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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, March 23

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, March 23

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Carlson was unfairly labeled a misogynist

I was saddened after reading an column on the opinion page, taken from The New York Times, calling Tucker Carlson a misogynist. The intent of the column was to ruin Carlson’s reputation and perhaps have Fox News viewers boycott watching Fox. I checked out the story and found it was a radio call-in show that nobody took seriously. Tucker Carlson called in from 2006-2011 and adopted an edgy comic persona to make listeners  laugh. The Times picked up his statements and decided to make it a real life situation, vis-a-vis, “He’s a misogynist.” The Gazette gives credence to the column by printing it for their readers. 

I look for the day when The Gazette adds The Wall Street Journal to its list of news sources.

When doing so, this will be a happy day for conservative readers of the very popular newspaper, The Daily Gazette.

As always, God bless us, our families and God bless America.
Vince Alescio
Clifton Park


Dems need to drop pro-abortion stance

Zygote, embryo, fetus.

Familiar words, but not words that elicit an emotional response. 

They are medical terminology used to describe the stages of an unborn child growing in its mother’s womb. But it’s precisely because we use these and similar terminology to obfuscate the issue — that we are able to openly accept, condone and endorse abortion.

To say “women have the right to remove an unwanted fetus” doesn’t carry nearly the shock value and repulsiveness of “women have the right to kill their unborn babies.” So not only is it now universally accepted, but the right to an abortion is part of the national Democratic Party platform. 

I’m a Democrat and every election I’m torn as to which way to vote. We are the party of “everyman,” our formation and foundation being to improve the quality of life for all our citizens. So I pull the lever for the Democrat, yet I’m heartsick knowing it’s also a vote for abortion.

It’s completely incongruous that the Democratic Party would be pro-abortion, as in every other social issue we represent the poor, the downtrodden, the defenseless.  

Who’s more innocent or defenseless than an as-yet-unborn child? How did we become the champions of women’s rights to an abortion, a completely subjective right to murder? I guess women can vote, but an embryo can’t.

Abortion is an abomination and we need to rid ourselves of this crime as part of our platform. Tell your congressmen.
Ed Rohrmeier Sr.


Writer misinformed on background bill

I normally wouldn’t bother to respond to a letter to the editor, but given the assertions in Mr. Van Dijk’s March 15 letter against the Bipartisan Background Check Act (HR8), I had to do so.

Clearly, Mr. Van Dijk has not read the bill, which is all of two pages.

He asserts that the bill would create felons out of anyone who gives guns to family members or loans guns to friends or associates for lawful purposes.

I would invite you all to read his March 15 letter.

However, after 10 seconds of online search, I was able to find the text of the bill: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/8/text

For those of you who, like Mr. Van Dijk, don’t have the time to read the two-page bill, I will summarize it for you:

None of the situations that Mr. Van Dijk has expressed concern about are considered illegal under the bill. 

In fact, the conditions he cites are explicitly excluded from the law, as if he was intentionally trying to misrepresent the bill.
Douglas MacNeal

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