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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 24

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 24

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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 24
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We must treat each other with kindness

In this richest nation on Earth live large numbers of people needing food pantries and food stamps just to get by.

Parents with low-paying jobs sometimes are cut off from food stamps, though their job doesn’t pay enough for adequate amounts of food for a family. Children are deemed ineligible for school meal programs when parents find work.  

Being employed doesn’t always mean making enough to cover all expenses.

Around half of the 38 million Americans on food stamps are children. The program provides an average of $1.40 per person, per meal.

There’s enough money for war and tax breaks for the rich and multi-national corporations. It’s immoral to slash programs sustaining children and people with disabilities and/or little to no opportunity, while funding programs that enrich entities profiting from exploitation and war. Cutting food stamp programs vital to many is inhumane and causes more suffering and social problems. As an American brought up to value my fellow human beings, I will never approve of treating people dispassionately, especially those less fortunate due to bad luck, health or circumstance. 

We’re all connected and interdependent, and we should treat each other with care, not cruelty.
Terri Roben



Downstate socialists defeated capitalism

The New York Democrats’ new socialist-wing chickens have come home to roost.

Amazon’s $3 billion in tax incentives would’ve brought $27 billion back in state tax revenue, plus 25,000 jobs with an average salary of $150,000.

This deal was not only good for downstaters, but the $27 billion in tax revenue would’ve benefited all of New York state. Instead, we have an amateur hour, ex-bartender turned socialist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, celebrating that a polluted swamp will remain a polluted swamp. She’s happy because history shows socialism always fails when people’s economic status improves. Socialism only thrives when people have no other source of means than handouts from a central state government.

From Stalin to Hugo Chavez, history’s socialists have only stayed in power because their economies evaporated, and the people became dependent on government programs. The New York State Senate under Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Michael Gianaris is now obviously in the control of far-left Democrats that favor socialism over capitalism. Even Democrat-leaning Newsday on Long Island is predicting the newly elected Democrat “Long Island Six” will not be returned to Albany next election.

Thousands of recent Long Island graduates were counting on those high-tech job opportunities. It’s 2010 all over again for the Democratic state Senate.

The other group to blame here are the New York City unions, which are nothing more than self-serving crime families.

I’ve been a union delegate down there. 

They don’t care about their members. They care about the dues that afford them six-figure salaries, expense accounts, free trips to tropical conventions, nepotism, free vehicles, etc. When it comes time to actually represent a member, they can’t. They’ve lined their own pockets in back-room deals with management and are now compromised.

Amazon had agreed to use union construction workers. The New York City construction trades have now lost hundreds of jobs and millions in salaries. Union workers for UPS, FEDEX, etc. would’ve multiplied also.

The New York City Council members are all bought and paid for by the retail workers union and other unions. Good for Amazon; they avoided nothing but trouble. Let them build their HQ2 in states that still represent the traditional working values of America. 
Graham Higgins


Vaccinations protect society from harm

In response to Emily Lewis’s Feb. 18 letter in which she asks the question “Who gets hurt by people that don’t get vaccinated,” I would like, as a pharmacist with over 25 years’ experience, to offer an answer:


Yes, if you are vaccinated you are protected, but not everyone is able to be. There are several reasons a person may not be vaccinated, such as allergies and other underlying medical conditions. But how does this affect me, you may ask. I’m vaccinated. Well for one, who do you think pays to treat these unvaccinated people? Do you know how many reported cases of polio originated in the United States since 1979? Zero, nada, none ,zippo however you want to put it.

Do you know why? Vaccines work. Sometimes there aren’t two sides to an issue, like the world is not flat. And contrary to what Jenny McCarthy thinks, vaccines are safe and effective.

If you’re still not convinced and choose to not vaccinate your children, please consider moving to some isolated island. This will not only guarantee your safety, but it will guarantee ours.
Daniel Lange

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