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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Dec. 17

Letters to the Editor for Monday, Dec. 17

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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Dec. 17
The entrance to the former St. Clare’s Hospital
Photographer: Gazette file photo

St. Clare’s workers need cooperation

We, the family of St Clare’s, are asking the church and the state to come together and show some love and kindness to those who gave love and kindness for decades. The finger-pointing is solving nothing. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the church and state could work together without a lawyer involved? No one wants to fight a lawsuit. Yes, we are asking for a miracle. But we, the St Clare’s family, believe in miracles! Thank you to all of you that have shown us love, kindness and support, and we are wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Janet Rizzo


Trump is the true leader of the people 

I’m going to refute everything Howard Littman said about President Trump in his Dec. 13 letter. Compared to Obama, Trump has brought us together. Obama divided us by race, age, sexual orientation, legal versus illegal, police vs. criminals, and on and on.

Obama lied to get both his legacy items passed: healthcare and the Iran scam. I don’t care if Trump is loose with the truth regarding his wealth or his popularity. I care if Trump is looking out for America. Obama did so many things to hurt this country I lost count. Regarding Trump admiring dictators, do you remember Obama getting caught telling Medved to assure Vlad he will be more flexible after the next election? Is that collusion?

My guess is Mr. Littman doesn’t like the fact that President Trump fights back with a corrupt press and refuses to stand by when his administration is being wrongfully criticized. Busy 41 said nothing when the press misquoted or flat-out lied about him.

President Trump is every man’s president. Obama took care of the unions, Muslims, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and the rest of us were just used.
Dave Edwards


U.S. being ruined by big-money interests

I hope that teachers are no longer teaching students that we live in a democracy. We do not. Currently in the United States, we are governed by an oligarchy, which is government by an elite few, in this case by the fossil-fuel companies. In this age, money talks, and since the Supreme Court ruling that corporations may be counted as persons, they are the ones with the money, which they use to buy off the people who are supposed to be representing us in Congress. 

In the book “What We’re Fighting For Now is Each Other” by Wen Stephenson, there’s a quote from the Rev. Kyle Childress; “our programs for the poor and needy are dismantled with a religious zeal. Meanwhile, giant corporations get a free ride. They can diminish people, destroy the earth, pour out climate-changing carbon, all in the interests of short-term profit, and no one can do anything about it.” And this administration is the worst. We elected a rich man whose only concern is himself and the profits of his wealthy friends in the corporations. “The love of money is the root of all evil,” says the Bible, and it’s true. The love of money is destroying the Earth, and it’s destroying the future for your children and grandchildren. We need a radical shift, away from government by oligarchy and back to the democracy our forefathers had in mind for us.

Meanwhile, please conserve fossil fuels and stop eating methane-causing beef. And, skip the drive-throughs. Walk in instead of pouring CO2 into the atmosphere while waiting in the drive-through line.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson


Bambury helpful during a tough time 

Steven Cook’s Dec. 13 story “Police identify man found dead inside bar” omitted an important fact. Thomas Bambury, the man found deceased, skated with the Ice Capades. When I returned to this area some time ago and was having a tremendously tough time finding work, Mr. Bambury very thoughtfully offered to have me teach ballet to his skating students. He will be missed.
Beth R Jacobs 


America is missing leadership it needs

The shoot-out in the White House between President Trump, Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was good. It demonstrated how disingenuous, phony and self-serving the people inside the beltway swamp are. Republican leaders were AWOL, the party of no show.

On a scale of 0-10, President Trump 4, Rep. Pelosi 3, Sen. Schumer 0.  Add all three up and America does not get a 10.  That is D.C. math.

All of them would rather hide behind closed doors, collect campaign money via lobbyists, do their bidding, hand out pork and live high on the hog. This is what the media should be reporting, not the nonsense we get feed.

Lobbyists write legislation, not elected officials.  Most politicians are too stupid. What are the politicians good for? Good for nothing! Be it immigration, taxes, civil rights, healthcare, war and peace, what we vote for does not make the decisions. They are too busy feathering their own nests.

As for transparency, remember Obamacare: Read it after we pass it.  Who said that?
Edmond Day


Go after the illegal drugs and pushers

Nearly everyone has been affected by the opioid epidemic in some way. And as a schoolteacher, the effects of drug addiction on our youth have been palpable. Not only have many children across New York lost parents, friends and loved ones, they continue to grow and learn in communities full of illegal activity and drugs.

It’s important that policies address the most pressing factors contributing to the prevalence of addiction. In the past, New York’s state Legislature has fallen short. I am referencing the Opioid Stewardship Act, which seems to only be focused on financially penalizing the healthcare system. This legislation largely ignores the impact of illegal drugs, while risking increased healthcare costs and limited medication access for all New Yorkers. 

After hearing from countless concerned parents and students throughout my past few years as a teacher, I can confidently say that illegal drugs and the criminals who push them represent the greatest threats to our communities.

Drugs like heroin and fentanyl are more common than ever, and a response from our government needs to follow and address this trend. Placing surcharges on legal medications and important healthcare entities is not the solution that our children deserve. 
Lisa Carroll


Intersection not a cause of limo crash

The Route 30 Schoharie limo accident, as per the Dec. 12 Gazette article (the limo sped through the intersection), was probably due to being overweight for the brake system, causing the brake system to fail. Or other mechanical issues may have been involved. Or it could have been caused by driver error, in turn causing the limo to speed through the intersection. This does not have anything to do with the state being at fault, so why are people saying it is a bad and poorly designed intersection when a normal-sized vehicle with proper brakes have no problem stopping and then proceeding through it? This has nothing to do with the people who lost their lives or friends and relatives of the victims, but to everyone who thinks it’s a bad intersection. I’m sure the state spent a lot of time and money coming up with the current design, and I have traveled through this intersection many times and feel it’s safe
Scott Anderson 


Raises should equal Social Security COLA

I think I have the perfect solution for legislative pay raises and one that they would never have to vote on again if implemented. Let’s pass legislation that gives them the same COLA increase each year that Social Security recipients and state retirees get. 

It is apparently adequate enough for persons on fixed incomes, some of whom do not have the ability to work to add to that income. So it should be adequate for our elected officials. Good news: It eliminates the political aspect of pay increases; Bad news, it just isn’t the amount of money that will make these people happy. My last word, an old adage: If it is good enough for the goose, it is good enough for the gander.
Marcia Adams

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