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Letters to the Editor for Friday, Jan. 25

Letters to the Editor for Friday, Jan. 25

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We must help people of Central America

Why are people from Central American countries like Guatemala and Honduras flocking to the United States?

They say they fear for their lives because of outlaw gangs or political oppression and that they want better financial opportunities for themselves and their children.

We have the ability to remove both these reasons by using our military to bring law and order to these countries.

We have troops all over the world doing police actions. Why not close to home? Once law and order is established, we could leave.

These military actions would be in our own interest, since it would stop the invasion of our country by refugees. It could be argued that it’s a humanitarian action to help persecuted people.

A financial investment in Guatemala and Honduras by the United States could bring financial prosperity and opportunity to the people of these countries. The $5.7 billion proposed for a border wall would go a long way to get the financial ball rolling.

It’s interesting that people from Costa Rica aren’t flocking to our country, even though it’s in a similar geographical location. 

The reason is Costa Rican people feel safe, with a stable government and a prosperous economy.

I don’t believe people leave their homes and subject themselves to all kinds of dangers unless they have good reasons. Fear for your life or near starvation are good reasons.

For humanitarian reasons, we should do something to help these people by fixing the problems in these Central American countries.
Walter Morlock


Trump’s border wall is a waste of money

Trump’s southern border wall is nothing more than an attempt to satisfy his Make America Hate Again” base. 

The wall will not solve the problems that Trump claims it will. Eighty to ninety percent of the hard, illegal drugs that are smuggled into the United States are done so through legal ports of entry such as border crossings, airports, seaports and the mail. 

Most migrants showing up at U.S. borders are children and families seeking the protection of U.S. authorities. 

Eminent domain lawsuits in southern Texas have gone on for over 10 years and cost taxpayers millions, and there are still 80 unsettled cases.

The Democratic staff of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee noted that the real cost of the wall would more likely be $70 billion to build and $150 million a year to maintain.

To give you an idea of how much money this is, the $5.8 billion that the administration is currently asking for is enough money to give every teacher in America a $1,700 raise.

A poll by the Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of Americans oppose the wall while 36 percent support it.

Let’s reopen the government and work on common-sense immigration solutions like more immigration judges, better interdiction technology and a path to citizenship for the Dreamers. The wall is a waste.
Bob Karandy
Burnt Hills


Grateful to all who deliver newspapers

One thing we do not want to forget during these trying times is the people who deliver our newspapers. They deliver no matter what the weather and while most of us are asleep.

We owe them all a big thank you.
Joseph Gibson
Ballston Lake

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