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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, March 14

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, March 14

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Grocery store needed in Rotterdam
My husband and I have had an ongoing discussion about the same subject that was expressed in Dayton Skelly's March 7 letter. We need a grocery store on this side of Rotterdam. Via Port is a perfect location, with ample parking. The former KMart is a perfect location, with a large store that has entrances on two sides. Shop Rite may be the perfect choice, because the nearest one is in Colonie.
There are several apartment complexes in that area, one within walking distance. Unless you are a member of BJ's, there is no accessible grocery store for many. Campbell Road is a high traffic area, with people cutting through to go to work, either by getting on 890, or going to the Thruway, so you would catch people in the morning and the evening. In warmer weather, people go by to use the walking and bike trail as well. Dunkin' Donuts is extremely busy in the same area, so that is a good example of how the right business could flourish there. A solid business would encourage other businesses. I still miss the businesses that we have lost.
Suzanne Collins
Mariaville Lake


Recall Secure Fence act of 2006
If your readers would open their eyes and look back to 2006, when Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama all yes to a bill for building a physical barrier on the southern border. This was called the Secure Fence act of 2006. At this time, Senators Obama, Clinton, and Schumer voted in favor of the act and it passed in the Senate 80-19. Recently President Trump in his prime time address, said that the Democrats changed their view when he was elected. I have a suggestion. If the liberals do not want a physical barrier in the south anymore, let’s relocate these illegal immigrants to the neighborhoods of these prominent pro-illegal immigration leaders. Then watch how their neighborhoods put up barriers such as walls, fences, and even implement some security measures. Watch how quickly they change their minds and how soon a border wall will be built.
Paul Moran


Voting Connie, Dean, Ed for board
There has been no school issue more important to me in recent years than safety. Tragedies like Parkland hit all too close to home. As a parent and community member, I was eager to hear Connie Woytowich, Dean Kolligian and Ed Cubanski speak last week at the “Meet the Candidates” evening hosted by Saratoga Parents for Safer Schools.
While listening to their introductions, I realized how many other significant issues we have within our district. While safety is still paramount to me, all three candidates spoke about their plans to effectively improve upon our district’s education programs, student wellness, building infrastructure and facilities management.
Their qualifications and prior experiences in regard to volunteerism are beyond impressive. More importantly, their dedication to our community and our children is clear. They possess the commitment and experience we need now more than ever.
On May 21 I will be voting for Connie, Dean and Ed for the Saratoga Springs Board of Education. Thanks to all three of you for your determination to make our schools a better place for our children.
Erika Borman

Trump is worse than we thought
When President Trump was elected, our national nightmare began, leaving many of us shocked, unnerved, even nauseous. But our worst fears have been dwarfed by his shameless corruption, relentless dismantling of our democratic institutions, and his disgraceful behavior at home and internationally.
We knew Trump was a liar, but 9,000 lies is sick, insane and a clear pathology. We knew he was a self-absorbed narcissist, an egomaniac, but who could fathom that he would betray America by deliberately alienating our closest allies in favor of "courting" corrupt, despicable dictators, seemingly for personal financial gain.
Trump's outrageous behavior at Helsinki, publicly supporting Putin on the world stage instead of our C.I.A. was blatantly treasonous. His "bromances" with Putin, Kim, and the Saudi crown prince reveal his autocratic desires and intentions; red flags which should alarm every American citizen.
We knew Trump's reputation as a ruthless, corrupt, sleazy businessman, but who could imagine that he would actually cage innocent children at the border and separate them from their families; an inhuman cruelty, an indelible stain on America.
Finally, and most alarmingly, who thought that this shameless demagogue, this master con man, could transform the entire Republican Party into a personality cult, obedient toadies supine at the altar of Trump.
America has two choices: preserve our cherished democracy and world leadership or Donald Trump. We can't have both.
Vince Dacquisto

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