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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, May 14

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, May 14

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Dems shouldn’t fear impeaching Trump
Democrats seemed to have reached a consensus that holding impeachment hearings at this time would be premature and a political mistake because it would inflame Trump’s base. They would view it, as Trump and his acolytes at Fox “News” do, as an “attempted coup” and do God only knows what in retaliation. 
I say forget about the hard-core Trump base. Anybody who believes the Mueller probe was an attempt at a coup d’état is never going to be persuaded by rational analysis that Trump’s claims are patently false. 
They will vote for him, even if he’s caught “grabbing a woman by the pudendum” or “shooting someone in full view of onlookers on Fifth Avenue of New York City,” to paraphrase the Twitter-in-chief.      
But assuming some Trump supporters are open to reason, Democrats could easily refute such a silly allegation by pointing out, first, that Mueller was a Republican selected by Rod Rosenstein, who is also a Republican and a Trump appointee; second, that the FBI investigation began long before Trump was elected and at a time when everyone, including Trump himself, assumed Hillary Clinton was going to be elected; and third, Mueller found no conspiracy with Russia. 
If he had been part of a coup, he could have thrown Justice Department guidelines to the wind and indicted Trump.
Democrats should put political considerations aside and begin impeachment hearings immediately after Robert Mueller gives them the full skinny. That’s the constitutional remedy for removing a scoundrel from political office.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills
Support budget for Greater Johnstown
When I first heard about the tax increase proposed by the Greater Johnstown school district, I was shocked and said no way would I vote for that. I attended a presentation by the superintendent, asked questions, did some research on my own, met one on one with the superintendent, sat through another workshop and gained more knowledge.
Some takeaways I got from all this is that we are paying now for the sins of the past, when prior boards and administrations tried to look good by either imposing no tax increase or small ones of 1 or 2 percent, thus using up the fund balance. 
Another is that the state likes to mandate a lot of things, but does not like to help with reimbursements or is slow to make them. 
And when our former mayor had the city assessments go to 100 percent a couple of years ago, he did us no favor, because it made it look to the state like property values here had increased, thus affecting the tax levy and other things, bringing this whole situation to the boiling point. 
With all that said, I have decided I will vote yes on the budget when the time comes. The time has come where we have to just suck it up, take the bitter pill and make our school district well again.
Gary Locatelli
No time to waste in fixing environment
Thank you for your editorial, “Time to get busy on the environment,” in the April 28 Daily Gazette. 
It was encouraging to read of your support for the Climate and Community Protection Act and other environmental protection legislation. Many of us know that time is running short to put a plan in place to reduce our fossil fuel use and ensure a livable planet.
Hopefully, our state and national representatives will use the power they have been given to affect healthy change for all of us. The alternative is not nice to think about.
Nancy Stuebner
We might never know truth of 2016 election
I read with amusement Dr. Schaefer’s May 8 letter espousing “Russian influence had nothing to do with it,” it being the president’s Electoral College win.
He attempts to prove the “nothingness” by comparing the popular and electoral voting statistics, wherein Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump won the electoral vote.
Since the popular vote is inconsequential, other than creating discontent, it’s plausible the Russian influence was focused the same as the Trump campaign — toward the electorally important states rather than all the states. Maybe they even worked together (i.e. conspired). There is nothing brilliant in this strategy, as it has been the law of the land for many presidential elections. We will probably never know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Albert Pirigyi
Burnt Hills
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