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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Feb. 13

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Feb. 13

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Halftime a metaphor for Dems’ bad plays

Super Bowl halftime 2019 was a microcosm of Washington politics. Gladys Knight respectfully sang the national anthem as a true patriot. What followed her was a reflection of  “the haters” —  the Democrats in Congress, some whom acted like buffoons during the State of the Union address, and those who would rather see our country fail than prosper.

That spectacle of smoke, flashing lights, insane dancing, crotch grabbing and high-pitched gibberish mimicked the present-day Democratic platform.

While that performance was both shameful and unworthy of appearing on the same venue with the two best teams in the NFL, it was also on the wrong side of the beauty and magic of music, as portrayed by Ms. Knight.

The performance reflected the Democrats’ platform of being on the wrong side of the beauty and magic of our Constitution and of being on the wrong side of pro-choice, that of tragic killing of living, human babies. 

Our godless governor says, “just make-em comfortable.” 

Democrats are on the wrong side immigration reform, shamefully denying our border patrol the necessary tools to do their appointed job. They’re on the wrong side of a collusion fantasy.   

From the number of hate letters that appear on this page, it seems like the “I hate Trump“ folks took a cue from Paul Simon, author of  “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” as in 50 ways to hate our president. Shameful.

Oh guess who won the game? Yep, it was the Patriots. Six more years folks. Get over it.
Jack Osterlitz


Cuomo to blame for gambling problems

The recent column by Sara Foss about New York’s failure to provide assistance for problem gambling was spot on. She didn’t, however, identify the real culprit for the problem. That would be our governor, Andrew Cuomo. 

Ever since he took office, Cuomo has looked at gambling as the solution of all of New York’s fiscal problems. Who can forget the TV commercials with school children singing and dancing in a mini-mart urging people to buy more lottery tickets for education?

My favorite example of how the state is dealing with problem gambling, however, is the commercials for NYRA instructing gamblers on how to become better horse players. These commercials are usually followed by a public service announcement on how to contact the gambler’s help line. This is like handing out Overeaters Anonymous cards at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

New York does indeed have a gambling problem, and the dirty dealer’s name is Andrew Cuomo.
John Angilletta

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