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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Feb. 11

Letters to the Editor for Monday, Feb. 11

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Trump policies are hurting middle class

Dave Edwards’ Jan. 26 letter opposing raising taxes on the very rich makes assertions that require examination.

When the rich paid their fair share, the United States was prosperous. The middle class was built during the 1950s when the top tax rate was above 90 percent; in the 1960s, a decade of unsurpassed economic prosperity, the top rate ranged between 70 and 91 percent. 

Today, as the middle class shrinks, the wealthiest one percent, according to the Tax Foundation, earn over 20 percent of all income, but pay taxes at a rate of about 27 percent, far less than the 50 plus percent Edwards suggests.

The richest 0.001 percent of Americans earn over $160 million annually, but pay taxes at a 3.5 percent rate. The recent Trump tax cuts, most of which benefit the wealthy, have created a huge budget deficit that will eventually justify cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Despite Edwards’ claim to the contrary, the American economy did better under Obama than under Trump.

First, Obama started and sustained the 100-plus months of economic expansion that Trump brags about

Second, during Obama’s first two years in office, job growth was better, and the unemployment rate fell faster.

Finally, the economy grew more rapidly in 2014 and 2015 than it did during Trump’s first two years.

Unfortunately, the Obama recovery is now showing signs of a slow-down thanks to Trump’s unpredictable behavior and his ill-advised tariffs that have triggered a trade war.
William Scheuerman


Change culture by telling kids the truth

First, you were spot on in the editorial about Cuomo and, most important to me and many others, Schenectady County education and graduation rates.

All the money in the world isn’t going to change things unless the “culture” does.

I’m referring to attitude of guardians, the lifestyle kids see and hear, day in and day out. Kids having no discipline or encouragement at home. It’s like Groundhog Day: same thing over, and over, same report, year in, and year out. 

Tell kids the truth. Everyone is not made for college. With all the trades begging for good people, that’s where their future lies. It takes hard work, no drugs, dressing right, talking right, you get it. 

Until the real truth is told, nothing will change but the deceivers. 
Al Marvell 


Warren perfect for Dems’ mentality

Democrats, you can stop looking for your 2020 presidential candidate.

All you believe in has been identified in the perfect candidate. Elizabeth Warren, liar, mentally ill, deceitful, devious, self-promoting and quick to jump on the diversity bandwagon.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

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