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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Jan. 7

Letters to the Editor for Monday, Jan. 7

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Listen to student fears on shootings

I have written two letters to The Gazette; both were published.

Those letters were written following mass murders at public schools and stressed the absolute necessity for armed adequate security at our schools. I hoped that my pleas would not fall on deaf ears.

I was unable to capture the true fear that students, parents and teachers must feel every day throughout the school year.

I am grateful for a Dec. 29 letter written by a young lady, Meg Messitt of Wilton. Meg was able to capture and articulate the true fear that she and maybe her fellow students feel each and every day. 

However, the most striking thought and question she presented was: Why is armed security being taken from us, putting our lives in danger? I couldn’t agree more. The answer, Meg, is ideology and a totally unrealistic view of our situation. Why apparently educated, caring people would rather further a flawed ideology through endless debate over gun control than put common sense solutions in place is beyond reason. 

Meg, for your sake, the sake of my grandchildren and your fellow students wherever they may attend school, I hope your very real concerns will not fall on deaf ears.
Carl LaMalfa


We need leaders who will unite us

After reading about the march for peace in Saratoga Springs in The Daily Gazette, Jan. 2, I was reminded of the protests of the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

In the last five decades, cynicism has ruled and the United States of America has engaged in an unending war to protect corporate interests. I admire this small group of protesters carrying the torch in the hope of a brighter future for all living things. I have always hoped that one day I would see global peace. Alas, my hope has been dashed by the current authoritarian regime occupying Washington, D.C.

Our only recourse is to vote the backward thinking sycophants out of office. Many believe that there’s little difference between the Republicans and Democrats. At no time in my life has this been less true. I hope that the Democrats nominate a progressive thinker. Our country has never been more divided; misogyny, racism and vitriol rule. Our journalists are vilified, and they are murdered with increasing veracity, partly as a result of a president calling them “the enemy of the people.”

This is the same formula that Adolph Hitler used in Germany. 

Now he wants his border wall to further divide us. His propaganda machine spreads fake news at an alarming rate. I believe many white men fear a loss of power and the Republican rhetoric fuels their delusional beliefs.
Paul Santo


Legalized pot will bring big problems

If our Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, you’ll see more accidents and crime increasing. Also, they’ll put a lot of small-time dealers and users back on the street. They want to do it for the taxes and votes. I hear Colorado is having big problems since they legalized it for recreational purposes. Crime went up. If it’s legalized, we should hold all in government that voted for it accountable and sue their butts off. That was a nice gesture for Trump going to Iraq to thank and show support for our troops. He wants to keep America strong. He should use the ones he brings back and use them for the wall. The Democrats aren’t thinking about security for our country. They are obsessed with trying to do everything possible to hurt our president. They are control freaks.
James Maxfield

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