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Letters to the Editor for Friday, May 3

Letters to the Editor for Friday, May 3

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Next president must  possess empathy 

After attending a lecture on the book “Leadership in Turbulent Times” by Doris Kearns Goodwin, the person speaking about the book highlighted admirable qualities of our greatest past American leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

One quality which is often forgotten during the intensity of the election period, is “empathy.”

The leaders noted above displayed empathy as they led the country. They were able to lead keeping in mind the pain and challenges faced by ordinary Americans.

While considering the important issues they focused less on politics and more on solutions for what the country was going through.

If there is one takeaway for our current president, it is for him to consider taking out the “me” factor from governing and replace it with the “we” factor for his governing.

I hope that we will be reflective enough to never again select a leader who, in spite of their ability to persuade us, will not cause us to waver from this awareness.

We will do much better with a leader who will demonstrate empathy and understanding of America’s best principles and commit to address the issues of all Americans, not just their political base.
Bill Shapiro


Speak out against pipeline proposal

On April 17, the Town Board of East Greenbush voted unanimously against the proposed Capital District “E37 Resiliency & Reliability” fracked gas pipeline.

Citizens need to fight for a better environmental solution to our energy needs, while protesting the paucity and limited nature of National Grid’s pipeline announcements. 

National Grid’s pipeline justification is to prevent an energy shortage, which is rare. Another rationale is to meet a projected increase in “energy demand of 1.1 percent per year, which is easily met by very attainable “demand response” reduction measures such as use of renewables, conservation and efficiencies.

Please help to stop this environmental threat by writing to: [email protected] or to: [email protected].

Consider submitting public comments to the state Public Service Commission, the lead agency, by going to: http://documents.dps.ny.gov/public/Comments/PublicComments.aspx?MatterCaseNo=19-T-0069.

To get comment ideas and to read the actual resolution against the pipeline passed by the East Greenbush Town Board, go to: http://www.caseonline.org.

The purported deadline for public comments was April 24, but one can still make public comments.

Public officials of Albany or Rensselaer county or residents of Bethlehem, East Greenbush or North Greenbush have a right to register with the state Public Service Commission to obtain “party status.” This entitles one to “special rights.”

For much more detailed information about this fracked gas proposal, go to:

Robert Connors


Thanks for coverage of mayor’s passing

I want to thank The Gazette for all the wonderful coverage concerning my father, Frank J. Duci. 

You certainly have touched on issues and his life from a personal point of view. I sincerely appreciate all the time and energy covering my father’s life and it will always be remembered.

Sincerely, his daughter,
Nancy Duci Denofio
Saratoga Springs


5 Corners area needs to have a food store

I feel we should have a mini-mart or some food store at 5 Corners in Rotterdam. You have people from Duanesburg, Mariaville and Westhill who have to drive to Price Chopper or Hannaford or go to Cobleskill.

They find whatever space they can for senior apartments. See what can be done. The CVS has a pretty big parking lot, which is located in the center of Broadway, Curry Road, Mariaville and Duanesburg Road.
Carole Ryan


Consider the human side of license issue

The April 26 Gazette editorial opposing driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants asks, “Who are these politicians who support this idea listening to?” As a supporter of the proposed legislation, I feel they have been listening to me, among many others across New York state. In turn, I have been listening to immigrant members of our community right here in the Capital Region:

The farmworker who needs a ride to the ICE office in Latham so he can check in for his monthly appointment, in compliance with the law. The mother who needs a ride to an appointment at her child’s school, where the child is legally enrolled, although both mother and child are undocumented immigrants. The older sister, an undocumented immigrant, who needs to transport her younger sister, a U.S. citizen, to a medical appointment. In each of these cases, driver’s licenses would help people respond to legitimate needs.

As these examples demonstrate, the real circumstances are much more complex than people answering a simple poll question are likely to take into account. In my experience, the more people understand the complexity, the more likely they are to favor “Green Light” driver’s license legislation.

We all need to respect the rule of law. But as citizens, we also have the responsibility of making sure that our laws respect the real human beings who live among us and make valuable contributions to our community. For this reason above all, the Green Light driver’s license bill deserves our support.
Terry Diggory
Saratoga Springs
The writer is a co-coordinator of the Saratoga Immigration Coalition.


Vietnam veteran touched by gesture

On April 25, we took our grandson to Jumping Jacks. My husband had his Vietnam Veterans cap on. Our son had bought him the hat and told him to wear it and be proud as he is proud of him.

When we went to pay for our order, the cashier said to my husband, “Thank you for your service and you do not have to pay for your order.” A person paid for our order and wanted to be anonymous. My husband wanted to thank this person, as he has been home a little over 47 years from the war and this is the first time someone has ever done something like this. He was very touched and surprised.

We are hoping that the person who did this reads The Gazette so that they will know how much this thoughtfulness meant to a Vietnam Veteran. May God bless you always and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   
John and Diane Rourke


Nothing to admire about Donald Trump

Poor Dave Edwards in his April 22 letter, still attempting to defend the indefensible and reprehensible corrupt liar-in-chief, convinced that in 2016, Trump won “fair and square.”  

Has he even read the Mueller Report (MR) regarding Russian interference in the U.S. election?  

Russian interference was “sweeping and systematic.” It continues to this day. This administration ignores calls to increase security on our election system.  

The MR is damning, noting nearly a dozen examples of obstruction by Trump. If Trump were an ordinary citizen, he would be indicted.

Upon learning of the appointment of the special counsel, he whined, “I’m f----d.”  Words of an innocent man? And there’s his tax returns. What’s he hiding?

Trump has proposed cutting billions from Medicare and Medicaid, wants the ACA gone, and gave tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, sending the deficit into the stratosphere. 

Please note that this decade-long strong economy was built on the basis of the Obama recovery.

Trump deals in fear, hate and intimidation. Mr. Edwards admires a charlatan, science denier, cheat and bigot who idolizes dictators and who takes perverse pleasure in name-calling, among other disgusting traits unless he’s defending white nationalists (Remember Charlottesville?). He just did that again.

There is nothing remotely admirable about Trump. He’s an ignorant fool and continues to soil the office of the presidency.
Cynthia Swanson

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