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Letters to the Editor for Monday, March 4

Letters to the Editor for Monday, March 4

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Why do blacks vote for the Democrats?

I’m now 76 years old. When I was a youngster, during the late 40’s and all of the 50’s and 60’s, the Southern states were considered solidly Democratic. They were also racially intolerant. African-Americans had to use separate restrooms, water fountains, and diners, among other forms of discrimination. No black athletes were allowed to play on any team because they weren’t allowed to enroll in any white high school or college in the South.

Fortunately, the civil rights movement led brilliantly by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. began to change racial perceptions, which led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Signed by Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson, it was a bill that would not have passed had it not been for the overwhelming support of the Republicans in Congress. 

Some Democrats even threatened to leave the party if the bill passed. What I don’t understand is why so many black Americans support the Democratic Party.
Richard W. Colyer


Good reasons to be a Trump supporter

I guess I’m a blind Trump supporter. According to Mr. Wouk’s Feb. 8 letter, President Trump makes up facts and his supporters just blindly go along.

Here are some hard facts for Mr. Wouk. Obama told us 1.5 percent growth of the GDP is the new norm. President Trump has given us 3-plus-percent growth. President Trump lowered our taxes; Obama raised them. 

Obama gave billions of dollars to the world’s largest exporter of terrorism. President Trump is squeezing North Korea to straighten out.

Obama was ashamed of the United States. President Trump loves this country.

Obama was the president of: immigrants living here illegally, homosexuals, unions and a variety of other voting blocs. 

President Trump is every man’s president. His economic policies are benefiting whites, blacks and Hispanics.

There is a lot to be proud of this president for.

I will take President Trump over the last failure any day.
Dave Edwards


Protect women from ravages of war

I’m writing in response to the editorial by The San Diego Union-Tribune, “Military draft should include women,” which appeared in the Feb. 27 Gazette.

Because some women have chosen the military and are able to fight does not mean that all women should be eligible for the draft, required to register, and, if necessary, be forced to choose between entering the military or going to jail.

That may be tantamount to increasing rape.

We should generally try to protect women and children from war; children for obvious reasons and women because they can become pregnant.
Bruce Campbell

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