
I wonder if the voters in her district are paying attention to what she’s not doing for them. On the state level, there’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo, once again re-elected by his big-money pals in New York City. We in upstate universally rejected the governor, his policies, and beliefs at the polls, but are still stuck with him. The governor’s arrogance is only rivaled by his corruption and failure to serve upstate New Yorkers. With all three houses of government controlled by the Democrats, we should all be afraid for the future of this once-great state. I see illegal immigrants getting more rights than legal residents, higher taxes, and more corruption.
I’ve called New York my home my whole life and can’t wait to move to another state. And Mr. Governor, it has nothing to do with the upstate climate.
Greg McDermott


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