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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, March 7

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, March 7

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Victims of revenge porn bear blame too

What does it say about our society if there is a call for legislation regarding the dissemination of intimate images? If someone feels they would be embarrassed or victimized by such actions, common sense dictates that they should not knowingly allow such images to exist. In other words, insist that cameras and video devices be kept out of the bedroom. 

If you value your privacy, you will not participate in the compromising of that privacy. How can one argue that they do not share the responsibility for the existence of such materials and shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences if it is released? Our legislature and law enforcement have better things to do than deal with this issue.
Marc Duquette


Nisky waste deal is far from ‘win-win’

The Town Board of Niskayuna recently voted to pass Resolution 2019-52 to enter into a contract to accept liquid organic waste. Getting that waste to the treatment plant will be accomplished by very large tanker trucks traveling the length of Whitmyer Drive, a narrow residential road with a 90-degree turn that dead ends at the plant. Due to the size of these trucks, it’s impossible for them to stay in their own traffic lane, especially when negotiating that curve. Any vehicle traveling in the opposite direction at the same time is put in an extremely dangerous situation, as there is no place to pull over.

This isn’t just about “an increase of truck traffic” that nothing can be done about, as Councilman DellaRatta proclaimed at the Town Board meeting. And it’s a far cry from a “win, win, win, win, win all the way across the board.” It is a recipe for disaster.
Kathy Longe


Consider changing  to private schools

Parents have the right to choose the education path that best fits their children’s needs. 

As a parent of small children, I’m concerned about the messages my children receive from society and from our public schools.

I’m concerned about my children’s self-esteem when our nation has extremely high suicide rates among the young. I wonder if the teachers who forced students to rate their ethnicity and attractiveness on “white privilege” score sheets cared about the feelings of their students or did they care about pushing their political agenda? 

Personally, I have to step back from our culture and from our public schools that push kids into an environment that’s too fast, too much, and too negative. I’m choosing a private school that allows kids to be kids. For my family, St. Mary’s School in Ballston Spa is the smaller, kinder and gentler alternative to public school.

I would encourage all parents who feel internally conflicted about public school to pay attention to their inner voice. A private school is a financial investment, but schools like ours work with parents to ease financial burdens by offering scholarships and tuition assistance. It’s worth looking into. When I see my children go to school in the morning with smiles on their faces and return home with those same smiles, I feel I made the right choice. 
Jennifer VanDeCarr
Ballston Lake


Cuomo must get his priorities straight

Let’s take a look at some of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s spending over the past few years:

$90 million for a light bulb plant in Syracuse that produced zero jobs; $27 million for the Dream Act; free tuition for undocumented immigrants; $15 million for the Syracuse film hub, which flopped and sold for $1; $13 million in aid to Puerto Rico; $10 million for illegal “I Love NY” highway signs; and, $6 million for lights for the opening of the Kosciuszko bridge. The list goes on and on.

The governor has been asked to include money in this year’s budget for the St. Clare’s pension fund, which was found to be grossly underfunded. The hospital had been unable to fund the plan because it chose to take care of New Yorkers who could not pay for their health care. The state forced the closure of the hospital and in 2008 it surrendered its operating license. New York state promised to fund the pension as part of the agreement, but it turns out that the money it contributed was not sufficient to fully fund it.

If the governor can spend tax money on ridiculous projects, undocumented immigrants and people outside of the state, he certainly should be willing to help the dedicated state health care workers who are losing part or all of their pensions through no fault of their own. Do the right thing, Gov. Cuomo.
Bob Bradley
Clifton Park


What’s missing from GOP silence?

Tell me what I’m missing, please. Former Vice President Joe Biden said that Vice President Mike Pence was “a decent guy” and got immediate, strong, as well as understandable push back from Cynthia Nixon and many other Democrats. 

At CPAC, the president of the United States asserted that there are members of the U.S. Congress who “hate America,” and no Republican even raises an eyebrow.  
Denis Brennan


Trump’s tariff policy comes at local cost

Based on recent news reports, It appears that the city of Amsterdam will be forced to repay $62,000 to the federal government due to a Trump administration executive order mandating that American-made steel be used for federally financed projects.

The “project” in question is the repair of a breakage in Amsterdam’s sewer system, which was necessary to stem the continued flow of millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Mohawk River. 

Due to the emergency nature of the repair, the steel used for repairs was non-American. Not by choice, but for expediency.

Clearly, Donald Trump is a proponent of protectionism in general and tariffs in particular. On July 24, 2018, he tweeted: “Tariffs are the greatest. Remember, we are the piggy bank that’s being robbed.” And, on Nov. 27, 2018: “Billions of dollars are pouring into the coffers of the USA because of tariffs being charged to China.”

So, my question is: Who is being robbed now? Seems to me, it’s the “piggy bank” belonging to the citizens of Amsterdam, not China. But, hey, not to worry. In case you’ve forgotten, according to Donald Trump, Mexico is going to pay for a wall at our southern border, not American taxpayers. Perhaps the citizens of Amsterdam should withhold sending the $62,000 to the federal government until Mexico’s wall payments arrive.
Paul Deierlein


Turn signals are obsolete for some

A vestigial organ is one which, at present, we can see no useful function for. Such an organ in the human body is, supposedly, the appendix. However, this term now can apply to our favorite toy, the automobile.

The organ on the auto is that lever on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. 

This lever can move up and down. This last part, this up-and-down movement, I believe is becoming a vestigial organ. 

As described above, if you move this lever up, usually some lights on the right side of the car will blink, in both front and back. 

Conversely, if the lever is moved down, some lights on the left side of the car both front and back will blink. 

As it seems now, most of the general public through disuse has forgotten what this lever is for and have discontinued the use of it altogether. 

Stand at any location and count how many cars use this feature and you will be surprised if the count is as high as 20 percent. (With roundabouts the percentage can get as low as 5 percent.) 

Just like the human body, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. 

Car makers, in the attempt to lighten cars for better gas mileage and to get rid of extraneous items that are not utilized, are taking note of this lack of use. 
Bob Nicolella


Via Port needs a ShopRite to survive

Kmart is gone from the Via Port Mall and you have a huge empty space to put in a ShopRite. I’m saying ShopRite, as we have enough of the other ones around. 

The mall needs foot traffic. Places are closing. Remember people don’t need a pair of shoes, some jewelry and other non-essentials every day. They need food every day to survive.

You would draw customers left and right and create foot traffic to keep the other stores open. You would draw from Princetown, Scotia, Rotterdam, Rotterdam Junction, Duanesburg and Schenectady, just to name a few. It’s really sad to see such a nice mall going downhill so fast. This month, you have Payless, a jewelry store and I heard Victoria’s Secret might be going out of business. You must do something to get foot traffic into the mall to keep the stores that are left open. Do something before it’s totally empty.
Dayton Skelly

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